Karonda Fruit Harvesting in India – Carissa Carandas Garden Tour in Hindi – Karanda Harvesing

Karonda Fruit Harvesting in India – Carissa Carandas Garden Tour in Hindi – Karanda Harvesing

Hello Friends welcome to our channel desi foods today we are going to Baruipur,(kolkata) by auto riksha it is located in southern area of kolkata city this area is very famous for fruit farming like guava, carandas, litchi, jackfruit so today we are going to explore a carandas garden and see how they farming abd harvest thier fruit let’s see this fruit called in bengali is karamcha and in hindi it is called karonda or english name is carrisa caranda this actually use for make jam jelly etc. this raw fruit is very sour let’s taste hm you can make fish sour dish with this arw fruit let’s explore this garden let’s know more about this farming from owner this fruit is grown within 3 to 4 months before monsoon it is harvested and handed to dealer rhen they store it for 2 to 3 monts then they send it to the factory farmer’s got paid 36 inr per kg thank you sudarsanji for allowing to visit your garden one type of white gum is come out when you harvest this fruit so thank you for watching if you like this video please like comment and share this video

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  1. What is this ? OMG what is this little apples ? I LI've in South India can someone please tell me this has the sourness of gooseberries ? Where do I get this in South India.

  2. Oh I remembered long time ago a big tree was my grandma's back yard we ate a lot and my grandma made pickle with it but every thing left behind .

  3. I have eaten this fruits. You must not take it free. Pay him proper price. I don't lime free loader and free bee people!

  4. Hamare odisha main isko Khir koli bolte hain,hamare ghar ki pass v ye kafi sare hain,isko todnese white color ki milk jese niklti hai Jo kuch der main gum ki tarah hath main lagti hai,fir v ye khaneko bahut achi lagti hai..

  5. सर
    वहां पर अमरूद के पेड़ के तने हरे रंग के क्यों हैं ?

  6. karvanada ke paudhe ko bahot jyada kaante hote hai,hamare yaha konkan me karvand fencing ke liye use hota hai…….aur jungle me apne aap badhta hai.

  7. It like taste tangee 35% sweet sour minimum like fashion fruit red one fluid like blood we play as kill game fake blood prank B-)

  8. Thanks you for posting it. We are settled in abroad long time ago. My mom always did vakkaya murba In its peak season. IT gives me my memories of past 1/2 century. and thanks again.

  9. ভাই আমার বড়ি বাংলাদেশে আপনি একটু বাংলায় বলুন এবং ফলএর সাধ,বা খওয়াই কেমোন ঐগাছের চারা দিতে পারবেন কি,? আপনার মোবাইল নামবারটি দিবেন।

  10. Bachpan me Maine bahut khaye hai…school jate vkt raste me kisike ghar k samne ye tha…to ham bachhe nikalkr khate the..hmare yha bhi karanda bolte hai…kbhi kbhar bhulse pura pakaa hua milta tha…lekin khatte bhi bahut achhe lgte the..
    Nice information by u..thanks

  11. रेट कितना हे मुझे 200 नग करवंद चाहिए

  12. Hello I am a college student and I'm looking g for this fruit for a project? Does anyone know where I can find it at this time? I am from Bangalore

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