34 Replies to “Katie's Horseback Riding Lessons”

  1. It does not matter how she rides she is a great rider in the inside and I think she is awesome at riding! 💗

  2. I have cantering advise for LiveLoveBreathHorsesX if you have trouble siting well in your saddle while cantering you should always keep all your weight in your heels and always lean back in the saddle unless doing 2 point also always go with the movement of the horse and its stride and eyes up that should help a little with keeping a good seat while cantering    

  3. Its so sad he quit riding… She was very talented and riding is good for u and is so much FUN!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Sorry I used to do English but now I so western and I think this kid should of started with western I have a horse on my own and really I think it would be better to start with western

  5. she aswome why did she quit i ave been doing riding for 6 years and won 8 first places on my pony eddie

  6. i go horse riding at orchard cottage riding school at lower kingswood i had a serious accidient by breaking my right ellbow in 3 places has 4 screws and mettle bar in place for 9 months i went bk 1 1/2 later and still enjoying it

  7. I just watched your video…it was so heartwarming to see the joy on Katie's face as she rode. I hope she rediscovers her love for riding soon. :O) I am 48 and am just beginning to rediscover the magic of riding and I LOVE it SOOO much. Yesterday my daughter and I rode together for the first time….she is 23…and had her first lesson and FELL in LOVE with it! :O) Thank you for sharing this video. Have a blessed day!!

  8. AMAZING i cant believe u lost interest
    i would never well ive got my own horse so i couldent lose interest xxx

  9. Sucks that she lost intrest cause she was brilliant! I bet if you got her out on a horse now she would get right back into it! Same thing happened to me twice except this time I'm never gonna stop!! 🙂

  10. its so sad that she lost intrest!!!!!!! i will never loose intrest or hope of 1 day having a horse of my own horse! and also, its not "jump position" its called 2 piont!

  11. I canters in my 1st lesson. A trick I have while cantering is that try to give them a hug with ur legs and try to move with they're body. Like kind of scoop urself in the saddle on each beat. Hope that helped.

  12. I ride and shes good. She should hold her crop still because one of my friends learned a lesson. She was riding and her horse got spooked by the crop and threw her off. I keep my crop near my leg and almost tuck it under the side of the saddle.

  13. I miss horse back riding. I remember when I was a kid I had horse back riding lessons. My god the instructor was a crazy little [email protected]#[email protected] she was just wacky she would yell all the time my dad jokes that she was the horse training nazi! Get on zzz horse!

  14. she's a good rider but she should have kept her elbows by her side not straight. I don't see how she could have lost interest in riding

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