Kentucky Derby 2019: Explaining Maximum Security's historic disqualification | NBC Sports

Kentucky Derby 2019: Explaining Maximum Security's historic disqualification | NBC Sports

22 Replies to “Kentucky Derby 2019: Explaining Maximum Security's historic disqualification | NBC Sports”

  1. The horse maximum….that ran like a tiger in the derby, lost today to an inferior horse at mommouth park, so…..he is not a champ.

  2. Well it should have been War Of Will then, not Country House who was not effected. Maximum Security much best.

  3. SpongeBob riding Patrick the horse was my portrayal of Kentucky in my United States Portrayed by Spongebob video.

  4. A $16k claiming horse win the Derby? Right under the nose of the Kentucky breeders mafia? That is not allowed mister! Lets use a interference with a horse that had no chance and finished 16th, to disqualify the cheap winner, and let a female steward announce the disqualification and we're done!

  5. He got clipped before he left his lane, WHY WON'T YOU AIR THAT NBC, YOU KNOW IT'S BS, SLOW THE TAPE DOWN!!!!!!

  6. It was an instinct of an animal wether its a rat or a horse to avoid a stream or a lane of water in front of him. The horse decided to stride in the middle of these two lanes of water where it is truely safe and easy for him. IMHO The derby organizers should forfeit everything and run another race where the track is dry and clear for all the great horses to run, Max Sec will surely dominate again. Horses aren't amphibians, H2O will slow 'em down.

  7. This could be argued either way. Even though there was a pileup, the fact is that no horse got hurt. Max clearly won. Sounds like a fix.

  8. This is typical of racing every single day. There are often inquiries and objections based on dangerous situations, but the stewards almost always take into consideration who the best horse was. Maximum Security was without question the best horse. Since nobody went down and those effected had the entire stretch to make an impact, the smart thing to do was let the results stand and let everyone move on to the Preakness to slug it out there. Now the race means zilch and the industry has yet another black eye.

  9. A 2.03.93 1 and 1 a quarter mile…

    Where have all the racehorses gone?

    Show me a real horse and i might get excited again

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