Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

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  1. MS won by a large margin. This is bs. I would've ran him after this to prove that the KD was a b.s. decision.

  2. Happy that "John V" told "Shug" that his mount saw "Something Too"
    Jr was in the same lane but a bit back
    Every one needs to look at the " Puddle" (like a Mirror Or Shadow)
    Note The "Bit" Changes For "War Of Will" in The PREAKNESS
    Also see the Head action of "Will" as he raced in the derby.
    All the best to the connection of " Maximum" in their law suit.

  3. SpongeBob riding Patrick the horse was my portrayal of Kentucky in my United States Portrayed by Spongebob video.

  4. the horse veered around towards the end of the race. however neither of the two horses he could have said to have bumped were particularly inconvenienced, so the stewards were wrong to demote the horse.

  5. The reason they disqualified maximum security is because I had $30 to win on him so the judges May 10 bucks a took my 30 bucks and had a few beers lol

  6. Hold on, hold on. I know nothing about horse racing, but I'm going to state my opinion and act as if people should listen to it! Seriously though, Mon Gateau would destroy all of these horses in a race.

  7. 1. Those track conditions were horrible, my dad was a jockey for 30 years, and this was an insane call, I cant belive it.

  8. War of Will won the Preakness in another freaky race. Vengeance? A fix? Terrible Triple Crown year, and now a 25th horse has died at Santa Anita. What a mess.

  9. AMAZING … thanks GOD nothing happens … all jockeys and horses are brave as if there is light who wants to get first … good morning

  10. I don’t know if anyone here cares but this is absolutely awful tat the end they are all hurting there horses and whipping them
    It’s disgusting

  11. ok so now they say MS was beat up in the Derby!! and needs some time! imagine if he had to rate with mud in his face and in and among horses! bottom line he is fragile and unsound. this horse wont beat WOW or Tacitus and he wont smell Omaha beaches tail!! he will be lucky to race again this year. Im sure they are covering someting up! look at the facts, Servis made up some BS story of why he was entered for 16,000 saying he didnt think anyone would take him!! such bs!! then he doesnt come back for the Preakness and now he needs time!! its a cover up of somethimg! believe me this horse isnt nearly as good as people think!!

  12. ang daming bangaan … what a brave horses … entry number one has a lot of chances of winning but placing in the inner rail diminish that for these bunch of horses are almost equal in strength … the jockey of disqualified horse knew that number one has more chances to beat his horse thats why he race a little bit wide and blocks its way … in my opinion the stewards are right and before the judgement rendered each jockey were ask regarding the incident by phone and personally and i think the explanations made this conclusions … by talking and facial express plus the human instinct you know who was lying or not … thank you Sir/Mam happy racing … i notice 20 horses run same as when secretariat won it must be a tradition , maybe its time for adjustment and the very lucky number 20 jockey

  13. Can't nobody tell me nothing! Can't nobody tell me nothing! Bull riding and boobies my life is a movie riding on a tractor Gucci on my shoe tips

  14. Maximum security got tripped by war of will before he ran out of the lane, this should be resolved with maximum security the winner and war of will being disqualified

  15. Isnt this track designed for 12 horses?…so you put out a couple more horses than was designed for and disqualify him for racing?

  16. Gaming rules will eventually end in “NO WINNER”! The latest is record breaking fisherman who was disqualified because the fish didn’t bite down hard enough on the hook! (foul-snagging!!) Oh, brother what has this Screwed Up World got to offer next…you won’t have to wait long to see!!!!

  17. Best horse lost. It happens, he did switch lanes and made another horse stop. Rules matter. it was the right decision. The rest is BS.

  18. Bodeexpress got some Mister the night before. Riderless when you had shades of grey the night before.

    RELEASE TWO BY TWO waiting a 10 seconds in between
    Such as
    1 and 10
    2 and 12.
    3 and 13.
    4 and 15
    5 and 16
    Or sone other way

    We'll see true results on betting

  20. It was a wrong call. At 1:99 the 1 horse comes off the rail and bangs into the 18 impeding him in lane number 2. So why didn't the Stewards even see this or talk about it? And if they did they should of disqualified the 1 horse. Then at the disqualification he's the one who came into Maximum Security and not Maximum Security into him. The Stewards must have had a huge bet on Country House. I hope they lose millions for the Preakness and the Belmont for how corrupt and rigged the game really is.

  21. The only reason they DQ'd that horse was because he knocked their favorite out of the race for the most part. After seeing the Preakness and the horse that won it was the horse that pulled up due to the lane moving it is LIKE EVERY OTHER PROFESSIONAL SPORT… THEY WILL TAKE AWAY ANY LEGIT WIN IF YOU BEAT THE HORSE THEY WANT TO WIN. Rigged.

  22. The lights reflecting in the water on the track I believe is what caused Maximum Security to dodge out. It appeared on the track quite bright as opposed to the other locations where there were light reflections.

  23. The other horse fell back its an animal in that muddy situation they slow down and backed out steady you can tell he stopped trying

  24. Was a teenage track-rat in the 70's. Have watched races years ago at Faremont Park and the horses were all over the track in the mud. MaxSec won the 'Derby.

  25. This is outrageous, it's horse racing for one and two on the back stretch once they spaced out Maximum Security pulled away. The problem is tho that Maximum security microaggressed the other horses and therefore had to be disqualified.

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