Kern County Board of Supervisors 9:00 a.m. meeting for Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kern County Board of Supervisors 9:00 a.m. meeting for Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Television welcome to this week’s County Board of supervisors meeting originating from the county administrative center located at eleven fifteen Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield California. In nineteen customer center county government designed to garner the confidence support the trust of the people we serve today’s current County Board of supervisors meeting will convene momentarily. Good morning and welcome to the regular meeting of the borders of Russia this Tuesday September tenth two thousand nineteen. Border reconvene first items will call. Supervisor Gleason yeah supervisor Scrivner supervisor Maggard here supervisor couch your supervisor press here. If you listen to me is the a salute to the flag is gonna be live this morning by RCA over and also from please remain standing collusion of that per member per search imitation whichever you prefer. What. One nation. Yeah a little. Thank. There’s desert course survey report party meeting invite Nicole here to do our pet of the week and I believe the name of this will little guy the girl actually used car meal. We have the right. Good morning everybody Cullen your director for Kern county animal services. This morning I have with me our board of supervisors penned the week. She’s about a year old terrier mix. She’s about ten ten and a half pounds. I’m not getting a much bigger than that she might need a bath she may. Have. Thanks very can always rely on you. She’s **** people friendly she’s good on a leash currently the shots you gonna be available September twelfth. For adoption adoption fee is just. Eighty five dollars for somebody to take her home her heart beating really fast I can feel it so is mine so she’s. She’s a very loving dog. Hello she- and what kind of dog Terry mix. Maggard your five for five right my friend Marvin was last week we brought out here Tuesday before last and Marvin was adopted at the following day. Thank you for doing this and we’ll see you next week. We’ll we’ll see you if we have an owner thank you. Thank you guys next rely on us to do that next is a report on actions taken a closed session for more August twenty seventh two thousand nineteen ninety a meeting. Was result. Good morning chairman members of the board he didn’t meet the last. Time that there’s nothing no reportable action. Thank you. The next item is our consent. Next item is our consent just a. All items listed with a C. or C. A. above the item number considered to be routine Aakash works but can you step we can act on those all in one motion we’d like to make a comment about any of these items that I read off your second now it’s requests for consideration for any of those items. Member board has to. Actually request separate consideration consent agenda starts on page two consists of items one through three. And then nine through thirteen although thirteen. Has been withdrawn it will not be considered this morning. On the page two items fourteen and then seventeen through twenty. Page four all the items twenty one three twenty nine. Five items thirty three thirty four. Page six items thirty eight through forty four. Page seven items forty five to fifty two. Page eight items fifty three through fifty nine. Page nine items. Sixty three sixty four and item sixty six and sixty seven item sixty five has a CA above it was on the consent calendar is being pulled off consent by the department which is public services and address that. In the normal listed secrets. Page ten all the items sixty eight through seventy six. Eleven items seventy seven through seventy nine. That’s the concert goers anyone here that would like to make an item on to make a comment on any of those items were. Asper separate consideration of any of those items. Signal the board for a motion on the consent notion consent second. Please Gus roads. The motion is approved allies regular readers back to page two under the resolutions of proclamations portion the meeting item four. Is a proclamation proclaiming September eighteen through twenty nine as current county fair days and will be present was was a press thank you so much chairman. Of motion on proclamation. Thank discuss rose come on down Casey . A lot of energy the motion is approved allies. Good energy my friend good to see good to see you welcome. Welcome well. Chairman good morning members of the board it is that time of the year where I get to make frankly my favorite proclamation as you know my come here with Mike all caught the CEO of current of the current county fair and of course Casey the bowl. Our mass. And he’s had a coffee this one. Is my sense so nice job well done. This is an honor we are recognizing September eighteenth through the twenty ninth as Kern county fair days we are so fortunate to have one of the best county fairs in the state. And I would like to commend the spare staff and volunteers for all they do year round to ensure that this time honored tradition is enjoyed by everyone. Family friendly attractions including a petting zoo exhibits sort of musical and dance acts the circus and carnival rides much more can be enjoyed during our fair days right Casey. Each year we all look forward to the concert performances at the Budweiser pavillion this year’s schedule includes Nelly. Josh Turner KC and the sunshine band Tracy Byrd bell B. of Divo Fidel Ruda and many many more. Kern county fair also ensures that our agricultural industries are celebrated and recognize. Supporting our local four H. and FFA programs in engaging our youth in the agricultural education and opportunities through one of if not the largest. Junior livestock shows in the state the young men and women who participate each year have such dedication should be commended for their roles and duties and making our fair one of the best. In California. On a more personal note I want to thank my friend. Michael caught for consistently and enthusiastically supporting the blood drives that we do here at the county and we did ours last week. We broke a few. Records which is nice registered seventy one people sixty one were able to donate and we had eighteen brand new donors. I’ll tell you what’s incredible Mike we had employees from twenty different county departments participate. Came from their home not just here but from their work homes around the county in order to get it they did that I believe in part because we offered this year to fair passes at a parking pass because of your- remarkable generosity. We were able to barter for blood in you know how important it is that we be cared always and that we jointly do that as a community so I just want to say from the bottom of my heart Mike you are such a good man. You are so gracious every year you get so that we have something to say thank you to our employees it also encourages them to be part of the fair community so. I owe you quite a bit of gratitude and recognition today so also for but those county employees who did not get their tickets yet. They should come by my office this week so this is a proclamation what a supervisor’s county of Kern. Officially proclaims September eighteen to twenty nine Kern county fair days and I’ll tell you Mike it is so fun to see Jude get excited to see. The equipment start to go up. At that was me many many years ago more than I care to admit but it is the same kind of excitement that I saw. In my home and I know so many other families are excited well. Thank you this. For you and for all you do the floors or so thank you. Thank you supervisor press. Thank you for supervisors I’d like to thank you for all the support you give us we couldn’t do what we do without the security of the current county sheriff’s department which is a major force out there at our% fairgrounds as you know we do have metal detectors this year. We do have wanting we’re putting a lot of security in place and that is it due in part by yours you know sheriff’s department that you provide for us and we thank you for that I’d also like to thank supervise I was gonna say David because I’ve known him a long time supervisor couch for all your help with our parking lot we have a great P. street parking lot with grinding Senate now Lester Rosedale is a bunch of mail. That out at least get out Gleason donations so thank you and the city of Bakersfield for their support on that too this year we have a lot of interesting things going on we made some moves we have a front your stage moving we have a bug exhibit so I hope all the supervisors will come out and eat some bugs in our bug exhibit. We also have don’t walk as we have a lot. Of great energy and- opening should be. We’ll probably break maybe thirty forty thousand people on the grounds. Our biggest day is usually the last Saturday which is seventy thousand people. We’re expecting over four hundred thousand people again and of course our theme is food the fun the fair we have about seven new food vendors coming to the fairgrounds this year we have a new area back in the union parking lot area by the gate back there. And we have one new food item that I’m so excited about is fry chicken skins. And if you haven’t had a- it’s really good as you can tell I’ve tried everything. So but I do want to thank you again you’ve been a tremendous support to us at the grounds and I like the partnership that we’ve developed over the years. And thank you and thank you to provide for us. Thank you thank you my complete yes. Hey Mike would you pass along your fixed to your your board of directors as well. The job thank. Next to items five and six will be preserver supervisor Gleason five proclaims September two thousand nineteen. As national suicide suicide prevention month in current county. And six proclaim September two thousand nineteen as recovery month in Kerr county motion on five and six second. Which has rose. The motion is approved allies. Good morning as chairman it’s a pleasure to be here it’s a regrettable pleasure to introduce these five professional behind me but topic unfortunately is not so pleasant to discuss. Item five out first proclamation is proclaiming the month of September two thousand nineteen as national suicide prevention month in Kern county. Let’s just talk about Parker county ourselves in two thousand eighteen a hundred and two residents of current county died by suicide. Fourteen point one deaths pursuers per by suicide per one hundred thousand dollars a hundred thousand population the prevalence rate of suicide current county is higher. The natives that of the state of California. Ours is a lot fourteen point one California is ten point four. Kirk ours is also higher than that of the US Kern county just four point fourteen point one the US is thirteen point six we have a lot of work to do. To stem this tide and fortunately we have bill Walker who’s going to lead the charge and make sure this trend reverses course. And backed by bill comes if you were. Thank you supervisor chairman members of the board the forests start I want to go a little off script I have given you a packet. That in it is a folder that includes the talking points I’ll be going over today. No need to look at those if you don’t want but I wanna make a comment about. The dog every week the dog that we do. And the common I want to make is that. Two years ago I was walking my dog in the northeast I live in the northeast of scrub out there and you just walk forever. Well I was out there walking my dog dogs attacked me. And as the attack to me I pulled up my pepper spray because I was like with pepper spray and I sprayed the dogs. And they ran away. The dogs are hurt we weren’t hurt. I wonder every time we see the dogs appears could that dog I’ve been homeless and its previous condition and maybe crappy marching crap maybe doing things it it shouldn’t do but do you take it in and our animal services trade marks the treat them they get them into the right. Place then we bring them out of Michael while who wouldn’t want that dog people line up to help I talked to adopt a dog and I’m looking forward I know to be a gentle I am looking forward to the humanity of homelessness being addressed. Like we address he the issues with with animals. Behind me today is a is were recognizing national suicide prevention month as an observance held. Annually to bring awareness. That suicide is preventable response to Karen treatment. The people who need help need access to care not to be stigmatized and the most people overcome suicide suicidal ideation or suicidal acts going to have enjoyable and productive lives. Behind me is robin Taylor deputy director Allen a grid program support supervisor the famous Ellen anchored if you don’t recognize her from television. Who’s our hotline suicide prevention our region and education supervisor. Family Lyle’s user behavior health therapist and supervisor over our mobile evaluation team and one of our staff Geronimo Desiderio recovery specialist all titles for about a moment Alyssa Lopez who’s the manager over our service side initiative. And Matt moon use our public information officer want to go over that data just a little more Justin little detail suicide is the second leading cause in our nation. For the age of fifteen to thirty four number two. Not just here but in the entire nation overall suicide is the templating cause of death as was stated there’s a suicide. Every eleven plus one minutes and in the United States. Every county has seen an increase in the United States of suicide rates from 10230% since two thousand five. The rural areas are hit harder Kern county actually is better than several counties in California that the once it hit the hardest of the rule county for people are more isolated. Locally as was stated 200-017-0020 one two thousand eighteen hundred and two and so far this year eighty two so we’re working to bring that number. Down but that’s still an average. Of two a week. So what are we doing. Community outreach and education fiscal year eighteen nineteen six thousand Kern county community members are trained in suicide awareness six thousand over two hundred thousand community members are reached on social media platforms over one thousand community members trained and can persuade refer which is a public way. Of people learn for suicide. Prevention were played on local TV and radio and we support a survivor average team. That that reaches out after a suicide to the family directly and also invites people to a monthly group of people who have ost loved ones to suicide in the school based arena. Current be interested with the current county superintendents of school to make a DVD and a manual to train school staff on suicide prevention. Another video more than sad has been utilized in ninety school to school classes. And has been seen by over four thousand students. We teach replied suicide intervention skills training and also now the school district’s placed our hotline on their their students card so someone is in distress they can call the hotline immediately. Kirby HRS you’re eighteen nineteen are certified suicide prevention hotline. Twenty four seven over thirty two thousand calls. Our crisis walking clinic twenty four seven five thousand served. A psychiatric evaluation center twenty four seven. Nine thousand served approximately three thousand involuntarily under fifty one fifties are mobile evaluation team. Almost thirty four hundred call outs to the public. Almost five hundred of them to homeless individuals. We training question preferred refer applied suicide skills training assist and we have taken on the zero suicide initiative to make suicida never abandon our county. But I want to leave you with a story. As a director people send me stores and one of the stories I happens to be about the recovery special standing behind me Geronimo a call came in that a young girl called because her father. Was suicidal. At that moment they also found out that the caller will that they need a Spanish speaking interventionists answer Geronimo was the one who came out. Weeks work twenty years with law enforcement to have a solid relationship and instead of using swap or one of the other units at their disposal they had our mobile evaluation team intervene with this individual so instead of a bad outcome. In front of his own child. It was a good outcome that got him into treatment and those are the stories that never play out in the news. They never show up. You know when people are are ragging on law enforcement or or what are people doing about those things but those are the stories that happen every single day and our county between US. Law enforcement. I want to thank the board. This board has been touched by suicide. Our city has been touched by suicide. And you’ve been supportive of our departments and suicide prevention. And so we appreciate this proclamation. And supervisor Gleason. I just wanna thank you also for your personal support. Okay the gluttons for punishment and he took mine. Does a club even though it. Our next proclamation Mister chairman is proclaiming September two thousand nineteen as recovery month in Kern county this is another cool deal that bills taking on bills leading the charge in collaboration and working seamlessly within our organization in bringing all assets to be Aaron targeting resources that meet requirements he’s an expert at that and we just talked about Geronimo’s work in the met team. Is an example that well here’s another one we’re nominating September two thousand nineteen is recovery month in Kern county. This is during the past fiscal year current county served over four thousand eight hundred new enrollees in what’s called S. U. D. treatment services. Substance abuse disorders. An average about twenty four hundred individual served per month. Researchers saw these individuals with the S. U. D. will have to engage in multiple treatment episodes begin the recovery so it’s a stage recovery that is targeting an individual and providing services to that individual on accommodating scale so that this person gradually comes out of a diversion program. Not it with an approved life. About forty one point 4% the individuals left treatment left the treatment of this S. U. D. demonstrating positive progress toward meeting their treatment goals another example of. A growing problem in our county that is being managed professionally by one of the best bill Walker welcome. Supervisor thank you these actually go hand in hand because what he what we didn’t share is that a huge portion of people commit suicide or under the influence of the time they commit suicide. National recovery month is an observance held annually to bring awareness to treatment for substance use disorders. And mental health conditions can help people recover. Improve their lives and become pillars for our community. The recovery month event also help to decrease the stigma that surrounds seeking treatment I can help friends and families encourage their loved ones. To access the care they need. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary honoring national recovery month and this year’s theme is joined the voice of recovery. Together we are stronger. The board of supervisors is invited to an event that we’re holding at this weekend at. Mill creek park and we’re flyers are both in your packets in in the back both for this and other events that support our suicide. Awareness as well as our recovery. Some data that was mentioned prospector didn’t twenty seven million people in the United States. And according to the two thousand eighteen national survey on drug. Use and health seven point 8% or a little over nineteen million. Have substance use disorders. That’s not including the people who are abusing episodically and it’s not including the family members the impact on work the impact on healthy impact on accidents. That’s just the wrong number of people. In Kern county. We provide a wide array of services which includes now I phone access system with with one phone call people get access to care and substance use care in Kern county we have opioid treatment services a cada treatment programs medicated medication assisted treatment we have sober living environments where people can actually live while they’re trying to live a- a clean and sober life we have residential treatment services intensive outpatient standard outpatient and youth services hand what’s really important is a lot. Of prevention services. In prevention. There been almost in fiscal year eighteen nineteen almost seventeen thousand views of post on social media we have put out to the public there’s been a shout out to public health over eighty thousand views of the danger of opioids to their- billboards. We participate in many community fairs and activities always promoted into sober lifestyle. And I like to leave you with one story. Recover inspire support and empower the rise team began working with this adult female in late two thousand eighteen. She was not engage with her mental health Keene. Had not had reoccurring visits to a psychiatric evaluation center our prices walking clinic and I’ve been rusted on numerous occasions. Family contacted rise for assistance and Strickland continue to use I was now becoming aggressive. Clients behavior led to her becoming homeless. And multiple contacts with law enforcement. Rice helped his client to re engage with her mental health services begin subsidies residential treatment and stay on her medication I love. I love this next line. The last line. She’s been she’s preparing to discharge from substance use disorder services and is reunited with her husband and teenage son someone made a comment earlier but who’s homeless. This lady was mentally ill still only treatment for mental illness. Fallen into substance use to become aggressive and could not live at home with her own husband and her teenage son and now that’s where she’s living. At that’s what recovery is and that’s what we celebrate one one life at a time. Again I want to thank you supervisor for your support of our department and recovering services and take the boards . Thank you for. We can build the reservation which was. Servers America will present the next proclamation it proclaims the boy who harnessed the wind by William and this is according to some Rosamond matters pronunciation of this so if I get wrong. Com Columba. Social proclaims that as the book is that was the two thousand nineteen themes for the annual community read for the one book project. Resume. Thank you must approve proclamation so I had to guess roads. The motion is approved all eyes. We get the right. Morning everyone happy to be with you this morning and pleased to stand before you to help us proclaim the two thousand two one book one one book project to be a success throughout our community. Of all the skills that we learned were children in school I think the most useful of them the most productive. On the service throughout our entire lifetime is the ability to read. Available a passion for reading. In a reading can be done as it can be a tool can be used as an entertainment can be used. To inspire can be used in so many different ways and- our our library. Elaborate does a great job of. Trying to incorporate the entire communities come together to read. And when we adopt one book each year to do that I’m joined. By jasmine Labasa from our a common kind of closer. From our from our library. And I just asked her what her title was and I’ve forgotten it but basically her title is she has a bucket. And she could Kerry’s and catches everything that falls off of an- and make sure that it gets done so. Including marketing so that’s what that’s what jasmine’s jobs that’s close enough yeah okay. So this year’s book is the boy who harnessed the wind by William come Kwan by and I know that’s the way you pronounce it. Because who’s going to correct me right. And jasmine Tom has said that earlier this morning. Since two thousand two the one book project has sought to promote a culture of reading and discussion and diverse communities across Bakersfield and Kern county. Of the content he has also placed in has. Registration and lifelong learning and before we have this program that we do each year this story about the boy who harnessed the wind is a remarkable story that said in the country of Malawi. And it was that’s where magic ruled and modern science was a mystery to the people there interesting premise for the book the remarkable stab story is of. A young man named will come come combat whose dream was to build a windmill and to overcome all kinds of adversity. Ignorance amongst his friends and neighbors. He it’s a story person. And how one person can change a community and that’s exactly what we need to have here in in taught here in Kern county. Also it where I would like to give to jasmine this morning this proclamation from the board of supervisors. As we represent the state of California and we have officially proclaimed the boy who harnessed the wind by William com CORBA. As the two thousand nineteen read for one book one Bakersfield one current. And this recognition has been entered into our official more minutes evidenced by the signature of our chairman the honorable the caption this detective September two thousand I mean. Justin please tells Lebec more about what’s going to happen and I appreciate your enthusiasm and your willingness to. Do all kinds of things you that market. So one of the really interesting things about the one book project is. We get the opportunity. Through a partnership of California State University Bakersfield to bring an amazing authors. An amazing people to Bakersfield entirely for free to the community. Parking is free attendance is free and it’s an opportunity to hear from these amazing authors William come combine. Actually it was launched the world stage a few years ago. Because he was in the midst of he drew. In his community and village Malawi. And he- wanted to somehow fix this problem they were experiencing. And so he went to the library he checked out some books. And he learned how to build a windmill. Trash and that windmill ended up sustaining his community and so wonderful opportunity that we get. Is that he’s actually going to come to California State University big we’re going to get you hear from him in person. This person but he’s been talking about for a few years. Entire for community so this book is a one opportunity for people to involve the one book project. I theme of this year’s one book project is how we can change community one individual at a time. And overcome crippling adverse adversity. In all of our books that are accompanying this year’s title are you know qualifiable to read and we want people to get involved join the discussion attend events. I if anybody is interested in reading the book but may not have time there’s a wonderful Netflix adaptation that just came out a couple months ago. So watch the movie as well and if you want to listen to the book go on star who black it is free to download and you can download immediately. So you can listen to it you can read it you can choose to read one of our other title. I you know get your children all of read the picture book version there’s just a lot of. News involved here. You’re also. Can we. Read the book so if you get involved I encourage everybody to I’d go to Casey Casey L. one book dot org and to figure all the wonderful ways to attend events during discussions and participate in the local discussion I also have brochures for all of you guys. Yes yeah so thank you. Thank you Alex echo one sort of. Do you pictures of reserve Rosamond. Yes I’ll just comment the I love the one book one Bakersfield project we’ve been for years citing the bringing such provocative subject matter to really think about in and more poorly bring the community together I want to give you a compliment your- fabulous presenter. Talented this is these are not skills that are easy to have and you were flawless so you know continue to hone those because you have something very special thank you I appreciate that. Rescue to repeat something you June. We talked about how to download the audiobook. So basically if you go we have a service called hoopla if you have your anybody was a library card which is free they put in their library card number and they go they look up the title on who black and it’s one click download but it’s immediate there’s no wait last it’s entirely free and it returns when it’s all done with and there is both the- ebook version and the audio book version so you’re able to listen to that. Immediately thank you. Just thank you. Item eight will be will be preservers reserve Scrivner it reclaims August two thousand nineteen as paint the town pink month in Kern county. Risk. Thank you Mister chairman motion on proclamations and discussion groups. Motion is approved all eyes . Good morning Mister chairman and members of the board October twenty nineteen is designated as breast national breast cancer awareness month in order to educate and increase the public’s awareness of the disease in honor of the survivors and families impacted by breast cancer links to life will be kicking off the month with lace in it. A celebration five K. fun run and walk along with community partners many activities will be taking place promoting breast cancer education the importance of early detection and the bailable community resources to current county residents during the month of October. And so it is my honor. Sent this proclamation to Jennifer Henry EO of links to live this proclamation states the board of supervisors of the county of Kern stated California has officially proclaimed October twenty nineteen AS paint the town pink month in Kern county this recognition has been entered artificial minute sidebar on the chairman David cash. Thank you. It’s October again guys. We’ve been here twenty seven years because of Kern county and we want to thank the board for and the chairman for supporting us over these years this sure they’ll be approximately four hundred women and men diagnosed with breast cancer in Kern county I will lose approximately a hundred to this disease so it takes us working as a community. To get women and the walk which kicks off on the fifth and we appreciate you coming in attending. This year will be ads the park at river walk and then there’s much more events throughout the month of October or actually partnering with the Kern county health department and current medical you’ll hear more about this next Tuesday. And we- I thank you I have Paris radio for a walk so you can go online and register and then we have Rosamond whiskey if you’re interested a tasting at him by. Which benefits links for live yes it’s very fun very casual and that event is on the seventeenth of October. So I’ll leave this and the calendar of events for you and thank you for your support I wanted in or do some people with me Susan Hopkins twos are manager development manager. Morita from Kern family health who’s been our largest supporter and Frazier per lacing it up this year and Charlotte brown our past president so it’s because a community members. That were able to help because we get no federal funding no government funding we get grants and donations so thank you for supporting us. Sure too many steps were little. Thank you. These reservation latest coming today. A Texas over to public presentations are fifteen this portion of the meeting is reserved for persons to address the board on any matter not on the agenda but- section four. We try to hold about a two minute time limit is there anyone here who would like to make public presentation. The other major. See number good item sixteen which is board member I’m sorry. You have more yes. Mister chairman and members of the board I want to take a few minutes and let you know today’s my last day really I am retiring with using now. All the things I want you to change. No I just want to take a moment and thank you and the county for the most incredible career I’ve ever had imagine I had so much fun here. And it’s kind of interesting. I started advertising market in the a thirty one years ago and one of my friend I was an illustrator cartoonist one of my very first jobs was casing the ball. I really. He was my boy in Chester the downtown dog away which you you came up with a character or you were you know what Casey the bowl was originally a little statue that was up at the fair if you remember when many years ago and it was taken down and they want create a character that they can. Do for that’s- and so you. The card he was my creation. And what’s interesting is the in the ten the costume is done at. All that time simple really yes and I just met him a few years ago but I’ve you know I’ve been with the county this is my I’ve been in five departments I’ve had some. Way too many people that have been such. Blessing and a mentor to me Steve floor as Rick Davis trees Hitchcock affect markets **** introduced me to Steve Flores which which is what got me into marketing Teresa brought me to board of trade which was his became part of the C. A. O.’s office and is where I’m leaving so. I’m so thankful to so many people. And as far as fun I mean I’ve. The flu fighter the biggest thing I’ve ever done was the flu fighter campaign that I believe saved many many lives the public health. And I’m proud of the new seal that I created but I’ve I’ve- the sheriff’s department is graciously let me fly around in their helicopter to shoot video for the board. Hi I’ve done many of Vance I traveled. All of them greatest things I think I’ve done as- with the board of trade nd tourism myself and David job as have been able to connect with many of the county entities and- I believe that we’ve been good public relations ambassadors for that as well as being able to. Build up the one point four billion dollar tourism industry incurring county. We beat napa valley. So I’m I’ve worked with each of you. On on on advanced state account another Vance and it’s just been. An honor to be a part of this county and to be able to work here and leave with the most incredible memories that I could I never imagined when I when I started my career thirty one years ago about half of that’s been the county so. I am leaving my daughter who was with DH disapproved to Austin Texas your husband work for apple my first grand child it on Hey. So we’re in the process of building a home there right now and I will be there. To be a grandpa. And. Back in two the art that I wanted to do that I started this industry with so thank you all and thanks to all the people in the county that have supported me warm we’re at a loss because we did not know this. Is your last day. Well seven has been feverishly taking over my contacts meeting my people going to meetings he’s up here to help with us and show will be continuing much of what I do. And I’m I thank. If you would like we’d like to do a resolution for you what we what we do but I Winnie what are your plans when you leaving well I start terminal vacation tomorrow. But I’m still with the county technical. Cannot be around. I would be honored by that it’s not necessary but I would I would definitely be honored by that. Do we all took a picture with before you before you. Absolutely absolutely I would love that and I. For my part I know whether they want to say something and we’re we’re not prepared but I just want to thank you for. You have always been extremely positive and upbeat and I just appreciated. That thank you. Thank what is going on there. Okay. The camera. Bachelors. How exciting a Bedard green beans. Gonna be one hell of a I have. Thank you lots of pictures are you sure you. Thank you. I definitely. The person who waited from. To check. Thank you. RCA right also would like to CEQA awards okay yeah I do I just wanted to say Mr chairman members of the board that we’ve appreciated having I’ve appreciated knowing Lauren first of all he’s a fantastic human being. And so I appreciated you just personally he’s been a valuable member of our team in the CEO’s office. And he will be missed. And we wish you the best Lauren thank you. Appreciate your this isn’t your last meeting will we’re going to have you back okay. Absolutely and I will send pictures okay. We’re on to are there any other public statements. Okay run item sixteen board member Nelson’s reports. Rest rest thank you very much chairman one I just want to thank again the county employees who came out and made a blood drive a huge success on the Friday before Labor Day so I think that’s really big kudos to the county twenty departments came out many that are not here so the effort was incredible in so deeply appreciated. For those of you who only got the how chin a past that date to the fair please come to our office we have now we have an additional Pat and also parking. For you. Which is. Days. I as you are more expensive the fair we’re cutting into that a tad bit so really thank you so very much and that that was a huge success. Secondly. Chairman should we about our joint. Lamb I will do that it would you like let me start and you after a- ticket off. A few months ago I attended a fundraiser and I raise my hand to during the during the live auction and I ended up with a- an item. And I’m not going to use it. One week stay in Kabul San Lucas and a very nice resort I’ve been trying to give this away for a while no one a lot of people I know have we got you got small children can’t go get something. Since remember. I mention this just read the press just this morning. And she mentioned that want want want to take it from there just to just pick a review the what your car your idea was well chairman thank you for your incredible generosity to ask. If I knew somebody well deserving in the community that could use this immediately I thought of Tracy match as some of you may know her she’s an advocate for. I used to save people community she corrected me it’s handy. So I am working on that transition is it’s an important one Sir and so she is such a passionate incredible advocate for this community for people that are in the shadows for people who don’t have tradition. And so she has been a remote wll for me to she is also getting married this afternoon at two o’clock I won’t be here to my apologies because she’s asked me to be in her wedding and I said yes so I mean. That she’s having a Disney theme wedding this afternoon. Taken that p but I really want to thank the chairman of for thinking of me and asking who could. Did I if I had any ideas and I thought Tracy was just so perfect. What an incredible act of generosity a to her I don’t think she’s ever done anything like this I know her story pretty well. And I think it will go down as one of the most. Important things or special and precious moments to receive such an offer from the chairman what I would like to do is this is it’s only available September fifteenth which is Sunday. Okay coming Sunday. Through the twenty second. I’ve tried to change the dates you can choose. If she is unavailable to use that okay. And we will know this afternoon right we will I’d like to offer that to some county employee that’s able to take vacation between the fifteenth and the twenty second so if we know of anybody here at the county that’s able to. Location does that include. Yeah some things come to mind that I’ll just I will verbalize. But I would like to offer that to sue someone in the Kelly family that’s if you know even if you know of someone that Truxtun something extra special works hard doesn’t maybe doesn’t have the means to do something like that I’d appreciate if you let us know this afternoon. If Traci. Are able to go well thank you very much. Aggressively more consistently than Tracy and her husband I also want to thank senator chanting growth because she and I are partying together to move Tracy out of her old existing and- not quite appropriate for handy cable people living into a much nicer home. It is propria to and has all of the a past these for a dignified life for her so I really really chanting Grove will be buying some swimming gifts and will be organizing a community to transport her her things to her new home. What a great in the effort and generosity is profound chairman want to see. You bet. I have ones anybody else seven. You two guys are exempt from the offer but. Have a question about HR twenty eight fifty eight I think it is a bill regarding valley fever and I’m sure that in our legislative platform you have the authority to. A support. But forever on in that regard but I would like us to take a real positive position on that. If it’s appropriate if there’s still time left to do that so just refer that you Mr also. It’s twenty eight fifty thank you a Wells. Okay chairman one more certainly apologies I also wanted to announce to the community that I will be at the White House this week with C. sack and other counties from across the country president has invited us to come in here our local perspectives on how we get work done Kern county has some striking examples. A look no further than my relationship partnership with Mike Turnipseed in how we- engage in a post partisan results oriented. For the goodness of this community in the well being of this community so it is a privilege to represent current county at the White House this week will be leaving tomorrow we’ll be back Friday and I’m very excited to give some examples as we just noted here chairman that we are working hard. To what to get. The community and- it is the best of us so I will represent you probably an honorably I promise you thank you. Thank you. Think the Texas over the item thirty five right. It’s a request for a percentage of resume Gleason for a presentation by Scott on the who’s exactly director of the Indian Wells valley economic development corporation guarding significant. Impending economic development opportunities in eastern Kern county. Wrestle to remain thanks. We’re honored today to be. Get a presentation by Mr colony of a call close friend and a very close friend of Kerr county and I’m gonna let him go. We’ll talk about after. Good morning. News chairman and supervise for this opportunity to speak to this morning I’m Scott o’neil executive director of the animals valley economic development corporation in ridgecrest I work at China lake for forty four years. Before I retired in twenty sixteen. Initially I worked in years and rocket propulsion that I moved into program management. Where we developed an anti submarine weapon that was lunch from surface ships and then I spent eight years working on tomahawk cruise missile program. Taking a doing the rocket motors Angela wore hidden fuse. Hasn’t executive around the weapons department Delano granges and facilities the integrated battlespace Montana simulation department. Before I came became the executive director China lake. And I was also the head of research and engineering there I held that assignment for a decade prior to my mood my retirement. I tell you this so you can have confidence in the statements about. Phone number of the red cross Mettler dinner. With the primary goal of getting to know one another. A number of us were there and. Opportune we saw that there’s huge opportunity for growth in in the current county area. Specially we integrate the underpinnings of the economy from west to east. A similar bill or met again on the nineteenth of August to continue discussions. But we also a staff. Some specific action and that we can can we can take the opportunity today is even greater and better today current county is uniquely postured for huge growth. We have a large arsenal of assets to build off of important some of the. Today as in the past oil in agriculture or the engines of our economy but it’s time to take note of the growth in eastern Kern. Here defensive. Work at Edwards airforce base NASA Armstrong and China lake are growing fast. As is the commercial space access we’re going on a Mojave and then he fight aerospace industry attached. Also in te eastern county we have renewable natural resource of solar wind and geothermal that has been hardest to generate electricity. With these kind of assets I have to ask are we value in them properly. A quick environmental makes me wonder. The instability in the world today makes our defense and aerospace and space access industries extremely important. And position them for serious growth. California’s decision to move to renewable energy. For the creates huge opportunity for developing a wind solar and geothermal resources. And the duration regulation of the electric power industry offers opportunity to bring that renewable power to market in new ways. California is changing the oil industry there is challenging agriculture. We need to recognize these drivers and take active steps to use all the assets we had to create increased value. We are frtunate many states in our union. Don’t have near the set of assets that we have in our county. And again I wonder how we value in them properly. We need to encourage growth across the county particular in the emerging elements. Of our economic base. The aerospace and defense industries and renewable energy industry is moving different economic cycles than an oil in agriculture. Integrating the economy westie provide a hedge against the ups and downs of individual industries. Continuing a quick environmental scanned the recent earthquakes in ridgecrest China lake provide an opportunity but they also provide risk. The damage on the navy base is significant. The navy’s current estimate to Costa Rica of reconstructing China lakes infrastructure facilities and laboratories is four point one billion dollars. Four point one billion dollars that’s almost the cost of an aircraft carrier. Construction teams are already descended on China lake to begin repairs more will be required for the new construction in the future. Kern county contract. Watch the website fed biz ops dot gov. All repair and construction work will be advertised on that website. The four point one billion investment China lake is huge for Kern county. Last year China lake did one point eight billion dollars in new orders. Its business model street for service which means that operates similar to a business and private sector but I cannot generate a profit. Or loss. It also means that there we have to compete with other government facilities for work. Unlike most government agencies channel it does not get an annual budget allow Congress. It has to go get its work from paying customers. These are the various weapons programs like this authorizes and fun this. Programs like tomahawk cruise missile and the F. eighteen strike fighter in the F. thirty five stealth fighter and other such programs like private businesses channel it is only as good as its last job. Customers can choose to or else. Not perform satisfactorily that. Dollars with new orders last year. Recently this has been going about a hundred two hundred fifty million dollars a year. It’s pay will force for work force of forty five hundred people. Is about six hundred million dollars annually. That comes in this county. About one two dollars is contracted out each year currently two hundred million of that stays in the county. It’s small purchase it was about twenty eight million dollars of which about three million dollar stays in the county. So China lake is a big economic base it’s 85% of the economic base of ridgecrest. He could be bigger. The earthquake creates opportunity but also presents serious risk. On one hand it’s a four point one billion dollar investment. On the other. It’s news and potentially losing some customers to of those who are trying to compete where customers are worried about whether they can provide the service. Or by other government organization and approach the work. China lake is important Kern county I think it’s important for the two the importance that the county is growing but it’s important is important enough for the navy to keep. It’s a scary question but as a taxpayer it’s a fairly. I see the answers a hearty yes. We can I don’t know laurels or hands or watch and wait to see what happens we have to be Valadao Belgian and active and we have to drive the outcome that we want. So for the sake in order let’s ask the question. First of all as a baby laboratory. It has sets that are unique. It’s the navy’s largest single landholding and his two Rangers have over one point one million acres. Of mountains and deserts that’s the that’s an area bigger than the state of. Rhode Island it’s covered by one nineteen thousand six hundred square miles of air space has airspace set aside for military testing that’s one eight that the airspace over California. The complex a replaceable operational realistic realistic place that is integrated with this nearby oceans and islands and coastal sea influences with this China lake offers over three hundred days of sunshine each year in system testing. In settings duplicated the duplicate conditions experience of the most prominent likely theaters of operation around the world. It’s the navy’s predominant where there were personal research development acquisition test and valuation. Center of excellence jointly with Boeing it develops and test all the mission software for the F. eighteen. He gives the jets were fighting capability. He wants to perform that same mission on the F. thirty five stealth fighter which must be able to work and fight with the F. eighteen. It develops technology for military application. Those concepts. And it works with industry bring those ideas to the fleet. It supports industry in building our weapons and it does that does the testing to ensure that our weapons perform as expected. China lake exhibits a strong military civilian team. Where the military bring the knowledge of what they need operationally be more effective and the civilians bring trained in science and engineering. Bring the technical know how. Since its inception during World War two China lake has had a long history of innovative contributions to our nation’s national security. In the forties and fifties it was a solid rockets. There were developed their produced there and deliver to the fleet for the war. He developed the first air to air guided missile side wonder which was first used in combat in Korea. In a sense they’re gonna advocated for underwater submarine ballistic missile launch. It developed the first anti radar missile. During Vietnam it developed a prototype and tested fuel air explosive weapons there were counter jungle and mine warfare. He developed walleye the first TV guided missile for bridge defeat recently childlike developed prototype and demonstrated critical technology for digital seekers and imaging systems. Then now underpin a nine X. sidewinder missile there is currently the free world’s principal short range air to air weapons. In twenty fifteen Charlie demonstrated land demonstrated a land. Tomahawk land attack cruise missile in Indiana ship role. Use a fleet issue tomahawk and off board over the horizon rate on a P. three aircraft tracking a ship at sea. And a network battle space to provide the guidance function the capability was deployed giving every tomahawk missile a shooter in the navy and then a ship capability. These are strong examples of the military value that China lake brings twenty tional scary. Earthquakes the shuttle late but they did not destroy. It’s open for business but it’s not a full. The test ranges were damaged but were. Six weeks after the earthquake space engineers and technicians scramble patching together systems and safety conducted its first live fire missile test. Never can do culture and they currently are looking for partners to get work done that they’ve been assigned. The main machine shop has been red tagged and contractors currently working to shore up its walls they can extract sheen’s. There at about 40% capacity so we arranged a visit between China lake shop leaders and local machine shop turned Bakersfield the goal was to get see if we can help get childlike work done. But also to build relationships and awareness of capabilities here in Kern county. We have met one sense and we’ll meet again and I’m optimistic this project will go. I’m confident Kern county businesses can rally trying to recovery. It’s good for the county. It’s good for the lake and it’s good business. Is just one example of the outcome of a meeting we committed to being proactive in building west to east. Taking a one small step at a time and we’re doing it. Today our nation. Threats that are agile deploying cable were fighting tools using cutting edge technology now is the time to strengthen our technological capability by investing in organization has a strong history of developing and demonstrating innovative weapon system solutions a culture that is can do that’s focused on the war fighter and in the end capabilities that enable such work spanning research development test and evaluation without leaving the confines of the navy base. Organization is channeling. We must irv channel a console mission of research development acquisition testament actuation it’s critical to the future our nation our navy are people of ridge crest and to Kern county. I have three requests. Thank you support you sent a letter of support to the secretary of the navy. And as a system for research development and acquisition and the chief of naval operations. And the defense sector defense. And governor Newsome. And congressman Carthy the center is fine Stine Harris. Urging them to make China like whole again. Second request as a commission organization to visit East current. Ridge crest Mojave into hatch be to discuss opportunities and build relationships and establish actionable goals and then do regular check ups on our progress. And lastly ask you to engage your lobbyist in Sacramento to work with California delegation support China like reconstruction. I thank you for giving me time to talk. And I’m available for any questions you might have. They discuss the remote resumes James thanks. Oildale but let’s take acouple minutes to review your state if you don’t mind there’s a lot of people watching TV and these people here that here to support you in their people here trying to figure out what when you’re talking about when you mean and I think it’s important I think it’s critical that we take our time. To me through your statement. Value because. Critical point in our history and. Time to understand the meaning of the word collaboration and working together improving our economic outlook and creating a future for ourselves say is critical. So thank you for your forty four years of service at China lake Mister o’neill retired as executive director of China lake. Navy weapons mission there. What that means to us is that he’s a rich he is a civilian apple is the equivalent of a- two or three CPAC was ready. To have doing. Two and a half two and a half so you don’t get much anywhere in the DOD department of defense you don’t get. Much higher rank than Mister o’neill. In a previous life when I work back in pax river Mister o’neill had a reputation of being the China later who was disruptive who was. Was winning more battles in losing and competing well for current county for China lake that was. Ten fifteen years ago. So his credentials are impeccable you live in ridge crest and has for forty four years married kids grandkids so. He’s just a tremendous ask. For China lake for rich at the current county. If you were to walk if Ronnie to walk down the road here in Bakersfield or anywhere in west earn you wouldn’t know before today no in this room would probably recognize him or understand who he was. Likewise when I was first running for office. I had no idea who this. Never I lived in Kern county for ten years I had no idea hobby Hollis I had no no idea who Jim Scott was Ralph Bailey was a someone I had never heard of and maybe would have been better if I kept that way I. Plus our Ralphs are. But what I’m what I’m trying to show demonstrate is the there is a dichotomy at work here that we truly don’t understand the value of Kerr county we haven’t for a long time maybe never and we need to change that paradigm. We need to create a world work churn county can optimize all its research is it all it’s been. To the best interests of Kern county. We’ve never done that before we’ve taken weeks stabs in the in the dock at it but we’ve not really have an opportunity to do that. But the- the earthquakes in ridgecrest now have changed. Kern county changed China lake changed east Kern it’s giving us a brilliant opportunity that I think that we I know we must it demands an answer. What’s happening as a result those are today seven point one earthquake epicenter was on the basic channel like. And as a result of that the damage assessment the mistrial talked about a four point one billion dollar expense unfounded I’m budgeted expense that the navy back in DC somewhere and sit in the corner of the E. rang of the Pentagon after make decisions on whether or not. Or how they’re going to allocate those resources it is I. as miss running a set a scary time. And right now for us to sit back arches and not take. Action to pursue Gresham. We pursue the dollar is a weight. All of can. So it’s imperative that we up in the damage assessment and get to those decision makers as quick and to influence their decision if you remember a couple years ago we had admiral a marine down here if you guys remember that about four years ago Adam ranking stood there and- it’s about time. Spend those dollars. The answer is a resounding yes but the fact that they’re answering the asking those questions and we have people there. Answering those questions is a Bennett incredible benefit to us because now we can have confidence that the department of defense is gonna make those investments. US as a as a county. So we need to do is sit back at this moment in our history. As the good the governor of California is putting the oil industry in its crosshairs and saying we’re taking you out. We are going with clean non fossil fuel energy. We are looking face in a world of sigma which is going to restrain our water consumption our ground water consumption in Kern county on both sides of the mountains. Draft basins that we’re trying to manage. Now is the time to understand that although although those challenges are with us today on the other side of the mountains president trump has just signed a seven hundred sixteen billion dollars. Budget the department offense next year he’s talking seven hundred thirty eight billion dollars. That’s a tremendous resource the Kern county has access to. He just signed into effect establishing space force. Another phenomenal opportunity for Kerr county and I don’t see sufficient action I don’t think we are taking advantage of the opportunity the other thing I want talk about real quick is the F. thirty five and then ask you must run able to comment on those three opportunities. The F. thirty five is a brand new strike fighter aircraft that the department of defense is invested it’s hot soul it’s whole future in naval aviation in airforce aviation. And what our warfare capabilities is put into this after the five. Kern county can play a massive role in that sustainment of that aircraft for another thirty to forty years by doing the same thing we’ve done with the F. eighteen we have a legacy of doing we’ve done it for years we can do with the F. thirty five that would mean tremendous amount. Of responses in money jobs coming to Kerr can. So it’s all up to loosen front of us Mr thank you very much for coming down here could you comment for couple minutes or take your time and- just go off on opportunities that that you see. At the airport us and then we’ll talk about how we can galvanize and work together to achieve success. Yeah I mean. First up the reconstruction costs of self you know I think is huge opportunity I mean it’s a- that’s not just new onstruction of buildings. But those buildings are leverage reason so there’s a lot of equipment. That has to go into those buildings that. In vied a lot of the functionality in in the mission that China like performs. And so I would estimate probably close to half of the four billion dollars is really just equipment to give those buildings in the capability. To support a national security so there’s another construction work. But is engineering services work there’s a there’s a lot of well that has to go on to be able to prepare. It’s not only Keene known to rebuild Charlie X. mission but to also posture for the future. And in the future in order one of the futures is F. thirty five I mean it’s a huge program. And the navy is still you know we making decisions on where that juts gonna be supported. We’re we’re hoping obviously that we support it like we do the F. eighteen because by doing a lot of the mission software for the F. eighteen and house in junction with. Prime contractor country I bought. I’m I’m gonna seven save the- this taxpayer over a billion dollars. And over the- life cycle of a jet. And I think there’s some more opportunity with the F. thirty five. The other thing about the F. thirty five is that it’s we’re gonna have mix carrier air wing that means those jets there for eighteen and the F. thirty five are gonna be aboard the same carriers. For quite a long time into the future and so those guys have to work together. No that’s that’s you know working integrating work that. It’s gone on historically a child like for the F. eighteen. And integrating that work into the F. thirty five so I think this huge opportunity there. F. eighteen is probably the biggest program at China lake these days I mean it’s- I would say on the weapons side of the- of the- docket. It’s probably around a four hundred million dollar program a year. So it’s one of the biggest programs for fortunately I can and- bring in F. thirty five a child like of course would sustain that. On the other comment you made was about space command that’s still unfolding we don’t know but- but the current county has huge assets in that particular arena. You know not only do we have what what goes on it Mojave. But what goes on at Edwards Air Force Base and NASA. And China like all could be integrated into supporting some providing technical intestinal valuation functions for that particular command. That work has not been decided but I think if we organize and we really gave it a full court press from and from an integrated perspective would have a very very very strong argument. Because not only of the natural resources got and the rate. But because of the knowledge in the tech okay. Or is that we’ve got. Here Mister maker that we have a good chance bring some of that work. And that’s the future and so. Yeah I’m I’m excited but we can’t let the you know the challenge of having the earth shaken and can cause some damage you know get in the way of that but it’s not gonna happen by itself it’s gonna take a lot of work and I think that the county has to. You know really start staying up speaking as of. A single voice and really advocating for the Keene. Capabilities in assets we’ve got. So that is the value of that opportunity. For western Krause call western Bakersfield the Central Valley here. Is what what is the value why is important to us over here. To help. You over there. Well I think I made a comment about that in my statements but- you know first off the economics I it’s growing. I mean it’s already two billion dollar business and you know just if you look at one one element of the eastern current US China like. I haven’t even added in what what the business at Edwards are NASA or Mojave. You know represents or or even some of the work that’s going on AT and TAT should be. I would I would venture. To guess approach and you know a few business. Ten dollars. If we- right can grow. Can grow significantly and the aerospace industries. By themselves I’ll just leave us leave alone right now the renewable energy opportunities but the aerospace industries moves in different cycle economic cycle so when Oildale is down. You know tended aerospace tend to be up. And so we as a as a county I think could balance out our portfolio. And stabilize our economy so don’t go through cycles we did over the you know last say the last four five years. And I think that’s really important because it provides better stis instability and provide better services to our citizens. So when you start adding in what’s going on a solar and- and wind and- even in the geothermal areas and I think those opportunities are being exploited by the commercial sector. But I do think it provides. Opportunities for the county and how we go about. Seen that power and how we provided to our citizens there’s de regulation Delano California power industry that I think we have any begun to add I don’t I die tap yet as far as how we can generate revenues from that. And even provide cheaper power to our citizens. So I’m encouraging that we you know those are opportunities when only generating the power locally but- we can actually be buying the power producing. And selling it back to our our customers. At a better at a better rate and a better deal for the county in a better deal for the customer. So you you mentioned a couple things as one touch on a couple of the mission. Twenty eight million dollars in small purchases credit card. Purchases that it made out of twenty million dollars every year on China lake three million of those dollars stinker kind. That that significantly gauge that should not be occurring how can business businesses over here capture some of those dollars. I think part of it is just becoming a better aware of what’s what’s available. In the county we don’t have that conversation right and one of the one of the things that we’re trying to do it in the economic development corporation is we’re gonna we’re we’re going to be. Aligning with the city and some of the other and- the commission’s in in the in the city to buy a service that we can do a better job of understanding analyzing. The market square we have a six hundred million dollar annual. Hey Ralph just from China lake and then into the hospital the school district or anything but- a lot of that money is of going outside of the county and outside of ridge crest and so. We’re gonna do we’re gonna try to identify where that leakages and then we with other. Businesses here in the in the big chill in the broader current area to see how much weakened you know what would be more proactive about. Keep some of them might hold. Well the order to achieve those objectives are we need to truly understand we change paradigms we honestly I’m understand. So I’m trying to pry many graphic examples to make it easy for everybody just understand. That there’s a dichotomy there’s a- wall between East West currently Kern and we got to get rid of that wall to cheap awful potential. And it’s worth businesses over here. Investing in over there they don’t have to move over there they don’t have to relocate over there all they have to do is be. Aware of opportunities over there and your- statements about Keene shop as a graphic illustration of the success. You’re still businesses can have by competing and winning. Favorites we have status we have two things against us one is that the people who are needing the services over on the eastern side don’t know what’s available right in the county and then we also have in the county particularly when I found out when we visit a lot of the machine shops in Bakersfield was that they don’t do a lot of business with the government. They don’t know how. And so I think those are easy things that we can. To help them one we can does the government side can get more aware of what’s available. And then we can actually help. Some of the local businesses become more. Competitive if you will and being able to preserve government contracting. Which is not easy. By any means at all and it becomes a barrier for entry for it for new people trying to deal with the government. Yes I think that there’s a things that the economic development corporations. Can do to help that problem to help bridge that. So okay so we ask today it is eleven one is a letter. A letter from us to a bunch of politicos that can highlight this issue and help us. A certain ourselves as the best place in the country to do business with the navy the Air Force and space force. You know you look at the cross country I know that the relationship between the federal government Florida is much better. Than the relationship with America coming to California. I mean it’s just easy I they they- Florida gives them some things to track business we don’t we don’t tend not to do that California. We need to change that we need to work on that but we can’t SO control that. What we can control is a letter to all the politicos. Insuring them and they understand that we are in need and we are the best. Place in California or the country in the world. This occurred county and that’s why it’s in their best missed it best interest. To help support us capture those four point one billion dollars. The second thing Mister only as far as a lobbyist get some what we have St lobbyists that we’re gonna we’re gonna get him going to stimulate that will stimulate a federal lobbyist Mister this Alsop would you please give me. About with that. Have that lobbyists give me a call maybe what we can do Mister o’neill is set up an interview with that lobbyist at a joint. Time I mean you can sit down and share with them my thoughts. About how to move forward or anyway was Jim you want to do that. I was gonna ask the eight recommendations just hear the presentation. But there were three specific. Requests made how many of those can we act on today. Based on our we regenerist. We are all the. Yeah I don’t see one on we can do this okay the third one is I think we need to formulate somehow come up with a bright and figure out how to create this exchange I had a wonderful experience yesterday at the branding ceremony that was done where we’re trying to create an environment where we’re saying. Bakersfield is Kirk Khan is the best place in the world to do business the best but a comfortable place to raise a family it was wonderful presentation it was uplifting. It made us look really good which we are. We take that same type of that needs to be an element of sometimes exchange need to set up some type of. Of l’organisme where we have the navy. Jobs are available and the Bakersfield business to supply and demand and meat and understand each other as I’m looking forward to capture some ideas from our- from Megan. To help me out understand how to do that and from you to help how we can get the navy to participate in this to I think our next step is to come together and have a conversation about how to understand. And compete for in windows dollars because you’re so critical to our future. Finally I want to say thank you Mister mills coming down enjoy it I’m sure the navy’s watching this program I’m sure our body back in DC is a Packer fan but. He’s watching you watch all the way through the water issues that that the eastern Curtis race with and he was monitoring very closely. And he should a short me that the navy is fine as long as we have a plan for sustainment. With with water he just he’s all these words were to me were Meg giving a plan. And we’re gonna do that come January. So we’ll have the plant we’re gonna steps formulate an exchange with several times to established action bill that she but anyway we want and then create successor Kerr county. Mr unable at my board thank you very much for your patience and thank you very much for coming down. Thank you. Thank you but to do what it’s like to make a motion. To move for with the three recommendations that struggle I want I’ll just make a motion to move photos three. Is that at under your leadership and get this ball Gorman sounds good. Let us open so the public comment and so stick close. To coming up. We have a motion on the floor Richard was your job in first thank you Mister chairman Hyde something that Mr here first of all thank you for being here and thank you for your leadership and everything you’ve done over your illustrious career. At China lake it’s been a pleasure to get to know you and see you in action andI know you still are involved in the community so we appreciate you and thank you for coming and- initiating these requests and supervisor Gleason. Also to you when I was. First running for. This office the it determine I heard was the cactus curtain that’s the- that’s the barrier between east and west and that’s something that we need to. Continue to breakdown in there are a lot of organizations I think that ever have. Have done. A better and better job at trying to do just that but I think the more. That we can cross pollinate between east and west current the better for jobs. Resources understanding and there’s just a list of a list of good reasons to do it. For one the reason I punched and Mister chairman. One Mister o’neill mentioned we talk about renewable energy was talking about. Energy generation I think a looted to something that I made a referral for maybe about year and a half ago called. Community choice aggregation basically that’s- a program that allows cities and counties to buy. And or generate. Electricity for residents and businesses that are within that. We kind of put that on hold because there were some questions that were. Remaining to be answered by the state. The state. Energy commission and so those questions I believe have been% answered now and so could we also make a referral please to Thomas brown who worked on this initially for us to get a refresher on where things stand with that and to see if we want to pursue that because I think that there are definitely opportunities for us to provide. And then it started nudity and can control our own destiny when it comes to power so they give. Thank you Mister Newman me open this up to publicado. Stay close is there anyone who want to comment on the side of. More German. Morning honorable chairman members of the board. Romeo at blog executive director princes since for sustainable government. For you this morning. To thank you for listening to Mister o’neill’s presentation thank you to supervisor Gleason for fostering this discussion before this body. And thank you Mister o’neill for. Your presentation on behalf of current citizens for sustainable government or just like to ask your board. Not only to approve the motion said it before you. Today but also continue to have this discussion. We feel that it’s beneficial for current counties economies for the various industries to have discussions and talk and find ways to work together and support one another and for those reasons. Just urge you to continue having a discussion ask for your support on the motions before you today. Cute we’re. HM a couch and those supervisors my name is Richard Chapman presidency of the current economic development corporation and I’m excited to support the at the resolution because of Kern county a I’m east Kerr we are actually the second most diversified economy in the country. Yes we have oil and we have. But the innovation that comes out of these current really puts us over the top and if you look at our top ten rankings I’ll most I think half of those at least are. Due to east Kern be at the China lake ad words are Mojave air space port. And I think this is critical it’s a critical time about ten years ago we started the economic east current economic alliance. And it was really designed to you know to have a discussion and dialogue between the eastern Kern communities but more recently we’ve talked about bringing these current economic alliance meeting to Bakersfield. And I think we have to strike while the iron is hot. As a supervisor Gleason mentioned about communication I think they get LA news and Ellie TV stations as Baker spell we have different communication channels. And I think the getting this tapestry beast Kern and western together on the same page. We have as I was mentioned previously we have some of the top ten accolades and- of the economic impact of China lake is incredible I mean if you look at both the direct induced an indirect impact. It’s in it’s more than two billion it’s probably four five billion. And so we’re excited as much as we can be a steward for this effort moving forward. And I think the stars are lining and we control our own destiny I truly believe that and we have this task force mention the space for force. We have the public private partnership but I think it’s going to put up a good fight and be successful and- thank you for your time and consideration. The researcher. What good morning Mr chairman members of the board Nick or cheese with the greater Bakersfield chamber just appreciate supervisor Gleason bringing this forward one of the things that was mentioned was around the branding initiative that was launched yesterday and that was a really unprecedented collaboration the private sector trade associations local government to try to really tell a new narrative about our our our county our economy and the opportunity that exists here and one of the most important things about the Kern county brand narrative is how much it aligns with our history around innovation and airspace in eastern Kern county. It’s something that sets us apart it’s something that we have to protect and from the standpoint of supervisor Gleason and he’s been and even banging the strum for quite some time and I’ve heard you talk about our need to develop that connectivity between the valley and eastern Kern county and how we can spur innovation that really lifts all boats and so you know from where the Bakersfield chamber were not the ridgecrest chamber but from that perspective and we are most certainly willing to partner and Mr willing to try to improve that connectivity. For the betterment of Kern county is a con me so appreciate this discussion and you bring this forward. Thank you. Any other comments on the sort of. Sure no you have any closing comments about to make. I just want thank you very much. We have a motion. Don’t have a second we were sort of super Scrivner any other comments for the work. Discussions. The motion is approved all lines. Thank you they have room for residents to ma’am McFarland ask questions charge I need a separate motion on the community choice aggregation referral or is that part. And we. Yeah that department. As long as- the maker of the motion actually absolutely. Thank you thank you will be included in the motion thank you brother. The next item is item thirty six it was a response in August twentieth two thousand eighteen question was was murdered concerning the- development of a low barrier. Traditional housing and the use of Saudi. To address homelessness in the approval of a librarian navigation center on Kelly owned property. Twenty seven thirty one of twenty seven thirty five street address of. Thank you Mr chairman members of the board. Get the clerk to. The pan out. The just. Pull back a little bit. If you can there you go. There you go thank you. The chairman members of the boards thank you very much for taking this item up today I have a. A sort of a speech here normally on most of these items. There will well prepare for them in advance and writing comments out and I’ve done that here and I am I’m just gonna sort of go. Without them obviously this is all in my mind but- I want to really have a up a conversation a serious conversation today. About a massive problem in our community that is getting. Really progressively worse by the by the week I want to start by saying that my own family and I have had personal involvement with homelessness with a immediate member of my family that family member is a loved son. A loved brother. Who was homeless here in Bakersfield. Ashe without the support of my family really particularly my dad who who shows up and takes time to engage. You know visit with even more than I do. Admittedly with my with my brother. With without that support without the support of his family this beloved team. The individual would be somebody walking around downtown. And so it it this this is personal for me he’d be walking around he be fighting for survival. This is a it was a mental health issue. And continues to be and he would be. Fighting for his very survival. For food. Shelter. And you know even places to go to the bathroom when most places. Don’t allied ago. So we have a lot of those types of folks on our streets in ourpcomt we have we have a lot of them. We need. Something to address the problem that we have. The count on homelessness has increased this past year with with the point time counting Kern county. I believe it’s north of thirteen hundred. 80% of that problem is right here in the city of Bakersfield eighty percent. In the Bakersfield and the metro Bakersfield area. Of that 80% of that problem. While it’s really all over you can you can point to. The various spots in the city in the metro areas it’s really manifested. And felt and seen in the downtown. Area that should concern us all. Where the where the city or not. This downtown area Bakersfield is a major economic driver for this county. For this community. And that’s something that should be on our minds north of the river. Up the Chester corridor nor Chester along the river. In the Oildale in the old town Kern. Ways we see these these these folks everyday on our streets. And it continues to be a problem so were here before this morning. In response referral was made in August. My supervisor Maggard with the full agreement of the entire board. And that that referrals to come back with regard to the establishment of a low barrier navigation facility here in Kern county. Low barrier navigation center facilitates best practices in getting homeless individuals. Offer streets. Into some shelter into some coordinated care wraparound services. And on to getting back on their feet. With sustained mental health treatment. Or drug abuse treatment or job training. An old family housing affordable housing. At the end of the day. Specifically this morning we are seeking your board’s approval. To use. A site that the county owns. The county on property it is under utilized industrials owned county owned property. It has been sitting there for years. Do use that property to develop such a facility. To one point five miles from my home. This property. The properties on six I’m sorry five acres total. Sits behind our veterans services building. The space in question were we’ve developed these facilities. Is on three acres. Which twenty three thousand square feet of existing warehouse space that’s air conditioned. It’s fenced in gated. There’s a train track in industrial zoned areas immediately to the north. There is an ugly recycling center with trash strewn all outside the fence blowing around every day that’s extremely noisy that’s zoned industrial. The east. There is a highway. Immediately to the south that people are using to get from one end of town to the next across from that highway is a county owned buildings. Lorelei is building quickbooks building. To the west is M. street. Elmore county owned property. Zoned industrial. You look at this overhead but I provided this the site in question. Is right here. Here’s will park. The park is owned open space park land. And it’s the only green spot in this entire area. This is county on property this whole square. Veteran services up here there’s all the Dobie buildings here that need to be torn down it can’t be used. Facility we’re talking about is right here at the back. Across the street recycling. To the back train tracks industrial warehousing. To the south Golden State highway and again all the way to the west am street. L. Y. which you can see in all those properties is light industrial zoned. We. Robert shelters a best management practice. Keene utilizing communities throughout the state. It’s being utilized in San Diego. Being you license and San Luis Obispo. And other areas. I had the pleasure of being invited to the to the meeting last week that was posted by Kevin McCarthy congressman McCarthy. There were a bunch of individuals there I showed up. Lots of homeless service provider folks most of these folks in the audience a lot of them were there. We heard from Kevin falters the mayor of San Diego. About their journey. In the development of what they call bridge facilities. These are the same low barrier shelters there having success. The idea here. Is to address a- deficit. That we have in this community today. We’re at capacity. All of the service providers and everything they’re doing we are at capacity. And we have a problem that has evolved. Two point where where it needs a commensurate response from all of us we need to involve. There is a deficit there is a lack. Of open bed space. In this community. An open bed space that allows for. People that have pets Oviatt partners Oviatt possessions. To show up. Hang out. Stay the night in a safe place where you can go to the bathroom you can take a shower. You can get thing. You can be in a cool place in the summer you can be in a warm place in the winter. You might even get a meal. You can store your possessions. And you’ll know that those possessions that you have. No matter how crappy we all think that they are. You can store those. Because they’re yours they’ll be safe. And we’ll create this environment. And people will show up. And with available bed space our law enforcement agencies. In partnership with us will move people along off of our streets and out of the downtown area. And out of the old town current area. And out of the north of the river area. A lot of people who were in camps I could draw a mile around this with a circle and there are tremendous homeless encampments. Just right in this area in the street in the central area. They’ll show up and when they do. We will wrap services around them. That’s what the county does. Job services. Pet services mental health services addictions services. Veteran services public health Kern Medical they’ll all be there. Televisa housing Richard tell us. Some sorry Stephen tells. There will be there in a centralized location with the goal of getting these populations back on their feet. While. We’re keeping them off of our streets. And out of the downtown area in in a safe place. With a mission to try our best to change. Their lives. Show some of the pictures here. This is the facility. If you’re standing on the street here. This is street. Whenever I’m down here there’s trash mattresses all over the street. It’s pretty sad. It’s really been that way since I was a kid. Most of the whole area in fact. This is the facility right across. Storage warehousing. Condition warehousing it goes all the way back warehousing with the construction. Of a larger. Ten facility at the back. In San Diego. They have constructed. They’ve used company called sprung to construct a I believe this is a hundred and hundred bad hundred and fifty bad it might be more capacity facility. In a similar industrial area although you can see some I probably affordable housing there in the back. Behind this. Cecily allows people to come in a safe place with their possessions. With their pets. No questions asked. We’re going to engage with you. And allows him to stay the night. Hopefully for a transitional period of time. Which would be our goal. Another view without the folks in it. There’s a property. M. street to the right street to left. That’s our block we only on the entire block. Missing my pen. But we’re not talking about this area. Even though we own it. Talking about this area sprung shelter. Utilization of this area the entrance is down here. Overnight parking we’ve got a lot of we got a big need in this community. For people to go to park their car for camper and stay overnight these are people that are parking in business lots were nearby. If they’re not in the lot there on the street near businesses you can come here no questions asked and part. And you can use the bathrooms that will have out here for you. The big area. Again zone industrial. This is what we’re talking about again today just to end this this would be subject. Use of this facility would be subject to an operational plan that we must develop. I am not an expert in this. We do have lots of experts in the county at various things and we’re bringing them all together and we’re speaking to our partners. That have been doing this work in the nonprofit world for a long time. The help inform this. We’re looking at other places and best practices and how other people are doing it to inform how we do this. An operational plan. Will inform cost. The number one issue is not an up front cost which. Is highly achievable in my opinion. Knowing our budget. It is the ongoing operational costs of a facility like this and I’m not even going to mention even though it’s in the board letter I’m going to speculate on that. Because it it will be the operational. Plan will inform what that is and we will bring that back. Do your board. In the coming weeks. To let you know. That this is what we need. What we believe we need to operate it to ensure safety. To ensure that its managed well. And to ensure success. It is what we think it’ll cost will bring all that back to you for additional decision by your board on whether or not you’d like to move forward with it. Well Raskin today. Is for you to signal send a clear signal. To this community. To our stakeholders our partners in this. Our county team who deal with this everyday. Across many many agencies to send a signal to the city of Bakersfield in their administration in their city council. We have been talking with and we will continue to talk with they’re working very hard. By the way to find solutions. And it’s not easy. We have made this. Property available to them. Several months ago. We made available to them. They are wanting to insure that the decisions that they make our system are good decisions there sustainable and they provide for good outcomes. And you can’t blame them for that. And I don’t we continue to talk with them and a partnership. With them on this issue. Will be necessary and this. Decision today by your board I hope will signal to them that you all have cleared the decks. And have prioritized not only the issue but this particular site. For this particular use. At the earliest possible convenience subject to an operational plan. And getting funding in place. But I believe that as they consider those options this is an immediate solution for the development of up to if not more than a hundred and fifty beds. In a very low cost. Centralized economies of scale. Perfect site. To achieve success. And I believe that if we did it then we record needed. And we continue to work hard. We can get this done before the end of the year. So that I will it’s be happy to answer any questions you have. With any members of the board like to ask any questions make any comments before real. So is there anyone here who would like to make a comment on this item please come down in the front row I know there’s gonna be several. I can get you to come in the front row so we can get you the microphone quickly. Who was the first. Just. Thank you they can volunteer. For supervisors I would ormally be here like my phone started ringing this morning and this was brought to my attention. As a point of concern. As you know I own a building downtown. Within less than a mile of this location. My concerns with this is not about timing timing is perfect this location has some problems in its- in its access. The roadways you know you’re talking about people crossing roads I’ve seen homeless people get hit by cars in in the in town so we have access issues that I’d like to understand a little bit better for these individuals to safely egress and grass in the facility. Is this going to be a permanent facility what is the future of this facility because if it’s intended to be a permanent facility. Than what we’re creating is either in impoundment for night time. Some kind of holding cell arrangement I mean it’s hard to define what this is because our intense are good I commend everybody for their intent and effort in this endeavor. But what we have is the wrong location if it’s the only location if it’s part of an integrated process. Where we can gather these this population of people who by choice or by fate have found themselves in very difficult circumstances and we’re gonna try and solve this problem with a hundred and fifty beds. It won’t work first of all let me tell you there are more than a hundred and fifty stole. Who need security and safety. To overflow and to so this isn’t a I’d like the county and the city to work together and find all of the solutions necessary because if this becomes the only solution. Going to create. A new red lined area for business business will leave business is been very patiently waiting to see what the solution would be this is putting the solution. Smack dab in the center of the problem. Which if you’re driving a nail into a piece of wood yeah. But we can move the nail we can move the problem. By finding a place where we can put all the stall the security all the pieces that we need for those souls. And move them to that location gather them take them away from the area where it impacts the community adversely. I mean I can tell you I I’m very fortunate I can only count on one hand the number of times. That I personally have had to remove excrement from my entrances to my build. That’s untenable folks. Nap putting this location there may solve the problem at night but I’m not sure it’ll solve the problem during the twilight hours during the day time and again having seen these people get hit by cars. If you put them on where they’re crossing Golden State. I mean. You got to put some kind of crossing mechanism that allows them to safely cross otherwise I think you’ll just be causing them to get hit by cars and that’s unfortunate. So you know we have three legs of the stool that we’re trying to build here safety of these individuals. An opportunity for them to improve their lives. And reduce the impact to the community and that’s the one that I want to really focus on because this is a it’s a timely solution if it’s an and if it’s part of an integrated solution and that’s an important thing if we cannot find a place to take the other people other than the one hundred and fifty that I think. Ryan correctly said you know we can do this quickly but what happens when it overflows because when people know that this set us Mrs is at this location. It creates an additional. Nuisance and the road to hell is paved with good intent and as a business person I’ve seen this happen. Where somebody opens up a new service and- they just zoom in to it and take advantage of it. I just becomes a problem for the businesses. With that I want to thank you all for your efforts. It was your name for the record Jesse Frederick. Vehicles leaders. Good morning chairman and board my name is Ken Mulder. I enthusiastically support the proposed transitional shelter. It begins to meet a huge on filled need for shelter. I would point out that the last official count showed all eight hundred folks in the county court and shelter this up a hundred fifty bed transitional shelter leaves six hundred fifty folks who remain on sheltered. I would request that additional solutions be explored and implemented as soon as possible so every single person in Kern county has basic shelter. Thanks to Ryan Alsop and staff for all the hard work on this thank you smolder. Wayne’s Kyle Carter I’m- here to speak on behalf of the they obviously proposed facility that you want to have their he has a little surprise to me when this this came about just a couple of days ago. Just to give you a little bit of history have fifty two years ago I got my first job paying job in construction and I’ve been in construction all my life. Two years ao my wife and I moved downtown and two is beautiful home on Elm Street. And twenty First Street. And just a few maybe a year or two later we bought an old building downtown and- built the bigger so musicology Ames so were up and down twenty First Street. A whole lot. We’ve been there for a decade now and dealing with these problems and they have been. Or then five more than fifty more than a hundred. It’s overwhelming to have to deal with these these these people and we’ve had enough we’ve had enough. Things that you just wouldn’t even believe I’ve been happening. It’s overwhelming and I don’t want to explain to you mean defecation masturbation our buildings people jumping in our backyards with beaten our windows at night. So we decided we get it we would do something about it being Christian people we have a heart for these folks and we decided we would start doing something so. I began to get on every board I could possibly get on here in Bakersfield the downtown business association keep bigger so beautiful I’m a trustee at our college. The just on and on I’m I am there currently on the board at the bigger so homeless center I’m at on the executive committee there. But I’m not here on behalf on behalf of them I’m just saying all that because I have a lot of experience in this I’ve read. Ten years ago I started reading up on homeless is what causes it why is it we have all these different problems. The. Louis Gil and I a couple years ago got together and we realize that we were going to pot have a possibility of a sale of our property there on Truxtun the whole there’s a homeless center to high speed rail. And so. We starters scouting out properties that we could buy and build a homeless center and build pretty much exactly what you guys have stated here. We didn’t know that then what we do now because we have to first most of the western United States Lewis Gil and I. And some other the faculty members at times. We went out on on. Trips to these places to. Find out best practices find out what other people are doing and I got a heck of a education. There so. I have to say that you’re on the right track that’s that’s exactly the vision of what we wanted to do it the big sell homes center. We went to several places and all of them but one were were 1100% financed by the government. By the city’s by the counties by whoever they were 1100% finance they bought the buildings a they hired to staff they paid for the food they the banning everything. Cannabis quieting Spence and was an ongoing expense and let me tell you something anytime you subsidize anything you get more of it that’s the law of some of subsidizing things. And I got I warn you as as the county you’ve got to be very careful about this this is a big deal. The one place that wasn’t supported by the government was in San Antonio was a hue and you you if you want to see somebody who does it right it’s San Antonio Texas. It’s funded by some oil man. And every year they have a golf tournament and they flying in their jets and the you know they’re they’re expecting the drop you know a few million dollars each. There is about thirty five million dollars every year to run this this this facility. Is twenty two acres in San Antonio Texas it’s an industrial area. They have one building sitting right in the middle of it that’s a huge concrete delta building and it’s- got a hundred and eighty. Service providers and there you can go in there. You can you can. Get your teeth fixed even get your here here legal problems solved you can get your mental problems solved you can get your medications you can get. Anything in the world that you need anything you need to fix your life you can go in there and get it on this one piece of property. Then they have housing they have dormitories they have apartments they have step ups where you can go in and they will work back to work program. It’s just amazing is called haven of hope if you want to Google at if you want to go visit there. That would be a good thing to do we’ve gone there and is quite an educational process to do that but I bring that up because- they have a small portion. On that property that that is what you’re talking about it’s as low barrier it’s very small. Not even. About. Twenty two armed armed. Security guards to maintain that twenty two it’s twenty four hour security it takes twenty two imagine what that costs we were you know we would love to have twenty two armed officers downtown on any given night it’s twenty two armed people just to maintain that one place that one little area. You’re bringing in all kinds of people with all kinds of problems and these people are business people there in the business of survival they’re in the business of taking care of themselves and I’ll do whatever it takes to do that from selling their body to. To getting into gangs to drugs and all this other kind of stuff and it’s a place where they congregate name meet and it’s and you’re creating an office for them so to speak. So is one of the things it’s a throw off you want to do. That’s why they have such a huge security team there to try and the war this. When you walk into there’s you do have a check point you have to you have to leave your weapons you can’t come in with your weapons. You have to leave your drugs you have to. It’s just not a free for all we did also visit. Some of the navigation centers u in San Francisco area we actually when I walked through a visitor and talk to the people talk to the people living there talk to the people. Ending at. An address I you know it’s a secured system where you walk through several eight and you you you have to go through security. Is not just a free for all there’s a lot to this. And I would just hope that that the county would understand this. But more importantly to me as a businessman and a person who owns several million dollars with the real estate right where you’re talking about doing all this. And err I’m worried about what you’re gonna do to our our community hard little our little community there. You can call it Mill Creek you can call it you know Eastchester you can call it whatever. But right now in that area there is a glimmer of hope there is there’s a lot you know there’s a new small restaurants. Small businesses coming in there and it’s- exciting to me the big musical fame is one of those we’re providing entertainment. We don’t make any money at it we what what what. Adam you know just because we want to help our community and make something great. My wife and I my wife’s on the downtown business this association board right now and- a few months ago we tried to pass a bill that P. bid. And our we my wife and I worked very hard on that to get that passed and we met a lot of the business owners in our area. And most of them are just like me they have other businesses that are that are supporting the businesses that there have downtown. We met and it was surprising to me that that you know every business is not profitable guys. You know so. These people are doing it out because they love downtown any they want us downtown price for Bob spent friend of mine he sits on the city council and he’s- like me he’s poured millions of dollars and thousands of hours of his own time just. Trying to downtown work if you Lamont the- in our unity. They have a status just gonna do Davis so what I would think about another area for this. I would also like to see the county work together with private organizations to make this happen I’m a taxpayer and I would hate to see our county gets stuck with something that you can’t get rid of. When I first got ball with his teen years ago in trying to understand the problem of homelessness I went and met with Kim Albers. Who Turner has been started flood and ran it for many years successfully. And I talked to her I said you know what I want we just have a place that we can. We can have them go and just dump them kind of and I could park situation where they can all go and have a place in. She said that would be the worst thing you could ever do and we talked for about three hours that day and I walked away with a different mindset. I would suggest that maybe you talk to Kim Albers she’s out of the area but I know is that she would be happy to talk to you about that. She’s on on to do other things but in the same. Same vein of work. So those are my concerns. I have a lot of experience in a lot of knowledge we’re working very hard at the bigger so homeless center we’ve bought property on union Avenue and Truxtun in California that’ll area we’ve brought bought a few pieces of proper parcels and there behind the mental health services. Building and I think that’s a better area I really do I think that’s an area that we can take I think it’ll harm the at the local businesses much much less I think it’s- it’s better served by the roadways. I think it’s something that that the county could go together with private agencies and come out with a better outcome. Because there’s much more that we can do then what what’s been caught talked about here there’s also the jobs. I don’t know if you’re aware with of what what the bigger sell homes centers doing but we have an amazing. Jobs. Entity that we have what we could do clean up somewhere I think that you guys have been helping out with given us some work and we’ve much really appreciate that. But we like to expand that. And the gentleman here Mr make me all. Those jobs at at at over there at the airforce base our amazing they’re all prevailing wage if you’re over there pushing a broom you’re making thirty five forty Bucks an hour. And I think this is something. Through the homeless center that we could do we could work along with you and provide. A person now. People who need jobs this is this is a work up when I owned Kyle Carter homes that’s what we did. All of our people we trained ourselves we started out we put on a broom. If they did well we get we game a shovel in time how to use that and we transition them that we give if they did well on a shovel we put him on a tractor and- taught how to do that. We ran through customer service after that we made a- print it. Put him in one of our our- our attach a cruise and we worked up up through the system by the time they were done we had we had great people we trained all of our people when I when I sold Kyle Carter homes they all disbanded and my people the people I trained rand the three largest billing companies here in Bakersfield for some time the people I trained. And that’s how I did it and that’s how we’re gonna doit at the hopes the center and that’s how we are doing it and we need your help traditionally the government’s haven’t been financing as much over there to homeless center and we like to see that we like to see. Some more help from you and from the city so anyway with that those are my concerns. Forming a coalition that that could possibly go against this and fight this. Because we know it’s going to do a lot of damage to our area and so but we had really appreciate and applied what you’re doing I think it’s timely and I think it would be better in another area. Thank you for your time. Thank you Mister Carter by the way. One apologist you and Kim I walked right by you didn’t recognize you I guess I. I need but it works it’s my new Walker no it’s not. I expect to see your after talking to the other day I thought you. You know restored you know thank you for your call I really appreciate. Who the next. Morning Mr chair. Board members and Jim Wheeler executive director flood bigger so ministries. And I just want to addressing issues and support the staff this morning on the proposal I promise you that no matter where you try to cite a shelter there’s going to be opposition and my heart goes out to Mr car Mr Carter and- and the members of the D. downtown businesses I. I’m a member of the D. V. A. R. R. A. organization as we are I’m a block captain I see what’s going on in the downtown area and we and with all due respect we have an issue already. We have a problem already and we need a solution or one of the solutions whether it’s temporary bars more permanent we need a place for people well we need a day drop in center and we need to play as safely place for people to. At night we have a contract to the county to provide street outreach services and we can only make so many referrals because there’s no resources available we need a shelter and we need a shelter soon as possible this is only going to be a part of the solution there’s- excited. Things are how. Home collaborate were working together with the city and the county were creating a new nonprofit organization and there’s going to be additional staffing. That will help lead. Their conversationon addressing homelessness and current county bigger sort of Kerr county. And that’s all in the pipe but for right now we need a place to send people we need a place that people can go and they can start getting the help they need. In addition to that by having a shelter. We will be able to start enforcing some of the- the anti camping ordinances will be able will be ten cent device people to go to the shelter because law enforcement will be able to. Address those issues. And so again. I challenge you to take the lead on this to do what’s necessary. To create a shelter one up as soon as possible so we can start addressing the issues. I’m a that’s all I have for today thank you. We were. Rudy Gonzales Leticia California I lastspoke on the truck on the thirtieth excuse me since then by that conversation Mr grant who is the dis ease of the Catholic Church Chapman Fresno I’ve spoken with the Islamic leader Iman Mohammed and I’ve spoken with prevented vendor saying is the son of the head girl here in Bakersfield and they had an idea in terms of networking with the religious organizations here in town that they bring community a business they may bring community ties a little closer. Of familiarity the stronger home defense as well as finances possibly there was talk in terms of a religious fair maybe like in April they have a schedule kind of tentatively but it’s not isn’t it yet would be strengthened with community council city and county it will go great. Age drive cancer drives everything with the idea of supporting to minimize taxpayer money and also. To budget to pass the space record for. Safety things that nature that we have voted as priority. Another another Avenue is I’ve gained federal and state approval for one point four. Billion dollars allotment allocation appropriation a through block grants D. A. W. A. circa two thousand thirteen I’ve gone to great lengths of. And if it’s okay I could leave it with your secretary so we can kind of if there’s any questions or any way you guys want me to. I’ll be happy to take any request any questions anything I need to add change. So that we can get accomplished for ability wise. So again I’ll leave my number with you guys districts and please. If you if you like to speak to ms Padilla Mister but Sarah. Local state and please. Feel free to have I’ll be available at your discretion of course thank you. Thank you. Good morning my name is Deborah Johnson I’m the president CEO of the California veterans assistance foundation good morning chairman supervisors I’m standing here before you in support of this proposal for a shelter. My organization provides transitional permanent housing for homeless veterans here in Kern county and we’re having some of the same issues that Jim Wheeler brought up with flood. I am an out reach staff that can come in and we can find homeless veterans on our streets and in our community but unless we have a place to send them first. With other people possessions and that’s they’re gonna stay on the streets about a month ago my agency we seemed a couple with each eleven dogs that really. We know that they would have died had we not intervene. The animals had gone days and weeks without food the couple the veteran was disabled and could not get in and out of his travel trailer and there was no place for them to all go that was safe. And we managed to save them and that’s why a low barrier shelter is critical for the population that’s on our streets. I was afforded the opportunity to tour veteran diligence Sandiego that sponsors the veterans from shelter in San Diego and it’s incredible the resources the services there at the staffing the people how Alsop then run it is an- old and it is. In our city and it’s urgent that we serve the people on our streets and our community. We all know all the numbers have been increasing the veteran numbers have increased. But we cannot provide solutions and last we are willing to take the risk on different alternatives howled housing whether its emergency shelter whether it’s other transitional housing programs or whether it’s other permanent housing. Programs and modalities so again I’m here to urge you to approve this we need a shelter like this. Quickly efficiently and safely in our community and I thank you for your time Debra could you just. Plain to the public your sanity to wear this facility is proposed to be. This is so my organization we actually have six different facilities throughout the city of Bakersfield and bouncing a little bit into Kern county I’m in the Oildale area. So right now I have a facility in the oleander area so I’m approximately a mile and a half to two miles from where this facility will be. Thank you. Good afternoon Mr chairman members of the board inequities with the Bakersfield chamber try not to wear out my welcome today. I would say that I think that I have worked with all of you once very vexing issues. I usually have a very specific request when I’m standing at this podium in speaking to you and I will tell you that I think that this is. Probably the toughest issue the wall will deal with in some time if not your entire careers in public service. And I do not envy being your shoes are the shoes of the city council right now because what I can tell you from our perspective is that our members my constituents your constituents for calling out and crying out for action. And you know we study these issues for so long. Look other things and I respect everybody around this issue. We’re housing these people in some way downtown right now. And we need action. And so. I think that you will always be faced with this choice of if not there where if not now when. And what I would really encourage is we have you know again I’ll come back to yesterday and our announcement about this this innovative work that we’ve done. I like to tell people about Kern county in Bakersfield and talk about the way that we solve problems here we do not wait for some Superman or superwoman to strap on a Cape jump in and give us the answer. We do what collaboratively and that is our- that is our primary reflex is to bring everybody together and try to figure out a path forward. And so I really commend the CEO’s office in bringing this forward. I would really encourage the continued collaboration I’m very excited to see that the county and the city you’re gonna take over. The continuum of care and really try to drive towards results and metrics that we can measure and that we can try to get ahead of this issue. And I would really encourage continued collaboration I know that there’s gonna be a discussion about this the city council tomorrow. And by. Right now the public wants action. And so if this is the right course according to your board then I would really encourage you. Work with us work with the DBA work with those business owners Mister Carter Mister Smith all those people who invested so much. In Eastchester in Mill Creek to make sure that what we’re doing is going to move the needle. Is going to be respectful of the investments that they made. And is going to get a result. Sound again I really appreciate what all of you were doing really encourage that continued collaboration and problem solving. And really really appreciate all of you for public service because this is this is a tough one and you will again have to make some very very tough decision. Thank you. You. Hi there hi my name is pretty haraam I’m with that committee action partnership of current and joined by. Back Moreno yeah we’re on behalf of a Jeremy to bias or CEO of cap K. I would like to lend our support on this project we currently. Run the coordinated entry system which is a single point of entry for individuals experience homelessness. And would like to expand our role in that however we can help with this population by way of coordinate entry preparing meals. Providing food pantry options whatever our umbrella services provide were happy to help so thank you. Thank you. Hi my name is Gloria and I’m a director and founder of the sale. Is the S. A. T. O. D. it’s a new nonprofit organization here in Bakersfield. And we have multiple properties land vacant land lots that we currently own we don’t find lights in the Inyokern. In ridgecrest area we have four lots in bridge Chris we have one an Inyokern and we have one here. And south of Baker’s filled. And we are proposing permanent housing for low income and homeless individuals. For the once in in your current ridgecrest we would build homes one home would cost for a purpose. A battle two hundred thousand to place eight individuals inquired the plex housing which year kitchens. We’re proposing. For low income and homeless youth here and the break is filled area to accommodate a hundred and forty. Off of our lot of Southgate one four acres the other properties would be for low income or homeless veterans and seniors those are the properties. Accommodate. Probably house over a little four hundred people so right now we can only the properties that we have available we can only house probably two hundred and fifty people. That would take some of the storing offer Bakersfield the people doesn’t make it true area most of the homeless individuals that I spoke with the seniors and veterans they said they are willing to wreak relocate to New York. The risk rest areas. As long as you’re in a safe area and most of them do receive that on their benefits. They would only pay two twenty five a month for a unfriended soon and two seventy five a month for furnishing. So that’s what we’re proposing here the only thing we don’t have is the finding in order to build. These homes which it probably would only for more. To build one hop on to accommodate eight people so basically we would be. Four homes fires and then on the other like do we have this is one acre that would help house more than. To accommodate the people so that’s what we were proposing arm to let you know that we are no no nonprofit organization here in Bakersfield that we’re starting. To offer the alternative housing so we are looking at other lots here and I think that the county also has a lot of. If you and what’s in the city of makers will that they can use. Our Kamel. To accommodate the people as well for the homeless factor. And make us feel area. Ricky thank you. What was good morning Mr chairman members the board Russell jet the CEO of a can county hospital forty and Kern Medical one element that has just come to like that hopefully you add some urgency to the situation is we have a pilot program called whole person care that is funded by the state that is focused on a homeless the state has just recently re do you release some additional funds this type of project fits within that grant and if we can. Move this forward by September twenty third if week we will submit application we can drop down a contributing billion dollars to the project come to us. To date needs to be focused on. Mentor of mental health well as in the homeless a community the project that Ryan has outlined with the low bear housing but with wraparound services there we are committed to be on site we have a physician as well as other health care providers with those funds as well as with the physical structures that are there. Can provide those services so I know this is not a perfect plan. I know though that this is a start if we sit around and wait for perfect plan to be developed will be waiting a long time this this situation there’s not going to be a single location there’s not can be single plan there’s not gonna be single strategy of that’s going to solve this crisis that we’re in. But this is a it starts and so our record to move this forward so we can turn in our application twenty September so that we can draw down these additional funds and this million dollars. Over to the county for find. Can you describe what. We have to have words the city. Kantor I think the disapproval today saying that it’s moving forward it’s in the planning we can then allocate it to those to this project and draw down that million dollars which will go a long ways in building the structure building a wraparound services. We will have to spend it with Keene money but I don’t think we have a problem spending it within eighteen months. Richard good morning. Surveys the couch members aboard share of Donna Youngblood so I attended the meeting along with the our district attorney Cindy’s EMR last week on the homeless the issue this is an issue that it started back in two thousand eleven in my opinion realignment was what kicked a soft down the road of that let us work today if you recall under under a realignment. The counties were. Able to provide better care and better service to people needed them then the state was therefore those prison inmates for the all moved to our county jails. And if you were also recall in two thousand eleven we did not have any into jail beds people were doing 20% of their time we’re trying to keep as long as we could. Did to get them to program. The program to learn over star and have a great successes we were having people lined up out there to attend whether we is anger management. Their drug addiction whatever their issue was we provided the mechanism for them to address that. They were then handed off as they left look and had done their time they’re handed off to probation or to mental health or waivers water servers they needed. We again I’m great yes. In fact two thousand thirteen and your prop forty seven that was sold to the concert. California has a safe neighborhoods safe schools act when in fact it decriminalize possession of heroin methamphetamine theft of a gun of let have anything less than nine hundred fifty dollars. And so we really got on a slippery slope after two thousand fourteen. The people that are out on the streets we have two separate issues almost and people who are Rav drug animal health issues. And we believe that that that’s a large percentage of the people to have drug issues that are our train our community. Stealing from our constituents and I get phone calls every single day our citizens are done there through they want something done. Along for some to do it. The laws in California have not made it easy for us to do that. Under two forty seven did a person is arrested for misdemeanors cited right back out on the streets and if they have a drug addiction we can expect the same result they’re not gonna go up they’re not going to get help we had a Miller real for extended periods of time we had him in a controlled environment they they lined up to get on the programs when they’re on the streets are lined up to find drugs. Not to get into programs. Fast for two thousand sixteen. Prop fifty seven came along. This was the legislature. Saying that everyone deserves a second chance let’s kick everybody out early and we started doing that. In my jail today. We have over six hundred empty beds. Never had empty beds in history of my career those six hundred people I can show you where they’re out. There they’re on our streets and our plan our citizens. We believe that that providing these beds that you’re talking about today is just one portion of all we have to do this is a multi pronged approach that we have to have just building beds will not fix this problem if that’s all we do. Five years from now we’ll go back you’re talking about the same exact issue on numbers will be larger is we’re gonna have these people are still on our streets. Committing crimes. We believe that there there is a way to get there the district turn I have met with with supervisors Scrivner we met with with the C. ale we believe that that some of these people. Need to be in custody. A large percentage of these people that are that are committing these crimes are not going to get help. They don’t want help they won’t go to your free bed and if they do it’ll be for one night and there’s no way to keep on there. They’re still going to prey on our citizens and I can tell your citizens are demanding action they’re demanding more action than just providing beds. They’re demanding action from the sheriff and from district attorney rusty pull that are committing crimes and to prosecute them. Our district attorney has been talking to our judges them we have a I in. For these judges to sentence these people even though their misdemeanors to longer sentences up to a year in the county jail. What is the law. Allows given a year Canada we will have the opportunity. I don’t believe we’re going to see everyone we know that we- your- the path. We do know. Four six. I you have to drop. Different angles. A requirement because case law does allow us to move people off of public property unless the county or the city provides beds for these people so we have to go we have to offer them a place to go they refused to go we can then we moved in if not and right here in front of this building they’re gonna be a lot they’re from. To get sleep that is the law. Troubling that’s that’s what we face. These the it’s not as easy as it sounds CEQA arrest these people for drug. Possession and taken the lerdo because their possessions. And have a large amount of possessions. And that they use shopping carts. As many as three or four tied together that Sir Mack their motive of transportation. And they they- save all the stuff. Some of its disease ridden. And we have to take that stuff when we arrest them we have story have to invent. We have to make it available to them upon the release if autumn comes very valuable final have a when it comes time for them to be released so. In a nutshell what I’m what I’m asking you today is to look past just these beds. Look look at the six hundred empty beds we have a liberal there are people need to be in those beds it will require more staff. It will require Gorman but if we’re just going to throw money. At a at a problem there are so feel better not have an impact we should save our money for willing to do this from multi multi approach where we- take the people that do not want help. They’re abusing drugs out in order. The property from the people. You represent then then let’s do nothing. Can do something I think we can have a significant impact and I’ll ask you really consider that allow the district attorney and me and the CEO and other key players to bring back to you plan on what we think will have a significant impact or at least an impact on this homeless situation because- this is not. Just a bunch of homeless people don’t have lived there on hard times that is not what we’re dealing with in law enforcement with a we talked yesterday we believe up 280% of these people either have a mental health issue or they have a drug issue or ball. In their mind and I think it’s time for us to either to do something but let’s don’t do it last only part way to make ourselves feel better woman knows I can be successful. Thank you very take your dog. I have. Rivers reserve Rosamond. Respond the district attorney’s right here as well yeah Asker’s well what I did takeDonnie first of all here here I mean you did such a marvelous job of encapsulating what we talked about yesterday and your extensive experience in law enforcement you you see that for what it is yes we know that we need to provide some bad space so we have a place to take people who are. Camped out behind a business on the free Hey you know wherever it may be. But you have such a- large element of folks that are homeless or they’re on the fringe of becoming homeless that are are terribly drug addicted and we need as as the district attorney yesterday and I I’ve you’re probably and again you have to have the stick to go along with the for some of these folks and so and I’m just returning would you would you come up and expand on and what you have in mind please and because I think you have a and that will work. Term the board center you summarize county’s district attorney. It has currently described to you and may reason why we have this problem with homelessness. Eighty one oh nine and prop forty seven. We had the ability to help people. Who had drug problems. And these laws have hobbled us now in law enforcement. But it’s not it’s still illegal. It’s still illegal to possess drugs it is still illegal to steal and vandalized in order to support one’s drug habit. I applaud the efforts of the city and the county. And Mister Alsop of looking at ways to house some of our population. But it’s going to be successful with at least a component of our population of unless we do something with them. If they’re committing crimes before they go there. We would like to be able to I have a plan I have partners in this plan with probation with the judges would like to be able to not give someone a ticket. Who has possession of drugs a ticket to someone who’s vandalized a ticket to someone with a promise for them to go to court because they don’t go to court. I’ll go to court because they’re high and they can make these kinds of decisions. They have go to jail. They have to go to jail and understand there is a consequence. For lawlessness. And while they’re in jail they need to have the help that they need. At least with at least for ten days. Able to get there with CPAC about them. And make the proper decision. They can if upon a plea and placement by probation they can do so with a clear head. And go out to the community and have our communities help for rehabilitation these are programs that we saw when these crimes were felonies. I don’t see a reason why we cannot do this. Because they are misdemeanors. I think it can work. And I like to be a part of the solution. I get I applaud the efforts to try to get well how it’s not going to do it good. If all people care about is what where can they get their next fix. Thank you thank an I. German if you would indulge me Russell jet also joined us in that meeting and he has there’s a programming as Cullen map program Russell are you is he still areas he slept in the back he was in front I this I think this is another key component ecause there’s actually a way to start this treatment while they’re still in cars right so. Russell would you just briefly thank you Mister chairman for. This ties in together inside that’s important they were. Sure this is a message call ME AT stands for Medicaid assisted treatment there are pharmaceuticals now that can be given to individuals who focus specifically have an opioid addiction. That medication significantly increases their ability to get off of the opioid addiction it makes the high yeah irrelevant in their life but the key element is they have to be sober. For about eight days and so this eight days in a locked facility allows them to sober up whether on the streets they can never get a sober enough long enough for this treatment to work so we are providing it now through our whole person care program. Working with sheriff’s department so individuals who are about to be released who had an opioid problem in the past they’re receiving this treatment we’ve been doing it now for a couple months as had shown some great benefits and to this to be another arm. Of law there in Saudi let’s get Twitter the eighth about their wits. About let’s get him some help let’s get him set research. And okay read out them rather than taking them out of the street. Thank thank you service press thank you sure have a couple questions you mentioned that he stay in the in the local jail but that could be extended or we can work as a community to make that more productive time. I think I think that’s an excellent presentation currently we arrest on misdemeanor this issue a citation out they go they promised to appear which I never do we what Rustom again given a citation with this time the problems they will appear and this is a vicious cycle they’re not coming back. The people in the streets no nine fifty Boron from prop forty seven they know the walking to target and take whatever they want long plus nine her box not only are we not going to in the film but target. Complete I’m not going to interfere with them as well. So. The very very very quickly the state of California is not going to fix this property seven fifty seven issue that was that they created so I think the only thing that we can do is arrest them get the judges to keep them in captivity given much while date and do what we have to do to try and help them if they choose to and if not that leaves Serena confined. Within not gonna steal your stuff I think that sounds. How much time do you think you can get on a one year sent actual serve time. Are fed cap kicks given those other reality how does the up around six months I think you you it would be a realistic gas but six months two months yes as a low six months is along time. You know right now the minimum side of our Mettler facilities is empty it still does our barracks that we really don’t want to use but the new mega barracks that you all built is also sitting empty Max Mead has I think eighty people out of three hundred and fifty. The those are empty beds in those people it’s not because crime is going down it’s because we’re not doing anything with the criminals. And were allowed to prey on our citizens I think it it helps us up war or this it’s pretty much out of control all but we let it grow anymore Dino and build contain. Do you see Johnny eight work for low a lot. I know you supported lower. That is. Law to identify people who are really I mean the folks that we see I think I told you Donnie I had. A woman with a right metal rake coming after us on our street right it was pretty horrifying. You can imagine you live in a really good neighborhood by the way yes because right. Hey I want to call you but it all happened so fast. We call B. B. did it ever came they have big issues are doing well and- that that’s a separate issue that we’re we’re working with the actual place farmers well sort of the- they have the one cent sales tax. Going to have. More. Options I think you’re gonna see a better spot. But my. In one sense bills tax. Is it the city. Start pushing all these people. And we’re not. Guess where they’re going to go. They’re going to go into Oildale are they going to going to the unincorporated error of our communities. They’re smart enough to do that. And so this has to be. In an approach from both city and county that’s why I applaud the efforts of the of. The city and county combining on this because it really is. To require all of our participation to have an impact. Well we come back with the planned a chair if I sure would like to see. The relevance of Laura’s law I mean we’ve put in place. You do you know you really want out on a limb to say sometimes we need to be more aggressive than we- are comfortable with. When it comes to severely mentally ill folks are continually harp on themselves and- Lee you know the- world around them so. I’m curious. That interplay and how we can. Our sales to some degree. The county. But also I think. Realistically about the tools that we have to get folks stabilizer and I remember distinctly don is a public event. Send. A because I couldn’t even have a- mission. Three our sound and I didn’t feel comfortable well. They come back different people die I think you attended one of our graduations Mettler from from the are set up. Programs resident residential substance abuse program we actually had three class beakers every every graduation. That stand up and talk about how they don’t let the deputies down and help them get through this program. How how they the and they mean this. Now they’re not all gonna be successful they’re not but what they are going to do is go out and- egg. Really a good I’ve because drug addiction is a horrible disease. That some of those people have not been back lerdo so we know we’re having some successes. In him for realignment goddess there top forty seven yank the rug right out from under us to continue those programs so. I think that there’s hope and I think this is the right track what is the right location not that’s not my issue. But but it certainly is the right track because we have to have those beds. To be able to move people long and to trying the- have that that sticks his DA so aptly put it. If you don’t have that you’ve got nothing and they’re not going to get help when I can there the minute they become empowered. I don’t know what do you notice that or not but the people that we deal with have become empowered. On our streets they don’t mind getting in your face they don’t mind. Drilled a hole diesel bringing all of Solomon ground. Just get five gallons they did that to me. Or my. And I think our citizens of said enough is enough well I think people want. Yesterday on this and this morning to make some tough decisions as you know Donnie but I think it would help us to know how you feel about that location. Given its proximity to the downtown area given. The need to move bodies and how incredibly difficult that is coming from somebody who moves bodies to an out of court all the time you know. Help us with some context there’s some great comments made on that location today and I can tell you is the most important comma you heard is from the gentleman says as were you. You’re gonna go through this process. No matter where you. Nobody wants it in their backyard. Nobody including me. But is it has to go somewhere and I think that that the decision that this board. Decides it has the least impact is the one that we should go with and I think the seals there’s been some really great work. He’s gone way outside what his job description is to help us get along with this process and Iran’s be commended for that. Thank you so much. Dressed as quick question and- the plan your your recommendation us as it is. Get some buy in on this particular location but you’re gonna bring back operational plan a budget Xochitl to run this operation. I think we need to see that along with what. DA and the sheriff are requesting at the same time we’re working together with him on the- part of what you’re gonna bring back this. Is a okay. Thrilled with. That was one of my questions is we’re talking a budget in housing impact your budget but I think a certain discusses coming back well I got yep there I am I have the sheriff I have the district attorney and I have one of one of the foremost leaders and see sack I like to get it you know this is not we’re not alone this is a state wide disaster. So my question to each of you what would be what efforts are you aware of any movement moving forward to repeal prop forty seven. We would be the only county that would. Take the lead on something like that. I do believe if we were able to get on the ballot. That the people in the state of California have had enough. Even the liberals I believe would vote. To repeal prop forty seven there are. The district district attorneys working on a portion of. Of prop forty seven with that with me or go to overturn some of that on the theft issue. So we’re working piecemeal. To do that. And it would take enormous campaign to get to overturn prop forty seven because the voters voted in. It requires the voters voted out. And that can be. I can be a large step. In in the city front on the issue like that. The eighty having thoughts yes. Check a supervisor Gleason there is a proposition that is qualified to be on the ballot in November of twenty twenty that close is one of the loopholes a prop forty seven it doesn’t comletely but it’s a step in the right direction one of the things that was in essence eliminated was petty theft with the prior that was a crime that was a felony that’s gone now but this would to really free institute petty theft with a prior lower the limit of someone that has two prior theft convictions and a theft of two hundred fifty dollars or more that would be a felony. So within your statewide organizations that you both are members of and miss press is also. It are we alone. Or is this is a state wide disaster. So why why the sheriff said we would be the only ones taking the lead on repealing prop forty seven of the- most people would most kind is what well this is a state wide effort. To do this the retailers are in involved in this as or the I think the sheriffs association a different law enforcement association so. We’re not alone. But we do realize that sorry and doesn’t help us. They’re not going to help us in this in this. Fight to repeal forty seven so we have to go to the polls and have the voters. I do this for us. To prosper I thought. Well I punched in thank you make. Prop forty seven was a voter initiated prop the proposition was not initiated the state like fifty seven as you know. The which was initiated by governor brown he did not like forty. And for the record and he told me that a lot of time Stine you know that as well. So there efforts. People hat get going to get funded and they’re not always the people who understand the implications of I’m occasions as well as- the actress you’re- from today so. This kind of effort that’s much more localized and much focus on what’s- happening in this community I think it’s best approach. Right all of the experts all this matter plate is that know what doing and understand that the impacts. Have real practical a problem this idea I mean the reality is people. B. C. beanie get in custody drug treatment programs and then continue that on the outside I understand Donnie had been extremely effective. And I had many clients who would extend their stay in custody or you know try to. Engage in some kind of deal making order to stay in custody receive this. Ticket was often. Thirty days dot you recall this is the. Society so. I this is complicated around the state there are many counties are frustrated over forty seven more than fifty seven fifty seven. Of course driven by the governor previous governor brown forty seven lot of people didn’t care for. So this is an interesting methodology to think about how we as local officials Stine. Right tackle our problems head on with the subject matter experts that are here. And recognize it takes a lot of tweaking California’s got forty million people it’s the fifth largest economy in the world. Lots of people want to be here it’s some of the mildest climate in the world that draws a lot of. Homeless people we have twenty one of the thirty most expensive housing market. And you have relative wage stagnation so you’ve got a lot of people being priced out of the housing market. That otherwise they might be able to participate in as law abiding citizen Stine but we are not. Looking at that problem. From this multi sort of layered way in which I think you guys are doing which is four and if you recall governor brown came to current county visit our programs. And specifically called us out in his state of the state speech about the programs that we had a lerdo on the successes we were having so I know Donnie we’ve led this charge. And prop forty seven really yank that right out from under us you know prop forty seven was called safe neighborhoods and safe schools. It was so mmhm far from that. And it the title summer was written by our turn general to time. And mom when you further than that but but it was an and I will mention her name. But to. I believe because of that and I just think that we have an opportunity here. That won’t be there very long and with this opportunity I the CEO is taken the bull by the horns the DA. With we can we can have an impact. Am the people downtown if a you know. Take a drive out Kentucky street from not just downtown but Kentucky street when you get to Melbourne before you get to Melbourne. Turn right on center street and drive for three hundred yards and come back and tell me what you that you’ll think you’re third world country. It is it is our second. So we have and it’s not a legal dot. It’s people living along that road track and just in the people in the live those neighborhoods deserve much better the marine they’re getting from us. There sure sheriff I agree with you with that it. All Texas is a disaster think prop forty seven is a miserable excuse for poor law and that whatever I can do personally or as a member this board to help any effort to repeal prop forty seven I’m all in and my offices. My question is I think this one is for just Alsop too is not my understanding is eighty eight ninety one is on its third. S. B. E. R. T. S. a ninety one which is on third reading in the Senate. And that has to do with creating a pocket a lot for the homeless are we where that and we take that into consideration with that the likelihood of that passing how that’s can impact investments were making. Here we consider that we wear that. With one where other legislation that that as material here. Not that Lorelei are you familiar with this bill. Amanda you the supervisor Gleason through the chair yes I have been watching that bill and that is part of what the state is providing us is tools for toolbox and so. When you have a minute I’d like to clarify the tools that have been provided to Mister Alsop in his office are using for this particular center but that would be another tool that we could use so. You don’t see that the two conflicting and that’s just gonna be an added capability and our our budget’s going to be able to accommodate if you decide to accommodate well if we decide to accommodate it and I want to also clarify a little bit. About how access. At the conclusion of the public comments on when I go to Mister Alsop into you. I’m sorry I extend my questions more than. Authorized me to do and I’m sorry for doing that thank you very much both of you contributions. This servers Scrivner thank you German I’m just real quickly I of obviously agree with the sheriff. Everyone who thanks a prop forty seven was a huge mistake. And has created environment where. And we are. Were unable to I think help people who really need really need that help that incarceration can offer because they get into sober living environment there based they start to clear their head they can get treatment. But even within the existing parameters a prop forty seven I think what the DA and sheriff for talking about can have a huge impact on the problem and so. And that’s why I asked themto come here and share what they have in mind to do because I think that we need to think about that in the context of spending money on what. Mr Alsop and his staff are proposing I think we also have to consider this in our larger budget contacts that this this will not be an expensive to do what they’re proposing I think that. A hundred and twenty beds and that particular unit sure talk about is about one point six million roughly to staff it and if we ads and I would be men if you add women it’s an additional roughly the same amount of my- and so this is a tough a difficult time for us to be talking about. Budgeting for something like that but I think that we really need to think about that as we consider what we’re doing. I’m here with the shelter. That staff is proposing I do know that the city of Bakersfield supports what the sheriff and- DA are talking about. I spoke to Mr Dante today and I am hopeful that they’re going to be open to helping us. I know that they talk to the DA about finding some prosecutors. And so this would go along the lines of. Doing a lot of good I think for a lot of people and also all of our constituents that are dealing with problems of. Thank you Mister chairman I appreciate you and don’t you. Post was organised. Chairman thank you bore supervisor side good to be here this morning. I totally I have been working with Mr Alsop and his staff the last probably five days. This is really been a really quick turnaround. I’m here to support the op at as far as giving them direction with operations because it’s gonna take a lot to get this accomplished. There’s a lot of facets that go into a place where we have mental health you have substance abuse you have many many things to take into consideration. That it’s gonna take sub subject matter experts to give direction and I have pledge my support to Mr Alsop and his staff to up keep moving the ball forward on this is a need. You know we experience this at the I can count each and every day and the problem has just gotten worse and- you know we’re tackling. It in a lot of times we just. Look at each of our staff like what else can we do. To deal with this situation as I support the DA and a share of today talking about this initiatives out reversing prop forty seven. I do think it’s a combination of all those things that. Have compounded tour we where we are today it’s not just. Housing issue or or homeless issue or a drug issue or or mental health issue. This is all those things combined in and when we work with the population that we work with. You know a lot of times they get lumped up into. Everybody that is a mental health issue but he has a drug problem is almost person I mean they’ve got an even. Even up mixed in the criminals in there. And. As far as I’m turn from from. From a lead agency yeah and this community we’re gonna make sure. That we’re navigating this with the county and making sure that it works out says my sport. The rumors. Thank you bill Walker years stricter behavior health services I am it’s kind of hard to say were to start first let me state we have just remember Laura’s law program and we’re having multiple referrals every month I’d love to make a presentation to you privately or even bring it back to the board because we literally changed in the last six months and it’s doing very very well. But I also want to thank Mr Carter who’s leaving who rolled up his sleeves to get involved not just to say it should be here not be there but rolls up his sleeves and involved I think Mister Alsop forwards in forward with a with a plan and I want to look at the balance of all of this I can remember in my career when we didn’t have substance abuse. Services in lerdo. At all. And are sure green with with our department. Engage those services I remember when I was in the AB one oh nine meeting where somebody had an ankle bracelet on and thank the sheriff. In the meeting well still wearing the bracelet. Because that’s how far we’ve we’ve gone I’d I taught for twenty five years a cal state in the subsidies counseling program. And there’s a portion of every class of people who got clean and sober because they were incarcerated. I wish everyone could get clean and sobr by not getting incarcerated I wish everyone could go to the low barrier shelter and move into one of our sober living environments. But I want to strike the balance an offer to be the best partner because I think everyone brought for part of the answer I don’t think anyone brought forward something that I was in total disagreement with. I will support hello Berrier shelter with staff in I would services we ant to be engaged with the district attorney. And the sheriff on services for some seasonal halt in the jail as we are now and to what degree we can do that we want to with no place like home kind kind housing collaborative. And Mister Alsop plan to have a stronger oversight over the services of that a collaborative I think all of those need to move forward today. Another is enough we really like the idea of bringing both. The fiscal plan on. And the increases of services. Of short Carter rate. With also. In service because I’m all huge portion of those individuals will need ongoing services from our department and this year we’ve we’ve picked a new at true north in our true north is best partner we want to be a the county’s best partner the city’s best partner your best partner tshirts plus partner and of course the constituents and individuals on. It’s best partner. Thank you. But first I want to thank a the district attorney as well as the sheriff and supervisor Scrivner for working. On there so closely I mean this is such a critical thing can you guys your new revision yes Matthew Martin. Yes so this is such a thing that’s taken over our community. And I said on downtown business development corporation I tell you we spend so much time tlking about. Building these apartments and what’s gonna happen we do our block walks. You know people are being assaulted we had a business in downtown for you know several years and had to move it. I mean this this is really destroying our community and building apartments is not going to solve a problem if we don’t have more services for them. Right so we don’t take it to the next step. So I think that that’s a critical planned so we can get them off the streets. Get them treatment get them help. And then they can become productive members decide. So again you know I was just going to the drive through line the other day and a guy at sure this was view. And a guy came up to the window it says give me a dollar all scratched. And I said. Beg your pardon he just give me a dollar I’m gonna scratcher Kerr said no this this. Not. This has to stop and the only way does is there tough decision making this county can be the example like the sheriff pointed out like you guys know you’re so proactive in getting a lot of wonderful things done for our community. And it starts with sometimes making a tough decision and I think you guys are doing the right thing so again I just want to thank you and hope that you guys support this plan. That the district attorney and the sheriff will bring forward and I thank you for. Letting me speak today. Thank you for coming. Thank you. Video speakers. And so. That the last. Hi I’m Tanya del Prado from Luigi’s and I just actually want to ask a question. And the question would be to. Ryan does the county own any other. Buildings sections of land that can be used other than the one that you proposed. As I can see Mister Carter of. Idea of it you know one such a busy streets. And I know that it’s I mean I’ve had to slam on my brakes several times in the middle of the day just to mess. People of stepped out in front of me. So I’m just wondering if there’s any other avenues that we can search. That maybe further away from where we have all of the centers downtown in the five district. Thank you when we finish public comments a minute turn to them I think they’re gonna dress a lot of the questions that have been recent. Formation the- mistrust as well thank you. Leaders. And hopefully lease glass Michael Turk Turnipseed representing the Kern county taxpayers association. Always seen today and what. Two and a half hours. This is a very complex issue. The center on streets not gonna solve the problem. But it’s a piece to the puzzle. We have a lot of hello pieces put together in the near future. And you’re gonna need a lot of partners to do it. So just need to be the first one to move forward. And I think they’ll be challenges and concerns and. It was important enough that my former board chairman just Frederick showed up today and you know he’s a pretty smart guy he’s a pretty busy guy so it’s important to him. It’s important my board members so. Just understand this is the end of the game this is. A long drive thank you give. Any other comments this morning. Kim Richards aboard but Sir did you restore okay. To the room that way amid calls resume your first but I’m gonna ask. Mr also the miss Oviatt if you’d like to respond to. Questions accounts the order today. I would I would a Mister chairman and I would. Task ms ms Oviatt to provide some comments to. A couple Jess is not here any longer and I believe Mr Carter has gone in response to some of their comments access concerned about concerns about access and I think he used the words we want them they’re gonna zoom in I mean I hope they do zoom in. That’s what this is about this is about creating a little better property and shelter. Where the homeless. That camping out. In and around the Garces circle along thirty four street down Truxtun I’m United or you can go on and on a very serious zoom into this area and out of those areas. In camp out there so crossing Golden State I mean they’re doing it anyway. The there is filled currently with. People walking around homeless looking for things to do that whole area is so I would obviously security safety all of that is important but I think that they’re doing anyway permanency this is an immediate what we believe is an immediate. Solution. To getting people off the streets and into a place. Where they can stay. And we don’t believe i’s something that at least from our vantage not permanent. It’s not a permanent place this is an immediate indefinite solution while we continue to work with our stakeholders our partners or service providers the tax paying public in the city of Bakersfield to look for additional. Solutions that will be required and hopefully be more permanent we’ve heard that you know a hundred hundred and fifty beds may not be enough insurgents probably not enough. This is one. Part of the solution along with making sure were firing on all cylinders on long the law enforcement side. So there’s that the. Adam is all about Prados question and she and her son here from th my all time favorite restaurant Luigi’s. But. We looked at all county properties that we have available throughout the. Area metronidazole area and no others in our opinion anyway offered the space of the square footage of existing warehousing. The sort of it yet you can’t see this spot from anywhere in the area it’s zoned industrial so it’s zoned appropriately it’s very centralized to a lot of the problem areas in the main corridors. It it is not interfering with any of businesses or homes in the immediate vicinity in our opinion in its in its central we’ve there the having of a facility that is in a location that can be accessed. By large numbers of people are camping around. Important as opposed to having a facility where you’re having to bust people like way outside of the downtown area I don’t and maybe this is a mistake to say this here but I don’t really consider. This particular property downtown I mean that’s just me I’ve lived here. Like I grew up here I moved away for awhile but you know north of Golden State in this area along the train tracks. To me is not downtown but I think it’s near enough. To a service a centralized location. The facility in Texas that was raised that’s Xanadu facility. I’m here you know it’s eighteen million dollars a year. That is spent on that it’s not not yet seen it not personally but online I’ve had many conversations about it. There’s a lot of money that’s pumped in. They’ve got a US the former oil executive CEO that runs that place. That there’s just a lot of money that’s pumped in there of what we’re proposing here is not that. It’s not that it’s important understand. In terms of security twenty two people maybe so in Texas at Xanadu but to the here no I think you know if you talk to Carlos palomino sue runs the mission. You know the mission is located right near Luigi’s right near parity is right near Wall growers third their businesses in that area. You know I think he’s got one security guard there throughout the day you know maybe. Maybe Gina would say that’s not enough you know maybe maybe we need more I don’t know but we would work on an operational plan that provides the appropriate level of. Security on site at this facility and then that would be a per top priority of us. In terms of I think lastly in terms of the proximity of various property there were some comments made by Mister Carter and I appreciate and respect him I don’t know him very well but I do respect his his points of view along with other people on that are supportive of what he’s saying. You know he said you’ll not in our little location up here. You know this is an industrial zoned. Location that I mean I think you know being born and raised her I could probably tell you. Not the best looking spot. In town I mean it on the weekends it’s a ghost town except for people driving to and from on Golden State get into the freeway and trying to get over to. You know the airport or are are on the ninety nine trying to bypass downtown I mean other than that there’s nothing really going on. In that area it’s really been largely ignored. For decades yeah I could point to places all around there I mean it’s so bad in that area that the Montgomery wards building across the way can’t get anything going there and so you know. We’re fortunate enough to have city serve. Using that building to do what to serve the homeless. Out of that building through church groups and whatnot there you know if this is not an ideal location let’s have a discussion about it we don’t know everything we if you have a more ideal location. Then world workday we have not yet heard of a more ideal location. No purchase price no lease negotiations ready to go our staff is cleaning it up as we speak. It’ll be in Downton twenty days and ready to go for immediate. Solution the argument about doing something behind DHS and I understand the plans of the homeless center those are long term plans in my view. Properties that need to be purchased or leased or built. Out we can get on board with that I have lots of respect and in great admiration and trust of Lewis and his abilities and his board in the mission. Of the organization and we can get behind that and that might be something that’s long term that we can do. But to say that this location over on Golden State. Is not a good location. But planting it over in five I thought I think that’s five. In right in the middle of a neighborhood I mean it’s an there’s a neighborhood there I mean you’re there are houses. Across the street from this place there are businesses across the street you go across Truxtun. There are businesses across their Luigi’s is over there. There are other their homes it I don’t understand why that’s better. Than this. Is that part of a longer term plan an effort. That we can get behind you bet if that’s the discussion in the direction of the bakers and home centers going in. But it’s a longer term. This is immediate for your board. Before the end of the year ready to go Lorelei I want to kick over to just maybe. Talk about proximity to the hall of fame Mill Creek all these things. Members of the board Lorelei Oviatt director of planning and Naturi sources what I would like to put a of circle around for the public is watching this is. You know what is the navigation center this is actually a new concept there are a few of them and people who visited them. But on July thirty first just two months ago the assembly bill one on one which is the housing budget trailer bill 200-019-2020 which includes over one billion dollars of housing a variety of housing money also brought you new tools and this is one of them. So it’s only been two months since this bill was signed by the governor and in that bill they defined this new navigation center housing first low barrier service in red shelter it is not designed for people to stay there for six months eight months nine months it’s not designed for that. Is designed to get them in off the street provide service in rich. Of support that includes public benefits health services other kinds of shelter housing and moving people in and out of this facility. So when we say that it provides a hundred fifty beds is not a hundred fifty permanent beds for people and then there six hundred other people who don’t have beds. It’s designed to move people in find out their needs. You know working with Mister Walker’s group and flood ministry in all the other kinds of service providers. To move them on to the next step so that’s why it is called low barrier meaning they can bring their pets that would be pets of options there as well to get them back Senate spade whatever we need to do for the pats. As well as get showers and sorts of things so it is a different kind it that some of the work that the- shelter does. The biggest homeless shelter but that is only an adjunct to them so this navigation center. In that bill was provided exemptions from CEQA for you. It also mandates that it you cannot go through a public hearing for this. And. It is was intended to help streamline. It’s tended to provide streamlines. Of permitting you’re having a public hearing today for your board to take action on it. But it was intended so that you can access this money. The one barrier to accessing all grants either the federal the state level is the California environmental quality act the public process the rezoning and the other things that we all have to go through. The legislature is clear that we have a crisis at the local level. And they provided you this tool. The action that you are to take today. Provides you access to those funding opportunities you don’t have to exercise them if the see a brings it back and you make a determination that the- funding mixes. An operational mixes not quite what you need. For your action today is designed on this agenda to provide for of the grant that to Mr Jed mention. Right access to the one point seven million dollars at the county has been allocated from this it has been designed for that. Up. The number one impediments to us taking action in the past has always been these kinds of long term. Process is that we have to go through. In order to get to the point where you’re bored can actually feel confident that you have the funding. I think this is a message from the state of California in a B. one oh one and the governor that they’re gonna give you more tools which tools we want to use is up to you. So I would of were unavailable for any other questions the reason that this piece of property works is because it’s your property it’s counting designated as light industrial The city’s zoning and the variety of options that because of the way there’sed- owning ordinance of fits with AB one a one. And so that is why this particular property has come together in a way that other projects. May not have all of the criteria. I’m available for any questions you may have. Thank you. The store was a resume thank you Mister chairman. When I look at this issue I think about it’s like we’re about to try to eat an elephant and we are next to this big huge thing and we can’t imagine how we’re going to. Conceive of how we can eat a whole elephant. But what’s the old saying you even often by taking one bite at a time this is one bite. On March twenty fifth two thousand nineteen a friend of mine and window events and sent me. A video called Seattle is dying. It that’s the point at which my mind shifted about homelessness in our community. Because I still don’t think was bad is that video depicts Seattle to be. But I can see it from here. Same thing I said when I brought it to the board the issue of this the video in the my concern in the a couple weeks that followed March twenty fifth. We it may not be Seattle but we can see it from here and we are way closer today than we were. Just six months ago. When at least it dawned on me in the interim I have seen. Men and women lying on the concrete and the asphalt. In my district. In a hundred and 10 degrees weather. Their faces are blistering on the asphalt their brains are cooking and they are going to die. And they are my constituents. I did not ask them to move here I didn’t because prop forty seven or a B. one oh nine. Property so I didn’t because those things to happen. But now they’re mine. Also who are my constituents are all of the neighborhoods west of ashe street in downtown bigger so. And all of the neighborhoods below California Avenue that west of. H. street those are my constituents to and lots of people in unincorporated Kane county lots of people in their lives in cities and it doesn’t matter whether they live in the city Bearsville or Taft or to hatch appear ridge crest or Delano. Everyone who lives in Kern county is a constituent of one of the five and all five of us and I think that that it calls on us to do something about that. That the tide of mentally ill and addicted people that are that are causing these problems in our community as as Mr Carter said earlier. The public’s down with I’m done with it we have to take. Action just Frederick said. I it’s the wrong location if it’s the only location. I am certain that it will not be the only location. Because our colleagues at the city Bakersfield. First of all they want to help solve this. And secondly the public demands that they help solve this. Our mayor gets that our mayor has communicate with me and told me that I can say on her behalf that she supports this effort. There are other people that support this effort and I’m I’m very confident that the city will join us so this won’t be the only location. But there’s a fire in our house and we have todeal with it and I think this is the first step. Towards doing that at this location is not perfect. But it i the best location we have I am very sorry that our friends met many of the folks. Who have concerns about this location are my friends I they’ve been my professional colleagues over the years I’m sorry they have those concerns but we have a responsibility. To act in a when we were elected to office. Represent and we’re elected to lead. And I think the time is. Now for us to lead. In this. I think it’s also important for us to assure the downtown neighborhood. That is adjacent to this property. That we will make every effort to make sure that it doesn’t. Degrade that neighborhood. The trash the loitering the- the- the- enabling. Homeless type to gather in the area and spread out into the neighborhood during the daytime cannot be tolerated. Will and the trash that is there cannot be tolerated. That that we see in other areas. So I think it’s incumbent upon us to make sure that those things don’t happen. And I’m confident that the city bears will will help us this is in the city limits that we’re talking about. This so city resources will also be poured into a- but but a few years. About the time I was transitioning from city council bigger so to the cannabis. A tragedy happened at castle in the park and a family was gathered there to have a birthday party. And some Howard Lee. But people pulled up with a couple of A. K. forty sevens and sprayed the crowd and killed innocent people. The result of that was that the city racial in the county Kern came together and develop a gang task force we poured millions of dollars into up combating that effort. And we incarcerated we locked up and took off the street the shot callers who were responsible for reaching a kind of havoc on our community. Well it’s a different prices but I think this Krause this is even worse because it permeates not just a few the roads it permeates every conceivable neighborhood in our community. So I am gonna I’m I’m so thrilled that my colleagues I have voiced their interest in helping solve this everybody’s in take different bites of the apple I too would love to be a part of helping to. A repeal prop forty seven to support the DA and sheriff. Follow a model that that frankly is demonstrated in the Seattle Stine video and that is to take those worst offenders who can’t do. I can’t handle it on their own we need to deny them their their liberty for a time so we can walk them through a- process step to do that the lan Turman petrous act. Is it. The law by which people can have their their freedom denied them if they cannot take care of themselves we need to look at changing the way we deal with it the way we view it the- expand its- its opportunities. That we can. All okay the is it there and they just about helping. The homeless. Sipping the rest of our community. Sixty he has gone after it he has done and even as we speak he is. Is just isn’t just me I’m not saying it’s me that’s doing this he is responding to our community. To do this so I want to thank Ryan particularly but I also think Amanda I want to thank Jose. I want to thank even Kathy Krause for helping us get on this of the on the gym today because of the time to act is now when we- you know you nobody knows how government works unless you’re behind the curtain and it. But but Kathy and Lorelei helped us get this on the agenda today. So with all of that said it is my pleasure to make a motion that we will. And it’s important I read certain elements of this on the record because there are. As we heard there are some who are going to oppose us. We must be able to defend and overcome that opposition. So I’m gonna read in the record the wording that’s important. At my motions receiving file to make a finding that this action is exempt fromCEQA. Under section six five six zero B. of the government and section twenty one zero eight zero be one of the public resources code. Prove the construction and operation of a low barrier navigation center. On the county on land subject to final construction costs and the development of operational. And funding plan. We are not this to. Solve the problem. We’re gonna join with our call the city. Red join with the private sector. And what we’re going to. And all the people that live in neighborhoods. Who they cannot wake up another morning. With a homeless person in the backyard. And all the messes that are. In their front yard. The public demands we do this so that is my motion and I am thrilled. That my colleagues our- interested in helping. Richard was. There’s a jet first off I want to write a couple things on a quick Mike I want to thank you for your leadership in this and even after this how than this thing down for quite a while now I appreciate your dog in this. And getting it done. It Alsop your team gracious. Preciado I really respect missed caught on and I really respect was Frederick and what you’re saying in the properties and private property right and we have to keep that paramount in any. Decisions we make in protecting their their vital interest because they are completely aligned with what we’re trying to do. I also like to ensure that while we’re- tackling this problem we have other areas in the county that are vitally interested in the homelessness issue Kern river valley specifically is. Has been inundated with a terrible plague of homelessness that niece. Equal attention as we move forward. Last name say is in action is acceptable. We must move forward and if this is the thing a plate that is best served by the most people and- then I’m a sport. And a second motion. The question and some comments. And they’re not they’re not reached its. Home assist isn’t isn’t just happening so I want to add to the mix that. We take a look at utilization of were utilizing asset is just sitting there. And there are assets that are just sitting there Kerr county we should require about as well but I’m talking about something called the sunset labor camp. Out in the weed patch area there’s a something also in chapter. And there’s an empty one right now would Wasco do the second high speed Rosamond check it out the moves all the residents over to brand new facility is just sitting there. I think high speed road will eventually the motion but. **** they’re sitting there and one of them sitting there completely up to now. That I believe were towards demolish the other two were. Empty I think about five months of the year that. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s another tool that what we ought to be utilizing it’s- the requested approved with the Housing Authority of Kerr county is indicated that they do want to. Ask for them. I also would just increase you and I know you were doing this but I want her to continue to work with city rehearsal because if they come up with a better idea their location whatever I want us to be able to move. On that as well. And lastly I know I recognize what you are trying to do with this recommendation I kind of want but I want understand it I feel a lot more comfortable with the whole recommendation if at the end of it it’s approved by the board of supervisors. And that’s what I mean is you. All of this is subject to a. Final construction costs and development of an operational and funding plan. Are we going to see that plan I guess is my question is it going to come back to us we get another chance to take a look at it because given the comments that were made by the sheriff and the DA in their- in their our conversations ready Scrivner. I think it’s important to have that. Come back to us. Is that is that you play right yes Sir. Thank you very much. Below zero what’s a- his guest rooms. The motion is approved all eyes. Okay. Item I’m sorry. Not all the way up to more items to never go anywhere. Item thirty seven of the county council is a public hearing to adopt a resolution or in the cancellation of the remaining. A use an unsold balance of general obligation bonds for the of the McFarland unified school district. Mysteries are. Thank you chairman of this matter is before your board this morning for the your board to conduct a- opening hearing and receive public comment for and against cancellation. Of school bonds a related to the district this has no financial impact to the county the statute simply requires. That your board hold this hearing in order for the district to receive authorization to cancel the issuance of the bonds. Okay so were. This is where the board will be public hearings. Local public hearing as for there’s anyone here like to speak to this topic Turnipseed. Mister chair members aboard Michael Turnipseed representing current tax the current county taxpayers association asked the district Judy authorize these funds because in the two thousand twelve election. The eagles also got more money authorized they can reasonably every issue and this is money that will be issued until. After twenty thirty five. So we asked that they want to do something else so we asked him first of all to do you authorize this. Like the loan they can’t ever access and they’ve agreed to do that so. We appreciate the county doing this thank you we keep. The public comments. Singer close the public hearing Richard the or for questions comments action. Motion on staff recommendation. Your motion. Second CEQA prescription which. The motion is approved alliance. They give the Texas over item sixty five that was taken off the consent calendar so the public health service services it’s proposed addition. Whether some additional and the program services specialist. In one program coordinator position and the concurrent deletion of three official support specialist and but you know forty one eleven forty four one to. Discuss the Mister chairman thank this is very brief I am here to. Identify that the agenda language that is on the agenda itself is not correct it reflects a previous board letter a draft board letter. And the actual board letter itself remains accurate so I just wanted to read in what should be on the agenda so that were very clear on what we’re being asked and what you just summarizes correct Mister chairman is the proposed addition of one facilities and services specialist position. One environmental health specialist for position and one program coordinator position and the concurrent deletion of three fiscal support specialist positions and one part time public health nurse junior one to position. This has a fiscal impact of twelve thousand three hundred and sixty seven dollars. I’m sorry. As a savings yes thank you. So that’s all you need to redo the record yes Sir is there anyone here that looks like a public comment. On the side. Sitting on a return to board for action. Motion staff’s recommendations are Famoso certain prescription drugs. The motion is approved allies. Texas to the end of the mortgage and it would just need a motion to adjourn the closer. The objection richer thank you

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  1. The tax payers of Kern County should demand the firing of your Sheriff. In the video above he blames the problems of homelessness on drugs, referring to the homeless as junkies. May I remind the Sheriff that not all homeless people are junkies. Here's an idea, why doesn't the Sheriff do the damn job he was sworn to do and work on getting the drugs off the streets, rather than blaming those with drug problems for everything? I for one will make sure to call for his resignation and start a petition to do so as well. How dare this man blame drug addicts for the problems in his community, when he should be busting the drug dealers who supply the junkies. Drug addiction is a disease, Mr. Sheriff! I'm truly blown away by the ignorance of this man and the Kern County Board of Supervisors for letting him spew his hatred for people who are suffering. Do your damn job Sheriff and get the drugs off the streets!!!

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