1. I agree work the prime movers with basic compound movements but his approach to rotational training is second to none which can be dangerous if executed incorrectley

  2. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover exercises to do with a kettlebell try Stiklind Bell Fitness Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  3. As a possible future costumer who is interested in your products, I sent you 2 emails on facebook and to your personal email account with no replies. If you want people to buy your books/videos, you might want to respond to their questions. Just sayin!

  4. Jeez. The comments section is an analogy to many of the problems with our society. Identifying with certain ideals by letting those ideals be part of your identity while unable to provide any valid explanation as to why…

  5. My name is Hagar finer, from israel.
    I'm a wibf bantamweight world champion.
    I was wondering if you give lessons to private people? Do you do training camps for groups?

  6. Hi Naudi, I'm glad to see you are doing great. You know I've been following your stuff for a long time. I'm glad you've been keeping up the great work! I still haven't improved my posture that much (I confess my lazyness, I hate the Myofascial Release pain lol) but I feel a lot better just to know how things work and what I need to do. I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Have a great day

  7. I think I'll stick to my basic barbell movements like squats, deadlifts, rows and presses since its proven again and again by science that its the most effective way of training. Or do you see alot of NFL and NHL players training like the guy in this video? lol

  8. Thanks, Naudi.  I've been following your system, and I feel 20 years younger.  I never realized how important posture was until I paid attention to it and took steps to restructure my body (i.e., myfascial release) to make correct posture achievable.  It's amazing how much easier all these exercises are with correct posture.  Thanks and keep droppin' knowledge.

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