what are you doing sir I hope you're not that's very rude you know that right and that's the best way to have an inch or two you guys right after we fill meowser to the other video what we're doing right now if you couldn't tell that title is we're going to chant lopaka math is any trampoline park we're going to rock and jump bro and I don't know how the rules are nothing gonna do tricks definitely might get kicked out definitely sure I like the way that sounds and I would be driving but some people just suck and they don't let me drive but that's cool I'll sit shotgun I'll just say really bad jokes the whole time all right wait I need my socks James yeah my wallet yeah my wallet I think six yeah oh hey 20 bucks or five bucks I like the sound of that wait where my socks what's up flip sofa Nader's it's it's me I'm a man I kind of have a crush on Emily field this is my coming out video video if there are no pizza shoes think about that just think about that no waiting I've been do rocking up like once ever and this definitely looks nicer than the world exposure yes that was nice enough he gave me these old socks but I'm missing out I think I'm missing out dude I love Pete – let me see also clean I think when I sign my waiver I type in the wrong thing do this Oh mayor that's me famous people ya know ya star daughter Kim ha wait wait can I try a flip whoever has the camera can't jump yeah it's just a party mode bro do it back answering letting you got a dude try double no nitro or is it let's go know why they do that now it's black I don't like black but can you gainer dude you got it dude freakin got it white tramps in white what's even worse wait keep the rules real quick I the help limitations so I probably shouldn't be doing this do it dump Oliver that's that's not that's a pretty sketchy one dude trickers can't wear anything that's what I said do it wait back hands ring you got it I think he doesn't right how do you spell me me the other kid like I had no idea wait wait did you did you know that I'm filming you know you should sue me no I owe six wait dude I think your back hands room is better trampolines are like the most awkward thing I've ever been on it's like her loose but then they're good when you get bounced it's hard to explain but it's like it's good and bad and like fix yeah yes here in the book oh you got it oh yes Chuck wrote it scuzzy huh : you got it [Applause] waitwait was I supposed to record that high roll then yes those stuff we're doing obviously we're not suppose to be doing it we're having like four people and trampling doe balancing double flips I don't know if they louder than that the reason we're getting away with it is there's no one watching us but more Nelson video just for the record we're just get we'll get lucky freakin got it yo yo so close bye-bye come back in like a few minutes guys are going through blue ever pay yeah yeah way back handspring yes oh my god oh I like six tennis tennis got it dude oh my god I think it takes Hey no nudity here guys we out here this is this is what we do now I think this is the new trampoline park etiquette but I'm into guys I'm not getting your attention I'm getting his you like this guy what do you ever get to eight yeah you're actually really homophobic wait wait this is thank you I'm just standing in the middle chanting Bergen Doug ken I put him back on their back on put it but it but if you find the guy then let me know why is that funny that's not funny what's a pilot go find it find it do a flip if you do a flip I'll take my pants off don't go take it that's all yeah oh I'll take my pants off if you don't do it all for you ready drop [Applause] atchoo ow besides God doesn't force this definitely wasn't the plan we first came here but I'm having a lot of fun with it she's actually like really chill about it she say it's kick-ass out but I don't think she will she's really nice so having a good time and that compression under brother perfect I didn't mean to [Applause] like your heads up at the end heads off pizza oh this apply that we're back wait I think he's stealing your name it was so violet I think he's stealing do you hear that wait how's your night going you guys get out stop taking your pants off that makes it a good time this dive is called 23:42 where are you stuck get out dude come on you freaking got it no I'll go deeper I'm six you can see these pants off no proof yes I know why is it weird I'm into guys see that makes it not weird but even my boyfriend yeah look boy so we can go in the bathroom and do it but you just said we could do that it's on video you see wait so can we do it at like at like any other trampoline park so I think I think we should go to the bathroom and try that what are they laughing at us oh yes you freakin got a freakin got it yeah you see I mean we're not following the rules but at least we're having some fun right see turn all and make everything positive everything is positive with no pants I'm happy to see [Applause] I'm reporting you what do you think was from felt cute we have the wrong guy yeah the guy from Maryland no wait what nothing more Kangas right yeah I can just come 10 hour before yeah yeah no doubles hi can we get six I made it very clear to him that I was on a diet but this is what we got I told him it was essential that I lose some weight dude singles for you t that looks so good [Applause] wait look like no he was really hungry hi we're back did you miss me wait wait is your last name violet why not wait are you leaving Oh should we go to so yes I don't really know why I want to go I just had a sudden urge but like the foam pits fun but I really want to climb a wall right now I don't know why I just kind of have your Jane that's a nice wall guys look at the springs on the trampoline wall they're like actually good that's kind of surprising but that doesn't happen too terribly much that often um guys I'm sorry online I wanted to the rock wall but I noticed because there are harnesses I wouldn't be able to take my pants off come on dude freakin got it okay yeah oh [Applause] Oh vanish [Applause] [Laughter] yeah that guy's gonna election quite for next week yes you're freaking on it 1 1 2 & 3 so it go fast slow down 104 you let's do this I got it I got it Oh maybe they're Maya there you go do you ever spend [Applause] Hey [Laughter] it's not [Applause] [Laughter] see binary pencil can we take a picture and you will get a lot of followers on this you're gonna make a suit yeah more favorite senators are violated he will be he has like 70,000 there's I think six and put it back – yes do it and we come back and easy to season they're quick yeah so we had a great time and we're sorry for messing with you but I mean it's only fair that you kick the fat yes it is fair but thank you for being a good sport thank you that's welcome back like when you guys are here I will do as many as you would like I don't have anything to contact you it's okay bye Lisa I mean dang D my Instagram name is Arbuckle sup guys got his camera some PC Guardians subscribe at and now we go back to the barn oh you hear that listen to those things sounds like a lot of chickens I was gonna do an outro last night but I come back I kinda know sort of forgot sort of didn't understand what I do but obviously this is the next day it's like 11 o'clock I head back to New Jersey and probably like 10 ish minutes so we're having a little bit from the cheerleading before I got to say by all these guys came and Dom left this morning at like 6:00 like actually like 6:00 because there was something going on to put it bluntly but I really hope you guys did enjoy this video is that this is probably one of my one of my favorites that I ever filmed it was really I mean obviously it was really funny I had a lot of fun filming it and the worker was really chill about it is uh thanks for making the video phone and people that like because I know when I made this cotton video people went and they started like being annoying ass guys on purpose that's not really like what I want you guys to do like I don't want people to be annoying and like John the workers from afar like don't like don't do that come on we I mean obviously what we were doing it was obnoxious but it was it was fun because the worker was chill with it so just like keep that in mind if you guys everyone reduced me like this do I recommend doing it no I don't think you should do it but is it's fun it's it's just fun um I still haven't jumping off the tower yet should I do it I'm scared I'm scared Oh Oh yes perfect one more dude you should use a tower for it alright I'm gonna go ahead and end up this video right here or wrap up this video Sam you guys know what I mean we're going back to Maryland so probably gonna be a little boring but you know we always figure something out if you get lucky and in this video some I really appreciate don't forget to Like share and also I think for watching we'll see you guys the next video peace out


  1. Is it just me or do they follow her wherever she goes. Theyโ€™re either creeps or theyโ€™re flirting with her

  2. I can tell green under wear pants would be a good couple I could tell she liked you the way she smiled and was so chill

  3. Racist people 2:51

    I'm not saying he's racist take it as a joke thank you bye have a great day

  4. I like foam part๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ when u put inside ur pants ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ and yess she is cuteeee so dont irritate herโค๐Ÿ˜‚

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