Kids & Concussions. It’s Not Just Sports.

Kids & Concussions. It’s Not Just Sports.

Kids and concussions. It's not just sports. We hear about concussions in sports all the time. But did you know that a leading cause of concussion
in kids is bicycle riding? Children sustain concussions in all kinds
of ways. While high school student-athletes are often
cared for and monitored by an athletic trainer, younger children, and those who sustain concussions
outside of organized sports, often don’t get the medical treatment they need. That means they might return to full physical
and cognitive activity before their brain is ready to handle it. Some people think that after a concussion,
a student needs to be out of school until fully recovered. This is not true! While physical exertion should be avoided
until symptoms have resolved and the student has been cleared by a healthcare professional,
being back at school with appropriate environmental and academic adjustments can be helpful. The brain does need time to rest and recover. You wouldn’t send someone with a broken
leg back to gym class, and you shouldn’t send someone with a concussion back for a
day of standardized testing and a pep rally. Because a concussion is an invisible injury, it’s harder to tell how to accommodate students’ needs. It helps when a trained team works together
with students and parents to help children with concussions return to school and play safely. This team can plan accommodations based on
the student’s symptoms, such as modified assignments, rest periods, and ways to filter
out extra stimulation. These are gradually withdrawn as the symptoms
resolve. Academic and environmental adjustments can
ensure that all students — not just student-athletes — are monitored for concussion and are accommodated
for a safe return to school and play.

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  1. Use a SPECT test to diagnose and monitor concussion effects. See Amen Clinics YouTube channel. Dr. Daniel Amen is one the original researchers to emphasize the seriousness of the brain damage of concussions on children's sports. He routinely uses SPECT brain scans to treat those who have brain issues.

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