Kids Taekwondo

Kids Taekwondo

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  1. I see many people talking bad about the ATA TAEKWONDO, those who does that, never really practiced any martial art, or couldn't even pass a belt test, not everybody in the martial art can get be very strong or execute high kicks and splits, I get really mad at this kind of people who come only to offend others, only by seeing a video on the web.
    I've seen a lot of ATA black belts beat the hell out of ITF and WTF black belts, but there are some students who really don't care about getting their best out of their techniques, they seek other goals like, respect, honor, self control.
    You can't come to the web and keep trash talking about ATA, ATA is the best taekwondo I've seen, and I'm a 1st degree black belt in all three ATA,ITF and WTF, and most of itf and wtf practioners only trash talk about ATA, but I've never seen them winning a sparring match or showing better techniques than ATA students, there will always be some people who will never be able to be as others, but you must only train for your self, and not to talk bad about other martial artist.

  2. A.T.A. is a joke they are the Mc Donalds of Taekwondo. Real Taekwondo isn't Olympic Slyle either. Taekwondo was never meant for children. A.T.A. give a bad name to Taekwondo and what it means to be a real black belt. Black Belts should take about 10 years to EARN. This childish training makes me sick.


  4. if ur really interested in learning taekwondo, and if there are no schools available nearby, i could recommend some videos on youtube where u can learn them free of charge and at home

  5. Cute! You have to add a fun element in anything kids do, especially at 4 -5 years old. Even if it's 10-15 minutes in class. If you don't add a fun element, kids will want to quit. The fun element should be something that builds on the skills they are learning. Kids get bored with repetition and drill drill drill…If it's an activity that is passed as a game, but still allows them to use what they've learned or builds agility and stamina that's great for kids. You can learn AND have fun too.

  6. i bet you're son will be the beast im just a green belt i bet by the time he is 9 he will be black belt

  7. hey that is kinda mean i bet by the time he is a yellow belt he will be just like me right now and im a green belt and by the time he is green belt he will be better than me and you and master holley so don't say that my mom dose not push me and im good im not the beat but he wil be i have faith in him

  8. Yeah, i can see that. Just wanted to say my peace which i normally would not do but this was about my child..a whole other ballgame

  9. Want to bet? Having a passion for something versus being forced to do something always yields greater results. Believe me his teachers are not "light" on him and he practices 5 times a week a home. However, i'm not a psycho that will make my son do 50 push ups for a punishment. I do not want martial arts to become something he associates with doing wrong and therefore will never use it as a discipline not to be confused with him being disciplined in the art.

  10. My son is 4…he only goes twice a week for 30 minutes and begs to go on days in between… i try not to make it into a "training" thing and rather make it something fun that he can enjoy..he's quite a natural though and always wants to practice on his own free will..

  11. my daughter has done Kempo karate and ata and ATA
    is much better for the full devolpment of the chilld. ATA teaches respect for others and yourself!

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