28 Replies to “Kim Woojin v Steve Wijler – recurve men’s quarterfinal | Samsun 2018”

  1. The girl at 2:20, is that Woojin's girlfriend? Curious because they cut to her, right after he takes a shot. I thought it odd they would do that, but not say who she is.

  2. steve lost his form, thats why he shot the way he did. easy to spot in the third set. anchor is completely different from the 1st set and what is up with the massive swing of the bow? gave up?

  3. This is the best this sport has to offer? I guess when the pool of athletes for this is probably less than 100 people that's what happens.

  4. Does anyone know what the little flap at the tip of the arrow does? It moves right before they release the arrow

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