Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall Range Review, TruGlo TFX Day Night Sights

Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall Range Review, TruGlo TFX Day Night Sights

ugd coming at you the Kimber my crew nine not foe that's right guys not fold give you a rundown of this single action hot rod stainless steel sitting on the aluminium six and 1/16 inch long afford a half inches tall inch wide in the slide to get to an inch and quarter in this really outstanding Hogue grip yeah Kimber's best time home trip they nailed that 3.15 inches 7+1 our capacity seventeen and a half ounces twenty-one pulley loaded SuperDuper light guys matte finish on this I liked it I liked it the first look but if you look right there yeah it's starting to Nick away yeah those empties coming out they're taking a little bit off next thing I just really dug on this thing and today was just like a perfect day to take it to the range BAM those true glow tf-x pro date night sights that's the best sight system I have ever run I just absolutely good in the night you know it goes real good it's where it stands out as in the day today we've got thunderstorms rolling through so it goes real dark than like real dark tonight this thing was easy-peasy to pick up and it those fiber optics just grab the light throw it right back at you so yeah rear you not just that's a perfect sight I've not shot a better sight I trigger on this thing it's good it's good you know I don't think it's as good as the 9:38 but it's still get the business done guys side lock yeah it's in a good spot Safety's in a good spot magazine a little small but it worked the one thing I did have is when I went to drop my mag and I'm catching it right there yep yep that little extension goes boom and stops a little bit so I got to be aware of that I'm gonna find these on the used market five and a half to six hundred dollars new and seven hundred hours and this one fortunately it came with the extra mag that's another 30 bucks on top of that guys these are not a cheap gun to to own now shooting this gun first three shots let me find that for you yeah BAM look at that guy's lip white box now this flyer if you watch it this flyer if the wind was blowing so I'm gonna blame that flyer on the wind but yeah a pretty solid effort right there guys the the recoil on these this thing is really good the 9:38 shoots out a category I mentioned that when I shot it it feels like a midsize gun we should this does the same thing this grip is just outstanding I mean it is a comfortable gun to shoot we ran hollow points we're in white box we had no hiccups whatsoever guys the 938 and the Kimber shoot out of category that's what I like about these guns so if you're looking for that Micro 9 you are comfortable with the battery of arms of cocked and locked and I am but there are some guys I know that this just mentally cannot get over the kockenlocker wait just look one of these up look at 9:38 I think the difference is 938 a little bit better trigger yep so pros on it sighs build quality those sights are crazy good stick those on everything that's if you like them cons on it hi is it better than a 938 I don't know I would say if you liked the video hit the thumbs up if you thought he's lost he's got behind it then down in please please subscribe

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  1. Your paint job on the logo looks great! I'm not a Kimber person but this one interests me? But with the price split between new and used being minimal maybe new is the way to go? Then again downside? The short grip.
    Great job.
    Best to ya',,,,!

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