King Arms OA-15 M8 Airsoft Review / Shooting Range Test – EpicAirsoftHD

King Arms OA-15 M8 Airsoft Review / Shooting Range Test – EpicAirsoftHD

welcome back to another episode of Epicure soft HD this week we have patrol bases King Arms open arms 15 ma this is an ar-15 a based rifle I of course has got some prey different features compared to the standard Co m4 and we'll go over that what you just know I this Oberland arms a as a German manufacturer of rifles they're absolutely outstanding the some of the world's finest ARS ever built and the engineering definitely reflects on King Arms version here I we walk obviously in s engineering shop and we know what we're talking about when it comes to the koi especially when it comes to cnc'd stuff let's have a look at us real and the real as cnc'd cast aluminum has very very light but also very sturdy there is no wobbles or shakes at all and s country definitely you'd probably drop this and you would pop the ground more than you with the gun absolutely solid air the d-ring the delta ring is completely different i've never seen anything like this it's really odd but obviously holds the front end here very secure on to the top receiver of the gun a free-floating reel inside so easy again there and change your barrels and things like that absolutely fantastic bail gun hey if you guys want to see what comes in the box you can check out our unboxing video that we did a through the mighty cliff hey obviously you want to see how that's guns or forms and how that works and we'll move towards the back here the receiver itself comes with the Overland on streets and also has the actual caliber of the real steel and not the sectional caliber good to see real steel trades on there and you've also get the do a dragon on the front of the receiver which is a nice little touch screen printed like the original weapon so that's pretty cool now you've also got your fire selector switch here which has this semi oh and your football as well they sell semi all laser engraved trades and as well that's that's pretty cool I mean the overall Bell quality that's gone is very very sword to completely study rifle I the magazine that comes with a gun is a high-capacity tape made by King Arms stamped steel so again and it's nothing gonna go wrong with that at all hey you want to run with meds I believe King Arms a have magazines for as well and you can also get in their patrol base which is really neat and some things about it – this gun just a couple of things our and our alluminium front stubby grip and of course let's say in point of Gaunt obviou that's just the kind of dress that gone up hey also to show you that that's gonna swap up sights these are the Troy's tail battle sakes very very nice they look really cool on the gun and the very very functional as well so if I look down here on my red dot these light not perfectly in line so if my dot goes down I don't need to take off them to get target acquisition with the performance eyes all you do is push the button and it's not back down again really cool he ours is so versatile like that the absolute perfect guns for skirmishing a probably the most ergonomic rifle you can get over there that said dust cover also comes over when the charging handles functional so you pull it back dust cover pops open the charging handle springs back which is not a real steel feature but it's very cool doesn't mean this is flapping around about it every time you pull back in a charging handle and of course if you push the bolt release the ball sights forward it's nothing like gas blowback but it's a cool little feature to have I'm gonna fill us back open again what's cool about that's walking into places you can adjust the hop unit without : charging handles a lot of you guys may have marui the past you need to be setting like this we are a bottle in the dark and you know Justin you hope you're not trying to get her ready get all sorts of sharing the bottle and it's not very good hey just start again but pretty cool I like the features like that it just had to be bad realism and a bit of a quark Ennis and your rifle the sex possession folding stock very very standard so you guys mccune stock berries and like walls they're gonna fan here absolutely perfectly of course the body is housed and safe here I'll just take this off to show you that simple to do any simple battery change and your rifle is is a great thing to have many time near connector you can change out for beans wherever you want a patrol base a tell me that that's gonna shoot in high over the box but a good thing with patrol base says they'll professionally cut the spring for ten pounds which is an additional option you can add to your car there which is pretty good or if you don't want them to cut the spring and you want to go with something brand new before a new spring in there for twenty-five so that's ten points for the labor charge and painfully of the extra spring that's really good value for money especially if you're buying a gun that's higher in the box and you can cut up their skirmish with a hog gun because you're obviously it'll be banned if you take out and what case you're an idiot or a you just be sent home or told to use a different gun so overall looks looks absolutely fantastic we've not had that King Arms gun on here before so we're going to take out the range though and see how it does against other guns that we've reviewed before all right we're here on a damia range test as always we're using a big heavy upward device hey the reason we use that says we want a lemony any human element all you viewers obviously I've seen it before you know what it's all about but for the guys who don't know we want to eliminate when a human element any sort of error that isn't to do with the accuracy of the gun that way you're testing the guns accuracy so you know that the gun you're buying her oculus so that's the reason why we use the Vice still get questions about it to this day and as the exact reason alright we're using point three gram devil blaster bb's and there are really good brand the BB for the money and I use them all the time they're really good to give a nice hard hat and the very consistent I find them very consistent anyway so we couldn't the battle I on the King Arms here there's a fucking arms going so be interesting to see how it does against the target alright I'm switching to semi old first gonna fire about 10-12 shots on target and see what kind of dripping that we get remember we're looking for a take Griffin it doesn't necessarily need to be near the bills I it just needs to be nice tight gripping so we know that over range you're gonna hold the accuracy hey I've dialed the hob you know Anna about sixty meters so this is that kind of real-life scenario we've spotted a time enemy at 30 meters we're aiming for its chest area we want to make sure that we can have them every time so let's go ahead and do that one more all right cool I'll take that target down we'll put one up and we'll do our fill fill the automatic test okay well sure the semi-automatic target no I've got a fully automatic target up there hey and I'm going to switch to fill out the Matic on the gun and we'll see how it does some things you see a lot of bad variance between Sammy and Phil that's probably due to the hop-up rubber warming up and giving us a better consistency anyway let's see how it does Wow I mean as having the box with a fair degree of velocity and this gun is a best thing year the box like we said but again downgrade can be done on this gun so that won't affect the accuracy so much just the the power of the head okay let's have a closer look at some of those targets all right I was a range test of the MEA I actually shot really well if you guys want to see the features again you can click on this annotation here if you want to go straight back to the shooting test and watch that again you can click down there what you wouldn't have seen from that as we actually shot a hole in a box through that but the target that we were shooting that and in a plastic box we knocked out a hole and death size really cool and check out these targets I mean that gripping on there is really good for a semi old test we've already seen in the past but the fully automatic test was absolutely outstanding I mean that's one of the best guns will party on the show for a stock gun that is absolutely phenomenal if you want to check out the unboxing of s con you can click on that annotation if you want to see last week's episode you can click down an annotation here that'll take you straight to that we review a new gun every single Sunday I so don't forget to subscribe a patrol base have been kind enough to lend a zest gun if you want to see more of them check out the Facebook and the website the websites been completely refurbished it looks absolutely fantastic check out like the Facebook page and we'll see you next week

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  1. I don't know if I am missing something, but I thing it seems weird that the real steel caliber trademarks are on airsoft guns. It just doesn't seem right.

  2. Very informative video I really like how that you shoot it in a vise to take the "human" element out of the equation for accuracy … but have you done an internal review of the gears… hop up… cylinder etc..? Could a 11.1 lipo be used?..Thanks and keep the videos coming

  3. If you are starting just now, get a G&G combat machine or a G&G raider. Those are good starter ones. If you don't like them and want a really good gun, look into echo 1, they make really good guns.

  4. ello everybody, I am just getting into airsoft an looking for a low budget kit…
    what i mean with kit is having safety glasses, AEG, vest, pouches…etc. everythings that's important to begin airsoft… I have been looking on the internet for cheap gear and guns, but i don't know what's good or bad…So if someone could help me out, i would be grateful

  5. o.o.. Y-You replied?! :'D Lol but you're very welcome! Seem to put a lot of work into your videos! Will be watching every single one!

  6. I think you should do a chrono test of the guns you review. I like to know the effective range and fps for guns before I buy and sites don't always tell ya the truth.

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