35 Replies to “Klay Thompson Crutches to 'Space Jam 2' Set, Hugs LeBron | TMZ Sports”

  1. I’m happy for LeBron James. He does a lot for this country outside of Basketball. I can’t wait for Space Jam 2!!

  2. Space jam didn’t need a sequel .. who actually asked for this smh 🤦‍♂️ If we making this realistic Lebron would loose to the monstars then have 2 superstars come with him to the monstars next year lmfaoo 😂

  3. This movie will be have to be 7hr long because they need to make it in modern princess nba rules and styles which means Fouls and fouls and wait more fouls and oh yea even more fouls oh and hack a shaqs so many of those which will mean free throws galore and a lot of technicals players getting kicked, so yea 7hr which will they have 45 mins of story and 15 of credits and 6hr of game due to the free throws… garbage such garbage. The classic is cheesy but it was set in the manly nba with the one of the greatest player ever played in the nba

  4. Oh oh if Bron goes back to number 6 it's over, he probably is gonna give AD #23 next season and hence the #6 on set cos that's what he rocks next season 👀👀

  5. Lebron has everybody in his movie, that he wants on his team. Only Anthony Davis fell for the okie doke…..😁

  6. Trash ass movie. It should have been a stand-alone but Bron is desperate to ride off the back of the one and true GOAT.. this movie is gonna bomb haha!

  7. I will not watch this its disrespectful to the true KING MJ ….i was team lebron until the day he called himself the goat…more like billy goat

  8. Klay making millions but. You gonna hurt your other knee… get a pair of crutches… or put your cane on the strong knee side, not to the hurts knee side…

  9. This Space Jam 2 thing is whack. Why does LeBron want to be like Jordan so bad? Why not just make your own basketball movie? People don't care about your shoes like that, or think you are on Jordan's level LeBron.

  10. This cast is pretty star studded to be fully honest. Klay, AD, Dame and Draymond are top guys in the league 💯

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