38 Replies to “Knife making – making a knife from a horseshoe”

  1. I would like to see a knife or sword be forged from the metal parts of a bunch of burned out light bulbs. They contain good amounts of tungsten, believe it or not, so you should have a super blade in no time. 🙂

  2. hey would you make me a straight razor if so how much would you charge me i would like it to be made from a railroad spike

  3. why does he immerse finished metal pieces into a liquid while the metal is hot and then bakes it on the oven?

  4. good job bro,.your work is realy beautful!
    also,.i was wondering, can you please make a brass knuckles?

  5. What kind of belt sander do you use? Or would you recommend. I'm looking to get into some knife making myself.

  6. Please make Kukri made from an old shovel or something like that actually surprise me/us what you should make a Kukri from please :3

  7. you should make a CSGO Rambo knife it will be so sick I'm a huge fan and think your knives are amazing Danke Nuggz out

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