Kodak Black Cousin Jackboy Pulls H!s G#n At The Range And Prove He Got The Best Aim

Kodak Black Cousin Jackboy Pulls H!s G#n At The Range And Prove He Got The Best Aim

jellow hello hello let me let me put your ID down all alone hello hello I snipe on their snipe on their snipe them there mama watch a little boys hearts okay Oh Satan these hands I am friendly let's see what you did Oh Oh Katie Oh Katie go ahead keep that shine seat set go ahead seat sit and I will medulla aim at that way medulla we should have that speak for a full five oh shit they say teeps it you say teats it man change the target change the target let's see what you're hitting it we can put that back we can play him back that's popeye word he's trying to claim another nigga body when you're trying to claim another nigga body in there you're trying to claim another nigga body very that's pop outward you're trying to claim another nigga bottom huh that's good everybody got to know how to shoot for now on we shooting once a week and seats a boy you'd send a hit a medal shit at least you shot him in all fucking she going there I'm gonna take my time and try to do every shot ahead shop I'm gonna take my child do every shot a shot bah bah that's another target or we'll need another target okay that there's still new I've been standing new car got a little war wound cuz still running she never shot a gun before but she'll time I see a G she psychology shit that's it they say guilty setback if I let him shoot again Hey huh they said I gotta teach that fucker stop I handed Oh No bring it back bring it back she did it Oh use the same target same change it he lit a shot and the shoot with my bow in my hand man the one hand like this whip up on my hand enemy hit the head imma get it I'm gonna hit it don't worry about me don't worry about me what so suck it us some good come on come on it's already one way like this however la watching I decide that boy do it oh you get right now get right answer so stop again seized a sniper gang ago he's dead cool shots I don't need all that he's dead diaper gang little bland without plane that feel proud and he's dead he's dead sniper game we don't need all him shots on a few months I'm done I don't need all them shots right wait so he get around my bus this fucking nah get playing watch me either but this nigga not even a headshot nobody buses fucking not in the game train and all what's good I'll play with your sheet paper what thing about our him medalist night for every hit everything is coming to you if I hit your coming by let's see what look I missed that one but I'm for your ass everything first one hey I'm all your ass we don't super loaded neck I don't super an open way back see I need a lot of charges they all gotta shit what else you move back before no that's the other one else I didn't love I need a mirror from I don't want him just stand it like it no God your luck hold on first two of you did not sign your names these empty spaces so fond enough yes wanna know go ahead hey check out check out meaning one shot sitting here now you know he sits ahead suit me by the now I'm gone it's already 1:00 in I just shot what y'all got over here y'all trying to get ar-15 oh shit I will arm shot well thank you buddy he take a super hit one thing about it up bop bop I'm trying to hit a big blah let me get him back let me strike him be that were right though you don't love your lips the new they need to get this AR headshot headshot headshot you pop them running for you oh yeah yeah you ate his ass yeah he probably could survive but you gave him a good chance right here this your liver and this will stop your stomach and liver give me a yes go ahead say no right here right here and it's the Coast Range you got to eat them up right here if you don't measure him right here you plan everything else to be just direct hit eat them up right here man eat them up man she said miss your last shot uhรฉ tell my other phone where this represent yeah we're trying together we need them that's all opposed to be shooting in this bitch right now we don't pass it around if you don't have it around how much it is the buck I don't know it's like a dollar around them you hit him in arm again I got my Wonder shot I ain't dead and no know what's going on which I met and exhale people thought about while teaching them how to shoot a pose not a shooter now just drop the mag check the chamber and make sure it's a heater police he posted shoes you know big more pretty nice people are my last so stupid let's say don't axe to shoot as soon as you pick up that glove they gonna be like you under arrest this is joy it's a little bit high I think all right all our rounds are like two inches high he was hitting them oh man come on man we ain't come on man put the small targets on man and boys hit a small shit she bought a shoe oh she almost hit him in what you sweat she scared you shouldn't go to hell you hold girl they say was Tita RG that part oh yeah

30 Replies to “Kodak Black Cousin Jackboy Pulls H!s G#n At The Range And Prove He Got The Best Aim”

  1. If ONLY they put more energy in they education

    10 yrs from now …Rap music wont ever know these clowns

  2. When the boss come in like who ain't sign the sheet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฆ real niggas get shaky lol like I ain't even shooting then the junior police come in tryin to look regular but shooting AR's with scopes smfh they on you bro b easy

  3. Especially jackboy he dont know how to shoot for shit he look stupid for real and they try so hard to look cool haha

  4. Mannnnnn, ain't this nigga ah convicted felon?? He cant ne cause I know Jack ain't stupid like that…….I'd feel dumber than a bih get locked over this shit. Lol

  5. Niggas be full felons at the gun range on social media at that and wonder why they are indicted a month later talking about somebody snitched smh

  6. Niggaz be dumb..you a felon how you at a gun range!??…๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ”’๐Ÿ”’

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