5 Replies to “Koh Samui Shooting Range Thailand”

  1. what round did the revolver u fired, fire?
    .38 spl?

    btw, thanks agin for the vid, I just came back from Koh Samui, fired teh glock 17, colt 45 and the shotgun with the stock (Remington M870 i believe) wonder if u can confirm.

    really good shooting with the Colt 45 btw, im amazed how well grouped you or your frend was able to place the rounds. I personally found it pretty hard, cos of the recoil, whilst the glock17 was much more sustainable.

  2. Afraid so, it was converted to fire a pethetic .22 round. The had a few hand guns and a shotgun, but that was in 2005.

  3. Can't really remember how much it was , im afraid , this was in 2005. Not to much though, as we kept going back for more lol.

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