42 Replies to “Kristina Timofeeva v Anastasia Pavlova – recurve junior women’s gold final | Las Vegas 2012”

  1. Украинский тренер своими воплями сбивает девочке прицел. Заткнулся бы.

  2. I'll challenges any of these supposed archers, one rule. no sights. lets see who wins..

    oh my bow is a 100 pound longbow I shoot 100 yard man size target…. any takers ? LOL

    an archer is defined by his skill… not by his bows technology.

  3. ผู้หญิง ท่านเสื้อสีฟ้าอยู่เหมือน ทำภาพกับคอม กราบสิค แต่เขาสวยมาก นะ 😁😁

  4. 10, 9, 10, 9, oh, she´s pretty (ucr)..10, 9, 10 ,9, 10 russia is china? 10, 9 , 10, 9, 9, junior means underage? 9,10,10,9. Russina wins. You owe me 10.39 minutes of your life.

  5. To PAVLOVA Mr. Zen meditation is good for spiritual unity
    It is strange that there are no athletes who will appear in the final in Japan

  6. The Ukraine team has a very "Beautiful Looking" group of young women.
    If She had pulled the hair out of her eyes maybe she could have won this tournament.

    I hold the Ukraine coaching staff accountable for this Loss…….."Shame On You".

  7. sad I could win this with a stick, a string, and an arrow… oh .. nm thats what I use ..yeah I shoot 100 yards with a longbow with A: No sights
    B: No string release mechanism and
    C: not point blank like these guys at 25 yards

    I truly disappointed people need these things to hit a target that far away.. its really all bow and no true skill..
    anyone can aim a gun and pull the trigger..

  8. What is the reason for allowing bow to roll forward after shot ??? Is that kind of like the gunslinger twirling gun on finger on way back to holster after he shoots someone in gun fight ???

  9. It's been quite some time, i used to shoot often, but i don't recognize that piece of equipment above the arrow rest. It moves well before the string is released. What is that?

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