25 Replies to “KXNG Crooked & Horseshoe Gang "COB CYPHER 2018"”

  1. "You rappers gay taking D.iN.A"The bars from this shit just keep going the whole song this is talent

  2. “I’m like a sick nun describing her diarrhoea; I never gave a fuck when I’m talking the illest shit” BAR

  3. You no what makes crooked a boss is when he said you can't fuck with OUR squad he ain't just thinking of himself it's the whole squad c.o.b

  4. Kenny is so much worse than anyone else on this song. So odd for him not to rhyme on par with everyone

  5. Most underrated rappers in the entire world, all of them are top tier with their wordplay,flow and bars 💯💯💯 if only they were known because they’ve mastered their craft

  6. "You can only kill Kenny in South Park.. certain stories" #BARS
    "Your fake as the world being a globe".. they ain't ready Kenny! #flatearth

  7. Had to come back n watch this. This is just a talented family. Period. All skill, no bullshit. Its amazing

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