Lamar Weaver, CJF Trimming Left Hind on Road Horse

Lamar Weaver, CJF Trimming Left Hind on Road Horse

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  1. I was wondering WHY the hooves looked so small ( circumference wise) then I seen the shoe on the other hoof. THAT EXPLAINS IT! it's too bad…

  2. Does that not cause the horse to “run out” of hoof over time? I mean hes literally scraping off hoof tissue right?

  3. It's not the shape of the coffin bone, it's you trying to balance a foot according to ….who's freaking name escapes me where you pick that foot of like you did and sight down it from side to side totally ignoring the bulbs, and you are just trimming one side out way more than the other. Poor, poor, poor horses in this world.

  4. I love how everyone is here during a time they should be asleep. That’s funny to me. Like it’s 4:30am right now😂😂 Why am I awake watching a horse get a pedicure? Dude idk.

  5. That looks very wrong, pretty sure the underside of the foot should be flat, not curved inward. But I guess it doesn't matter anyways, you will just put shoes on it and ruin the natural expantion and contraction of the foot…

  6. That's an absolutely gorgeous frog on that horse's hoof. It's like he was peeling potatoes it was so smooth.

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