Lamborghini Urus v Tesla Model X v Mercedes-AMG G63 v Range Rover Sport SVR – DRAG & ROLLING RACE

Lamborghini Urus v Tesla Model X v Mercedes-AMG G63 v Range Rover Sport SVR – DRAG & ROLLING RACE

I'm in a Tesla Model X p100 D next to me is a Lamborghini Taurus next to that is a Mercedes AMG g63 and next to that is a Range Rover Sport SVR now I've got a hundred kilowatt hour battery two electric motors and 772 horsepower the Range Rover has a five liter supercharged v8 with 575 horsepower as for the Lambo well I'll tell you what we've got a guest driver in it so I'll let him explain its ya me from Janna my's hey Matt so this is my actual Lamborghini arrest I own just under 650 brake horsepower four litre twin-turbo do you reckon it's gonna be as fast as a Tesla Model X listen we're gonna have to see but I'm bored I've sat here for an hour waiting for you to charge your car yeah he's making a good point this car you have to actually warm at the battery tower full of ludicrous mode and that can take about an hour electric cars anyway we've got another guest driver in the Mercedes its rapper Professor Green hey prof. green and I'm a i'm in a g63 AMG the brand new model i actually drive the old one this one looks a lot different to it i'm not really sure how many of it works or what i'm doing it is a four liter v8 twin turbo with a I think it's 585 brake horsepower but yeah like I say and you just said driving Mercedes around an airfield I didn't expect what its mate knowing I was going nowhere as long as I don't end up going off the end of the track into that field that I can see in the distance I reckon if you're gonna go off-road you are definitely may the fastest car win thank you giving us a signal to go I'm dead oh you're gonna have no fuel left mate you keep doing that Matt rip yours meat well I don't want to spoil the piece I'm kind of like a mallika with a bright reflective car I know I'm getting sunburned come on come on [Applause] wowthat's angela is gone oh my god that's isla got absolutely drop unbelievable 400 easy win what the mate I can't believe that I'm quite shocked as well this just totally dropped your lamp I'm sorry I think you bought the wrong car no definitely didn't buy the wrong car I got killed hold my hands up hey prof. green how was your race I don't think I had the worst reaction times it's not the most aerodynamic is is by driving a hippo down the road having never driven a hippo I can't really comment I didn't even realize there was one in the race there was an SVR in the race but it got thrashed as did everything else by the Tesla Model X P 100 d which did the standing quarter mile in eleven point three seconds the Lamborghini horas took eleven point nine seconds the Mercedes AMG g63 twelve point three seconds and the Range Rover Sport SVR twelve point nine seconds now we're gonna have a rolling race from 30 miles an hour they're locked in second gear I was obviously got no gears and I count us in one go that g mark is wicked gone again this is the daddy that's his law that got even worse you then yoni big Pro green dropped me for about a second and I come past him just acceptor you know we're just going accepted sigh prof green he reckons you only had the drop on him I was doing a winemakers to doing I've got what 300 kilos more weight in the car that's what I think of cars I turn off turn the same as mine but I've got like almost a thousand Newton metres of torque mine's about 850 and I weigh about what 2.2 ton what happens to the Range Rover destroy what Range Rover oh yeah yeah he's still in my rearview now actually now just to keep you up-to-date that car's got 700 Newton metres and it weighs 2.3 ton say it was always going to struggle I think that's a win for me it's a win for the Tesla it's a win for an electric power fair play that Tesla listen you do hear about electric cars and stuff of that he's ridiculously quick at least looks like it's fast that doesn't look like it's fast I'm actually in short I can't believe how fast those wow wow wow wow that one was for you Ilan please retweet this and share it because okay like it's of use yeah whatever stupid noise the internal combustion engine if you enjoyed this video please like it and share it also subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon so you don't miss any of our latest videos also in the description below the video there are links to Yama's youtube channel unbelievable and to professor greens latest track photographs call make sure you check them both act

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  1. You asked, we listened! See how the Trackhawk performed when it went up against the Model X:

  2. You seriously have to wait an hour before it's ready to go in Ludicrous Mode? That's Ridiculous! Not very practical is it?

  3. That Mercedes is insanely fast considering that it looks like someone’s dropped a large shed on an elephant.

  4. “Its a 4 liter v8” YOURE SITTING IN A G63 ITS LITERALLY IN THE NAME YA NONCE. Its a 6.3 liter. For fucks sake

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