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  1. My theory is that Left side was use for static accurate sniper shots for hunting, like we can see in Africa or the Amazon, and right side for rapid shots in movement, for ancient wars.

  2. Can he make the shots he makes under extreme pressure against a valid threat is the question. Cant reshot and edit that.

  3. lars andersen is great I saw his skills and if u c his video he has a logic if u hold a bow with left hand it is easy to reloading the bow from right side it will be faster than ur left side of bow

  4. First of all Lars is a trick shooter!! That's good he's dedicated. However, that being said, I don't think Asian horse archers really worried about snuffing out candles, or jumping off walls to hit a target. All eastern archery was predicated on the thought of mounted war. Making it a culture, such as Korea, was the best way to ensure a steady supply of good archers for an army !! and teaching good character traits to the children!! I will not write a book here but the eastern archers developed this culture over many centuries and the fact that it is still practiced with vigor is a testament to doing things the right way. I think whatever way you choose to practice it is probably the right way for you but don't tell me because Lars can do this stuff that that is the new way of archery because that's a load of crap !!!

  5. Uh…AC….you are usually really good but you really fucked this video up.

    There have been 100s of videos here on YT that go over the left v. right situation…..the research has been done and the answer is both sides….there is no one side that was prominent over the other.

    Also in terms of technique they are talking about pulling the bow back all the way. IF you don't pull back the bow all the way it won't do anything. In armored combat no one cares if you can pull the bow back 3 inches and pea shoot an arrow into armor for it to bounce off of. His style of shooting wouldn't go through anything.

    Nothing about his video was revolutionary, he was just faster than other people by barely pulling his bow back….you can and there are comparison videos on other speed shooters and they actually pull the fuckin bow back dood….How has this escaped you? What did he make you question? Everything he went over has been done here on YT and more accurately for that matter. His video was so full of inaccuracies it's painful to watch someone whose channel is based on finding the truth about the ninja completely miss the plot here.

    You've even done buddy videos and cameos on channels that have gone over this…..wtf….I mean I could go on and on about things you've easily missed like the size of the arrow(he's not shooting war arrows), the draw weight of the bow, etc.
    You're better than this mate.

  6. People keep labeling him as trick shooting, but shooting is shooting and if there gladiator bow battle I would bet on Lars. I would consider him a speed shooter over any other label. Lars is a pretty amazing dude.

  7. This is probably the only video analyzing and criticizing Lars Andersen I've found to date that isn't cancer. It's a pity that people let their egos and their jealousy muddy the discussion, because there's still a lot to potentially be learned here.

    Great insights, and I honestly can't say much else because I agree with pretty much everything you say about this.

  8. today's left handed archers shoot on the right. Lars can hit targets that are close and with an unknown amount of tries. Can he hit targets 20 meters away accurately and consistently.

  9. 2 questions.

    1/ While we're looking for evidence in the old books for shooting arrows from the right side of the bow, can we also look for evidence for the extensive use of thumb rings in Western archery? If you loose an arrow from the right side with either the 3 finger under or split finger release it's going to pull the arrow away from the bow as you release. You would have to use a thumb ring or some other modified release to be accurate. Remember you have to be able to use this release on a bow a of at least 50-60lbs.

    2/ So your skilled archer can shoot 3 arrows a second. How many arrows can an archer carry, maybe 3 dozen? So what happens after 12 seconds, no arrows left, your archer is now a redundant resource.

  10. Very, very awesome video with a very good explanation and relativizing the topics around Archery and Lars Anderson

  11. I seriously wish he would have never made the video. He should have just reveled in the fact that he may or may not be the most revolutionary archer of now. I get the hate is there. I guess my real question is, why not save it for the fuck sticks that actually deserve it. Jeliously does weird things to peoples

  12. Although I would agree that for example a horse archer would need shoot arrows faster and shoot more arrows in less time so sacrificing accuracy for speed for a horseback archery sounds logical too me and if in fact shooting from right makes it faster I would believe they have done it but still it would be very clumsy to do so like that as you have nothing holding the arrow from just falling off from the bow .

  13. Also do you think that a bow with that low pull weight would result?
    I doubt that it would as even if it hit you , it wouldnt be lethal.

  14. I still think that we cannot look at pictures for a thing like , did they shoot from right or left , when people draw maybe they dont pay attention to that certain detail , as you know they didn't draw pictures that looked like real life , also if you look at it from the artists perspective , you draw the bow , and then you have to draw the arrow , so you make a line , and then you realize that line went over the bow .

  15. I find it interesting that this gentleman has so many words and not a bow or arrow in sight…yet, where Lars Andersen +larsandersen23 used much fewer words, he did use a bow to prove his theories. To me, it is academic until you actually put it to the test. I don't care about theories or "history" with Archery unless it is usable and practical. I am shooting as Lars showed in his videos, with the arrow on the right side and using the "63" position (read the book on Arab Archery and you will understand) with a thumb-ring I have made from heavy leather. I have shot more than 3000 arrows this way and am getting better. At 15-20 meters, I am usually staying within a 15" square target. That is not fantastic. However, I am shooting at least double, sometimes triple, the speed of other archers using the slower methods. Say what you want about Lars Andersen, yet he has been an inspiration to me of what is possible with the bow. After 10,000 arrows, I hope to be more accurate and reach my goal to shoot 3 arrows in 1.5 seconds. Practice people. That is what sets apart the pundits and windbags from the ones who get things accomplished. I will eventually post videos of what I have gleaned from the Lars Andersen videos and how I have used that knowledge. May Harmony find you all.

  16. The fact is the tech works and looks fun to learn , I shot with my left hand on the handle and the arrow on the right of the riser and sighted straight down the arrow when I was a kid with my little red 10lbs bow but I did not speed shoot . Funny thing I was corrected and told this was the wrong way to shoot ha ha .

  17. I guess Lars had to dress up in Mongol armor and shoot from the back of a horse for people to take the single archer on the battle field seriously. Seriously, there is precedent for "trick" archery in battle.

  18. Lars had said that archers put the arrow on the right of the bow in context of what his Arabian Archery book said

  19. lars is a skilled trick shooter no one is doubting that. what we are mad about is that he thinks trick shooters and War Archers are the same thing. Trick shooters are for entertainment purposes where as War Archers are for military. one shooter running around and shooting fast with a low powered bow wont do anything to someone who has a basic form of protection like Gambeson and/or chain mail (Riveted not butted). Ware archers Shoot in volleys to bring fear into the soldiers they were fighting and shoot and run tactics were to constantly harass the front lines let it be killing soldiers or molding the formation of there ranks for a better infantry assault.

  20. Antony could, that is if you decide to reply, tag me in the reply so I can receive a notification. Is there a way that I can communicate directly to you? Even in the comments? Facebook? I would like to ask a few questions. If you could reply to this it would make me very happy.

  21. i think we are all talking too much about it, i'm a left hander who holds the bow in the left hand and shoot off the right hand side, and i have since i was a child if you can put the arrow down range and hit your mark that's what matters, mr cummins and mr anderson keep up the good work:)x

  22. I would consider Lars to be a master trick shot shooter. However, he is not using a war bow or likely war arrows. Nor is he engaging resistance. So to assert that this is a lost combat art is to put it nicely a bit of a stretch.. In my HEMA club we shoot the  long bow 120lbs average, recurve bows of various configurations average 50-80lbs and even a yumi bow at about 55lbs and that was as heavy a draw weight as I could find. Our arrows for the longbows are huge and heavy 2 maybe 3 times heavier than the biggest modern hunting arrows. With a friendly bodkin point.

  23. Great trick shots, possibly the best in the world but for historical plausibility there's a few things I'd like to see before I take him seriously:

    1. Is what he does replicable by other people? Maybe he's just a freak. Having one freak do something doesn't mean it's something a whole army can be taught to do. Can his techniques be taught to say a group of 10 successfully?

    2. Can he use his techniques with enough power to kill/incapacitate in a historical context? For example a ballistic torso under replica armour would confirm/disprove this.. Not calling what he does a success because an arrow stuck 3mm in cheap butted mail from 20 yards.

    3. Can this be done while under the physical pressures of a soldier? Weighed down by armour and fatigued from marching a dozen miles etc.

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