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  1. Also, 1:38 is ridiculous. Sorry, no, not at that distance, in a few hours. Man, I can see why a lot of master archers are hating on Lars. I don't like it, 'cause as I said the guy got me started into archery, but I can understand why. In his description above, note this text…

    "The two participate in the video are chosen because they are both very talented, but everyone can learn archery fast."

    As I thought, these girls have skills in something that gave them a huge head start. Don't think you're going to learn like these girls in mere hours, this is going to take normal people weeks, months, even years. These 2 girls probably shoot discs with their daddy every weekend and have got that down to a tee. Any skeet shooter knows that you after a while you don't even aim, it's just instinctive and predictive when you shoot. This whole instinctive thing could pass over to archery VERY quickly once one knows how to use a bow and arrow.

  2. Quickly drawing with no experience beforehand and being able to hit targets the size of coins with zero training beforehand? Something doesn't seem right. Something these girls have done in their past, maybe not archery, is helping them. You can't just take your average Joe or Jane and teach them in mere hours like this. I am no expert, by any means, only an amateur, but demonstration videos of seeing people taught in a short time frame and able to do that makes zero sense with zero previous experience. It's like putting a shotgun and bird shot in someone with NO experience, having them lower the weapon, then expecting them to raise, aim, and hit their targets in a short time. It takes practice. Now try throwing coins and changing to a slug, and expect them to hit that in mid air within a short training timeframe.

    It is harder to draw and loose an arrow ACCURATELY than raising a gun that is sighted perfectly, already cocked, and ready to go. It's possible with practice, all I am saying is you won't see any "first timer" videos of people shooting down moving targets over and over and over and over.

    Also these girls are confident in what they are doing, their movements are fluid, and way beyond what you'd expect a normal, beginner to show. Yeah there's a scene of the girl fumbling with the arrow ONE time, but come on, these girls have some fundamentals down that you cannot teach in a short amount of time.

    It's the same for knife throwing. That takes practice. There is no method out there that can quickly TEACH you how to judge the movement of your wrist and release time, as well as rotation of the object. Believe it or not, with knife throwing, that natural feeling of just letting go at the right moment takes TONS of practice and the brain to almost sub-consciously calculate everything to the point it just feels natural. In the beginning, most knife throwers struggle and have to carefully time release time and wrist rotation.

    I am a fan of Lars, he got me started in Archery a long time ago, but this seems really odd, or far fetched. You can't teach people fundamentals of prediction an application of that, JUST like that. You just can't. I don't care how good someone is at learning something, you can't learn something like this without have a good history of said fundamentals. In other words, these girls MUST be doing something beforehand that all it took was learning the basics of archery and their brains already know how to read a moving target and how to hit it. Tennis players, perhaps, or some other sport that deals with intercepting a moving object.

  3. Your videos have kickstarted again my desire to learn and do archery things, thank you. I haven't done much in a while, but for whatever reason I've always thought it would be cool to try to make my own bow too. So, I've started carving out a bow that I expect will have a high chance to fail since I've never done it before, but eventually I'll have a bow that works or else I can buy one that will.

  4. Dear Lars, i'm a beginner. What king of bow they use? Why do girls hold the bow with their left hand but the rest is on the right?

  5. 0:58 The girl's extremely nonchalant reaction after she hit a flying coke can from behind her back… I'd be ecstatic

  6. Mr. Andersen, You are sitting on a small fortune! We are all hooked on the bait- please produce some training DVDs and sell them to us, you would move 30,000 of them worldwide within the first week!

  7. i would love to learn this. i was a kid when my uncle got me a bow for my 9th birthday.. i practiced for a while on non moving targets and got rather good.. however i would need to spend a lot of time to learn how to do this.

  8. I wanna know how ya can shoot on the same side of the bow, I’ve tried it time and time again. Do ya release differently or something?

  9. Humm faster the bow shit and further the projectile, lesser chances of misstiming on flying objects , so I always used to make long shooter bows from split bamboo , guava tree trunk from in the future I will do, don't copy my idea of guava tree 🙉🙊🙈🦁😔

  10. It’s easy to learn archery, just pick up a bow and look up form guides online, however, you shouldn’t be learning from Lars Anderson.
    Lars Anderson does not discourage, but encourages to disrespect another person’s safety. If you want to learn archery fast, simply go find a coach near you.

  11. As i would like to see every single video you make, i have to ask, if episode 1,2 and 3 still are available somewhere.
    You are amazing! 🙂

    (edited: i misunderstood and thought there was special episodes for "Learn Archery fast", i have seen the other episodes)

    Please, please make MANY more videos! 🙂

  12. Out of curiosity what sort of nocks do you use on the arrows? Did you have to flare them out so you can nick them quickly?

  13. I don't get the point of this video you show us someone who supposedly learned archery in a few hours but don't even provide us with any sort of like tutorials and you're not even trying to sell us a course so it's kind of as if you made this video just to brag. Would definitely pay for a course though.

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