Lars Andersen: Questions, Answers and New Archery

Lars Andersen: Questions, Answers and New Archery

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  1. Would never doubt true skill.
    Lars is just too good for them.
    Theyre all just mad jealous, sad.
    Watching lars is true beauty

    Long bow from england? Who cares!!!
    Horse bows of the mongols to the composite bows of native america showed far superiority over others if im not mistaken (at that time) england didnt even know long bows untill the romans conquered them.
    English long bow…..did it do any good against to pictish bow?
    Hahaha i think im just poking at it now

  2. I make fun of you just for a laugh, but I got nothing but respect for you for pursuing what you love my guy #NotAllTrollsAreMean

  3. Welcome to Denmark, our accents might be terrible, but at least we got some good archers… unlike me… I do archery but I'm not very good….. possibly terrible.

  4. In "baahubali part 2" movie 3 arrows are shot simultaneously.
    I just wish to bring this to your notice.

  5. you're manufacturers spent too much time on motor functions and trick archery and not enough on verbal communications.

  6. In case anyone is wondering why archery attracts so many assholes, just remember that felons can't own firearms.

  7. Love the way this guy handles criticism, but I get 1 point from the list of arguments, the fact that you can't learn from pictures in medieval manuscripts. Except when the manuscript is based on learning archery, it would be very common for monks or painters to make mistakes given the fact that they are no archers themselves. They are not present at battlefields or trainings and paint there version of reality. But that has nothing to do with Lars, because he clearly knows this and bases his techniques more on the written part of manuscripts rather then the pictures

  8. It has always been my instinct to hold a bow that way. It’s always felt very wrong not to hold it that way. I’m an atheist and lover of science but I know what you are talking about the “unscientific sensing of the arrow” I was a bike messenger and could sense cars and people coming around blind corners. Shaving my head and not wearing a helmet seemed to help and be a safer means of survival. I was not the only messenger who found this to be true. I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work and I would not have survived being a messenger for multiple years in Chicago, New York, and Baltimore. Hopefully someone is trying to shed light on how such senses works. Maybe I’ll attempt a handful of these feats and post. Maybe I’ll make a custom bow to practice.

  9. Are you trying to tell me that all of a sudden, a miracle [read:the usual swarming infestation] of well meaning philanthropic spirited experts [of shamelessly self promoting totally clueless asshats whose own self promotion to the rank of “expert” is obviously quite beyond the realm of absurdly baseless], volunteered to generously make room for YOU in THEIR, no doubt, eXtrEMeLy busy schedules [more like seized randomly upon you, to distract themselves from their own totally meaningless shell of a totally and completely empty existence “livin’ la voce vida” in their parents sub-basements], to take you under their own 350 lbs British long/war bow bendin’ arms, and patiently, graciously, humbly avail you of their vast eons of expert advice and brilliant wisdom, as your kindly mentor(s) [desperately pounced upon you between games of CIAdupePokémonGo whilst hopelessly bouncing from one video to the next in search of something to pointlessly yet mercilessly, scathingly troll, & nitpick the minutiae out of], you lucky lucky man,
    [you poor sob], you!

    Congratulations YouTube! You’ve done it again! You’veProved that your platform is indeed the place where the best in humanity will from time to time shine forth from behind the dark clouds of our personal lives to remind us that not only is the human race a juggernaut on the march of progress in self perfection, but that you will often happily surprise us with such unexpected reminders that most of us have our hearts in exactly the right place and know just how to be shining examples for the rest of us to shoot for! Thank you, philanthropic volunteer experts, and thank YOU, YouTube!

    [Read:Congrats DoucheTube, you’ve once again in in typical fashion been the platform wherein the pathetic are emboldened in grand narcissistic ploys, fearlessly Hidden behind the anonymity of your platform to lash out at the legitimate, brave content producers who are so great as to produce such awe inspiring videos as this to latch onto, like the parasitic pathetic little manipulative vampires they are having recognized themselves in your C.I.A. Mossad ZoG CEO’s and owners, in a vain attempt to distract themselves and us into believing their smug superiority wasn’t a total flaccid and obvious facade which fooled absolutely 0, including themselves. YourAttempts to likewise trick us all into believing the fake narratives of the fake news Mossad CIA, MsM is of course totally to blame. F you, self promoting asshat volunteers, but thanks for the hours of hilarity at your own clueless expense, and F you, very, very much more, (((YouTube)))!]


  10. All the ones that mocked him !!! I an all my archer friends blocked their channel.
    If a person can't do something, and try to put you down cause you can do it better via vicious mockery.
    Leave no stones unturned to destroy them. They already took the first blow, pay them back and with interest.

  11. People's sometimes just can't accept something that beyond their capabilities. Lars.. u'r truly a real life hawkeye

  12. He's the guy you always end up picking in those "3 will protect you, the rest are coming after you" quizzes because you do not want Lars Andersen on the opposite team.

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