44 Replies to “Last Day In Thailand: Gun Range And Thai Gym”

  1. typical working class wanker and his dopey bird from Ireland, these types are found mostly in Benidorm and blackpool but unfortunately the twats have arrived in Thailand and now ruin this ex magical place for the real traveller, this wanker, pumped up arms for the holiday, skinny legs, red nose, thick head back to work and repeat the word amazing, and his stupid plain jane bird wandering around in a Buddhist country with her fleshy saggy tits out, how dumb are they eh, please stick to Benidorm you boring low life working class council house idiots.

  2. Not an assault rifle. It’s a step up from a B.B. gun 😂 such lack of lethality we can obtain them in Britain

  3. This gym is old school but the sauna is a gay paedophile hunting ground….beware…dont drop your towels!😂😂😂

  4. I miss when I went to on a huge holiday in Thailand with family it was a rollercoaster, imagine seeing 30+ scousers take over haha! Wish I I could go back and chill more did something everyday markets everywhere also went to that place u went to I know what you mean thai boxing fights everywhere to. Went to an actual gym and some young London guy boxed and won and also wen to different places I think it was Bangkok 5days, Hua Hin 1week uncle has a house their and my aunts Thai and Kanchanaburi 1day literally down the road from the bridge of the river kwai and other amazing stuff

  5. Rob Lipsett . nice video Im doing archery ,are there similarities between shooting and Archery, I think both are good

  6. I found it nearly impossible to go to the gym when I went to Patong last year! The heat was too much to handle.

  7. At around 1.44, you're using momentum to help curl those dumbbells. Am I right in thinking this is too much, or it that much momentum generally okay?

  8. Rob you mofo why did you not tell us about this youtube house thing? Can't wait to watch that shit!

  9. Hey man! these thailand vlogs has been amazing! i really enjoyed it:) but i was windering if you could start adding your videos to playlist? like one for full day of eating
    on for vlogs
    one for training tips etc


  10. Hey Rob, why does MyProtein's whey protein powder have less calories than GoldNutrition's? I've always wondered about the difference

  11. Whats up rob,just in patong now myself its like benidorm on steroids,crazy place but i suppose you just have to embrace it,helllloooooo misssssttteerrrr ha ha

  12. Hey Rob , new but avid follower from Australia, for the past week I've pretty much tried to watch all of your videos ha Just wondering what your training routine looks like? Would love to emulate it! Love your work mate!

  13. Couldn't agree more with your comments on flexible dieting. Experienced the exact same thing on holidays this year, and being less "anal" about tracking every gram and eating intuitively was definitely a big contributor to that.

  14. Your vids continue to be great keep up the great work! And your perfect for the camera ! Great Job Rob you truly are inspiring !

  15. Hey rob, I'm heading up to Dublin this weekend and I was wondering what gym you train in so I could possible meet you, cheers.

  16. Good stuff mate! i was wondering if you would have gave Muay Thai a go! you should try it man i loved it when i trained at it, no better place in the world to do it than in Thailand! looks like your last day went well man, it's a pity your coming home to the weather were having at the minute though! but i understand the whole looking forward to going home thing, familiarity and all that! great vid.

  17. killing it!!!!! Thanks for the sweet LF stinger. Arrived quickly fits awesome, have had a few people at temple ask about it and I sent them your way!

  18. Rob, this was a terrific series and I loved your vacation too. Love the variety and different things in the video.

  19. Did you write out the speech you made which was commentary over the work out at the beginning?
    I could sense a difference in your voice tone haha, not a bad thing though!

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