Last to Leave the Trampoline With Temptations Wins Power Wheels! / #TheBeachHouse

Last to Leave the Trampoline With Temptations Wins Power Wheels! / #TheBeachHouse

let me take you Father doing something really exciting and I pass noted she has no idea none of them have any idea what we're doing today today we are going to be playing last to leave the trampoline with temptations wins that's corpus guess what's your guess minecraft I got that no charlie those are all extremely good guesses however none of them are correct this is something that the kids have always wanted I'm telling you always begged for this theme that too they always want to be encouraged for the whole day but they're not in charge today I can't even describe how much they're going to love this I am so excited to see your guys's reaction all right [Applause] checking out the fridge today maybe if you win okay so this is how the game works we are going to have a whole bunch of different challenges and whoever is the loser of the challenge has to give be given the option of taking the temptation or waiting till the end so they can win a power wheel are you ready okay the first challenge is hopping on one foot whoever touches the ground is out so ready on your mark get set go okay come on over so what does Ellie get does she get is she out instantly or does she have a chance to redeem herself or what what's the play so she has the choice to either pick the temptation or stay in the game do you want to stay in the game for the big prize or do you want to take the mystery box temptation I want to see what's in that box only we get to see are you sure I'm just letting you know there's no bad things in these temptation boxes there's no bad things at all okay you know what I think it is Rebecca I think that last week when we played the mystery box game she probably assumes that there might be weird things like the laundry detergent she doesn't even know what to expect do we want to reveal the mystery box maybe I'll just reveal this one okay here's what you missed out on Ellie it was crystal creatures mystery slime container that's a pretty good temptation you guys okay everybody's back in the game okay next challenge is we're gonna be playing crack the egg and whoever is first to crack it's out so Michael will be cracking our little egg all right everybody's gonna fall don't and attested things that in game first child that is given in to temptation all right you guys got Stella Tripoli if you leave the trampoline then you're out you guys aren't allowed to leave okay let's see what Charlie get ready let's see what it is I think you're gonna like it even more once you actually know what it is it's a micro wheel okay so Charlie's playing with the cool tiny car the kids are still on the trampoline stuck I don't know you look like you're leaving the trampoline to me gotta stay on the trampoline cuz if you leave then you don't get to win the big brown challenge number three we are playing Marco Polo all right James let's have you wellactually idea you could be it you could be at all right mind goes it I'm back on the trip for another game Marco Polo and I met my eyes closed buddy [Applause] are you gonna take a temptation or do you want to keep playing let me grab a temptation are you gonna stay for the big the big win have you got a good temptation here let me just say this temptation is a good one huh temptation is a real temptation if only you knew what was in this box you would probably could also translate ah is it they're gonna do it I can't believe you gave in to my temptation do you like it so what is it it's a Pokeball and this has leg going like Lego oh yeah I knew you'd love it do you love it is that a good choice for you oh wow oh wait no but neither one of them have lost the challenge Wow never had the option to take a temptation or not so we don't know if they're strong or not actually Ellie did this is she did no do it the first temptation that's right that's a good question I think it's time for some more Eliot versus Corbin le versus cup Corbin thumb war okay just like one two three four I declare a thumb war ready begin we're gonna say one two three four I declare a bum war and then we're going to be sequence okay corporal looks like you might be having a struggle with this one one oh okay Dana one oh let's try can they both in it does it touch n maybe a little further apart ready begin one two three four five six seven eight nine ten they keep doing it wait I have a better idea first two ten wins so it's gotta be a race because they don't keep skipping beats at the same time guys have to go to this go to ten okay okay so as soon as mom says go start jumping on your butts first two ten wins ready go 1 2 le 3 4 7 Corbin he had this little method he wasn't even standing up all the way he was just kind of foot but foot but just like really fast you're up last time you said no to the temptation you're going for the big prize right you want the big reward here's your second chance do you still want to stand for the big reward what do you want to take the next temptation but will princess that we do it's really good for Elly you wanna take it or do you hold up yes korban win Oh fears how to drive rock you can use this to go backwards or forwards and then you can push these buttons to make sounds but you have to turn it on first which is this switch right here [Applause] push the buttons push the little buttons on the wheel it is so we know that Corbin won the challenge he persevered he won them all but before we in this video we have to see what Elega and her temptation you want to do it is a surprise five toys in the surprise [Applause] [Applause] challenges this is a total blast and these guys even like to temptations a lot pretty absolutely so if you guys like this video make sure you give us a big thumbs up subscribe if you want to see us on the baby and me and my life and everything that's right I've got a gaming channel Lilly posting gaming live students on there you guys want to tune in to check it out it's beach house gaming on YouTube we love you guys Oh

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  1. Hey guys, can you tell me how to get a girls beach house t-shirt for a 7 year old as the link only have womens. Shes a massive fan, and is desperate for one for her birthday next week ! Heeellllllppppppppppppppppppppppppppp xx fans worried mom uk !

  2. Charlie looks so cute in the dump truck at the beginning and I think you should do more videos with Max😇 love you guys videos 😊😎

  3. I love you so much! I've been watching since the first ever treasure hunt it then watched every single video you have posted also i love the Becca and Ryan show! Its so funny love you guys

  4. I don’t want to be mean but I think corben on the butt bounce you are supposed to stand up all the way and the bounce again and he was not doing that I think Ellie wins.

  5. hi beach house love all your vids so much i have been watching since your first treasure hunt <3 <3 <3

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