35 Replies to “Lauren Wakeboards at Nitro City Panama”

  1. Christ this guy certainly throws her in at the deep end. Making her do the 360 back side xD props that was amazing

  2. This girl is really cool for just trying it, it works most of the time. No fear just go for it! Great!

  3. What a bad teacher! You shouldn't try and make someone pull off 360s, especially on a box, without even learning how to turn to switch or go off a kicker. That was dangerous!

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  5. Backside 360 on the sider is way harder than hitting the kicker and I can tell you that from experience and I have the scars to prove it!

  6. i wanna have that training too 🙂 when im wakeboarding i drive in a circle. When im falling into the water, i have to walk 5min. So I'm not risking so much, so I can drive as much as possible. Sry for my bad englisch.

  7. the first time is wakeboared was awesome, i standed 5 min on the board an i did 180 and powerslides, now 1 year later i do backflip from wave to wave :p

  8. that is cool how latin people always kiss when they meet each other and how she gets awkward everytime ! LOL

  9. That was great! I'm so excited you landed all of the tricks! It was neat to watch you learn the basics and then progress to the fancy stuff.

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