Lead Bunker indoor gun range opens in Jackson

Lead Bunker indoor gun range opens in Jackson

so down here at LED bunker Inc we have 13 lanes total split across two bays that's a five lane Bay and the big 8 lane Bay that we're standing in currently we allow rifles up to a 308 caliber we allow shotguns as well we do not charge more for shooting rifles or shotguns which a lot of places do keep in mind shotguns need to be a slug only with a single projectile and all other bullets need to be a lead core no steel cores or by metal bullets they tend to mess up our backstop we have amazing ventilation back here everything stays clean you're never choking on smoke or anything like that we have a/c and heat so it's always 65 and sunny on our range our target movers are electronic so it's always a live fire range you can change your targets out at well there's no cease fires or time limits or anything like that rules are pretty standard here you cannot draw from holsters or do anything too crazy but we do allow some rapid shooting as long as you're competent enough to keep it on the target we cater to new shooters we cater to experienced shooters we cater to the entire community of shooters the reason why we open a gun range is because we are in commercial building my husband and I and we have already built three other gun ranges in Michigan and decided that we wanted to do one for ourselves everyone has been very pleased and happy with what they've come to see longtime waiting but are very happy

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  1. Top Gun had a baby! Can you put an address and a phone number please. Good Luck it looks awesome can't wait to visit.

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