Learn to shoot in Israel: American tourists take aim in Jewish settlement

Learn to shoot in Israel: American tourists take aim in Jewish settlement

Israel's are holy sites such as the Wailing Wall are the tomb of Christ and the al-aqsa mosque they've all been major draws for tourists for many years now but now a new attraction has come on the scene visitors can pay to try their hand at an Israeli gun range it's been marketed as anti-terror training and has certainly triggered some concern as artists Paula Slayer explains a training ground where tourists visiting the land of the Holy can learn to look after themselves on the world's increasingly mean streets Vario touring Israel and this is part of Israel experience and it's it's something that you could only do in Israel and it's very clearly this shooting schools been around for years training security guards professionals soldiers and bodyguards now it's opened its doors with a two-hour course for visitors we want to come today to this site to learn a little bit about the anti-terrorist tactics that they learn that the villagers and settlement inhabitants learn so that they can protect themselves it's the brainchild of Norman Solomon a former real estate agent from Los Angeles his caliber three shooting school offers an alternative to the museums and beaches but listening and learning here could also save your life they say it was important for me to give Jewish people the the feeling that they have something safe in Israel they have a state they have an army they have facilities the deal with counterterrorism training the schools in a settlement just south of Jerusalem a quarter of a million Israelis live in the settlements that with increasing frequency are seeing violent attacks between settlers and Palestinians Israelis over the last 20 or 30 years have been discussing the seeping of norms from the occupied territories into the city in the situation we have inside of Israel when you look at Israeli society these days and you look at the impact that such a long-term occupation has had on our own society it is no coincidence that you are beginning to see more and more of these attacks inside of Israel as well as in the West Bank the morals of this gun-toting operation are causing a stir in Israel I'd say it's possible and that it may send a bad message but from the other side people here and ever and Israel live in a place where everything is defense if we don't defend ourselves if we don't put up walls then things happen bad things happen I disapprove I think that Israeli the Israeli government should educate the children and educate children a four-piece and not enable the children and teach them to fight one another whatever the outcome this sideshow in a land of unrest appears to be drawing plenty of fingers to the trigger hundreds of tourists arrive in Israel every day many of them deciding to give the settlements a shot this could be a fair ground if it wasn't surrounded by real life not only is there a growing awareness of violence but also a slightly disturbing acceptance of the very often brutal way of dealing with it Paulus Lea RT tel-aviv

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  1. Israel is against humanity
    They killed thousands of innocents childs in gaza
    This land was originally belongs to arabs
    When Hitler killing jews; then all jews ran from Hitler and came in palestine and now killing them (palestine people) who gave u land to survive
    Israel is a parasite propagating satanism
    Everyone hate israhell

  2. this is part of these ppls agenda. beware of ppl like that; om glad you were able to spot them. they don't rly care about preserving "freedoms" from "the gov't" and all the stuff you care about. In reality, they purely just hate Jews, which is why they hate Israel so much. They complain about land loss yet the Arabs have 22 countries and they Jews have one, which they have to defend every day for the past 65 years. Many Arabs rly just wish the Jews would be exterminated, but we won't let them.

  3. Like the United States, Israel is not the problem… it's their government, just as our own US government is the issue…. just saying…

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