22 Replies to “Left Wing Authoritarianism : Science Behind Horseshoe Theory?”

  1. You claim that when it turns out that you're wrong, you will let your viewers know. However, when I tried to correct you on a point on your video about left wing pedophilia (which you got EXTREMELY wrong), you responded on Twitter by blocking me.

    Care to comment, Aiydin Paladin?

  2. Well, I've gotten death threats from both the far left and the far right. So based on my own experience…..

  3. i think the best way of looking at it (based on the most "extreme" examples) is this.
    Right Wing authoritarianism is believing you have the right to kill a man for trying to take your house
    Left Wing authoritarianism is believing you have the right to kill a man for having a house when others do not
    Centrists only ever see two men killing each other over a house, and think themselves superior to both because they can't grasp motivations behind actions, only the actions they see in front of them, and thus say that both left wing and right wing authoritarianism are the same thing, and clearly they're the best option because they're not killing anyone over a house.

  4. I actually wonder, if the Nazis had risen to power in present day if they would eschew the racism/homophobia. Neither is inherent to fascism, as far as I can tell that seems to have been Hitler's personal twist and given the era it wasn't a huge stretch for most people. Today it would be a harder sell, and I suspect it wouldn't likely be part of their platform.

  5. Isn't it just as likely they refused to sign based on disapproval for authoritan registration of what people believe in?
    In a time of increased social control and mccarthysim in universities it seems a bit rash to automatically assume the only reason you wouldn't sign such a list is communism sympathy, even though im sure many leaned that way.

    Also how is communism defined by the list? If it's simply anti socialism that can be a condemnation of everything from soviet stalinism to the swedish social democrat systems which are in no way authoritan. (No minimum wage , majority privately owned roads, I could go on).

    The far left does these kind of things all the time in our day. Present sensible lists against racism, then define racism in a way that encompasses thing like 'cultural appropriation.'

  6. Best possible movie quote to debunk the assertion there is "No Authoritarian Left" -> The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…

  7. I almost dislike seeing those very lucid quotes from the academic debates from the 50's. They had the leftists number back then, no red pills required, and yet here we are 60 years later. It seems academic discourse had no effect, and we're going to have to live through some 'interesting' times before we see this through. How tedious.

  8. 37:46 Maybe this is just me being a smart-ass, but i didn't think a horseshoe reconnected at on the far end; thus leaving the 2 poles as distinct but closer together than prior places on the horseshoe. The horseshoe, if you actually took it as the metaphor it is, that of a shape, would have the ends that are referred to as the right and left authoritarian as merely more alike than the more moderate or liberal right or left wing positions on the horseshoe. These more moderate positions being the more separate part of the horseshoe shape.

  9. I think authoritarianism is an extension of survival instinct. It manifests when there is a perceived threat to something one values, and grows in proportion to the severity of the perceived threat. That's why scare tactics and divisionism are the main tools of propagandists.

  10. So we can't prove that Left Wing authoritarianism exists because Leftists have used their authority to shut down research into it huh?

  11. I think extremes are Athoratern no matter what side there on. As you need conformity and aurthy to enforce or force an ideology on to other and Aurthy also leeds to Dogmatism. As Dogmatic mind sets need to be inforced.

  12. So, Left-leaning Authoritarians want you to believe that they are the same as Right-leaning Authoritarians, and that there are no Left-leaning Authoritarians? The Devil's best trick was convincing mankind that he didn't exist.

  13. Has anyone ever provided an example of a right-wing authoritarianism?

    Something that proceeds from right wing precepts and not just international socialists trying to distance themselves from national socialists.


  14. So if you don’t sign a loyalty oath to a fascist organization then yr a communist. That’s a very specific allegation. Can you back that claim up at all? Crickets.

  15. You know this authorizatism also happens on youtube. For example someone tries to call out someone for criticising some piece of media properly and they feel like someone that is popular in the youtube sphere for reviews is more valid than like the one who puts a lot more effort in.

    The detractor also feels like the creator is responsible for causing so much turmoil and chaos where In reality the one who criticised the media is being honest.

    In conclusion Critique properly and not make shit up because you're lazy. Anyway nice video pally.

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