48 Replies to “LEGO Simpsons "Shooting Range"”

  1. guys just chill making a 20 minnte lego movie takes a long time just wait and watch some of his old videos

  2. Hi, I came up with the continuation of the battle. Darth Vader will be released from prison, but he will be spotted by guards, Darth Vader will kill them, but suddenly there will be 117 and he will throw a blue bomb at Darth Vader, he vzarvetsya and the wall will collapse on Vader. Only they wanted to leave but inside the ruins there was a blue light and an electric explosion occurred in which the stones spilled into different directions and all who came across the shock wave turned to dust and then leaves the enemy base Damaded Dart Vader and he returns to the base. Emperor Palpatine holds Vader in a medical capsule, after a while the Emperor Palpatine comes out with the new Darth Vader + to their team Joined Starkiller (Medical capsule and new Darth Vader in set 72183 Transformation of Darth Vader)

  3. Nice… Bro I'm not gonna lie but it seems the everyone wants to see the next halo vs star wars epesode. When's it coming out?

  4. Good job Airquest, I've recently uploaded a Lego Simpsons Theme Park video up Lego Zigstar channel, you should check it out and let me know what you think of it 🙂

  5. Very good use of the different characters. I like how they use a gun to match their personality. The wobbling can effect was really good but must have taken some effort (?) Really enjoyed it.

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