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  1. I have had the idea of an underground set up where basically from off of a basement a guy dug a ditch out one of the side walls of the basement and installed a culvert pipe inbedded in concrete. At the end of the culvert would be a small basement like structure that would be the bullet trap. A pulley system could be used like in a professional range to attach paper targets. Then a small sound proof room inside the basement could be parotuined off to damper the sound co MN ing up into the house. Then the culbert could also be designed like a huge suppressor to abate the sound and throw it forward away from the house down range. It would require a bit of money but I think it could serve alot of purposes. Long range stuff would stilln need to be done outside of course. But to have the option to function test a weapon of bore site at 10 and 25 yards would be nice. Main purpose is to not have the neighbors complaining if a guy wants to test out a load he just worked up and its 2 in the morning. Anyways nice piece of land your fortunate to still have your grandparents. I had mine till just recently and lost 3 of them in the period of five years. God Luck

  2. Practice double tap. As for range stop location, the direction your most comfortable with shooting currently is probably the most logical. That said your approach to the area reminded me of Hickok45…..another YouTuber.

  3. Nice place. I have a little land myself, and I set aside 80 acres of it just for my range. I wanted several things in a range, so I sat down and started a plan on what weapon will I have with me and use or need 99.999% of the time……..a pistol.

    Let's be real here and forget all the end of world crap, and all out combat missions where you need an AR or battle rifle, because that's really not real world. What's much more likely to happen is a chance random act of violence where you have to defend yourself and family or others.

    With this in mind, let's plan a range with a MAX distance of 50 meters. This will be about the MAX distance you'll use a pistol at and probably used only for fun.

    First I would set up a Known Distance (KD) range. Have 7-10 meters as your main shooting distance. Then have whatever you want for longer ranges out to 50 meters. I did this, because past 10 meters, I'm PROBABLY not going to take a shot because for "ME" I believe anyone out that far is not quite a threat YET.

    I want to KNOW where 10 meters is ALWAYS, so if in a real world situation, I've trained enough to know that a person is within that range or getting close to it and if and when I need to start taking action.

    I don't want to start engaging someone too far away, because if I did shoot someone, I want them inside that 10 meter range for sure, because going to court I can say I was in fear for my life and be believed, but at 20 meters, a jury can think differently. At 10 meters, that gives me that extra split second where I might think twice, but at 7 meters which is what everyone says, that split second I might think twice, could be the difference between me being in court OR the morgue.

    I hope I made sense there.

    In my range, I also laid down white surveyor's tape to simulate parking spaces in a parking lot. I measure actual parking lot spaces so I new the real widths of them as well as width of the road. Then laid out many strips so it looked like a small parking lot on my range. Now this gave me real world visual ranges I could train on take out to the streets with. So now I see someone 4 white stripes from me, I know he is 3 parking spaces or about 20 feet or so. The same for the length of spaces from front to rear. You get the idea.

    I figured a parking lot is a high probability area where someone would lay in wait for me, so I laid that out in my range. I also did the same thing with tables and chairs in several places where we eat. I had the bride take pics of the kids, so people wouldn't think twice about it, but really I wanted a floor plan to kind of recreate in my range. I did the same thing at grocery stores. I counted tiles as they're 1 foot square, and I got a real good idea of distances in isles.

    Use barrels or build frames to simulate vehicles or people in isles that are no shoot people or items as well as contain you within real world things. I mean you can't step through a shelf full of canned soup or jump over a table at your favorite food joint.

    Also, train holding a handful of Walmart bags or luggage or whatever. I mean when you're in a parking lot, chances are you're there to buy some thing, or holding your little girl or whatever. I mean attackers will attack when your hands are full, and they don't care if it's bags or your kid. Better yet, make damn sure the wife controls the kids and knows what to do, so you're free to engage the violence.

    I also set up a basic floor plan of certain rooms in my home where I feel someone would have the best chance to gain entry, again with pallets and scrap crap to simulate furniture and what not. It's not perfect, but it's better than shooting at a piece of card board "X" amount of feet away from you with nothing around at all, like you were doing in the video. While it's fun to shoot, it's really not real world at all. Also, train in the rain. An attacker will attack when you're not paying attention because you don't want to get wet and you're running to your vehicle. I mean really, when it's raining, how many people are out there to see an attacker or to be a witness to you being attacked?

    Anyway, this is just the very basics to start with for a real world range…for "ME" anyway. One more thing, I'm sure you know this already, but DON'T shoot your trees or put targets against them. You'll kill them and I really don't think you want to do that.

    Once you've done this, then work on your long distance KD range as well as a walk through range. I really enjoy this with both my pistol and carbines. It's A LOT of fun when you have friends and you have them set it up and you have no idea what to expect.

    Anyway, that's my two pennies and take it for what it's worth, and keep up the great work.

  4. Grab that front loader and dig it even lower than grade and start there, Use the excavated dirt to build up the distal end and sides. better safe than sorry.

  5. Great video damn rain stopping a great time of shooting. Beautiful land and home your grandparents own that range sounds like an awesome project. I'm also looking at purchasing a new handgun and the block 19 gen4 is exactly the one I'm interested in can't can't to get mine and start shooting take care brother, Primal.

  6. I remember those days down on the farm! Those were the days man. Playing some paintball, racing go karts an raising some hell! Shoulda pulled out some cowboy shit an rode one of those ponies while you shot! Lmao Hope all is well brother! Krogey!

  7. when you opened the gate, I thought you were coming out of the chute on one of those bucking broncos. lol. that land you can see people coming long before they see you, great fields of fire, choke points, and ambush points to leapfrog fire teams.

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