silence you think you've got what it takes cyclist apex legends but not all legends by heroes each fight for their own reasons the ashes of war legends are born there are cones of strength power time to win outside the ring they're champions inside their equals but the gull remains the same we have become an apex legend I say it's a sport of survival you ask me it's simple I they kill you they're better you kill them you're better hello Oh [Applause] your discourse we got this arcus um okay makin broke not sure I guess I'm gonna be some work today is not gonna be easy no but I will come on balanced you know totally not Yuri picked the DPS bro no but he's running a chat I don't know why it's not picking up his mic now we can't hear you I don't know why we'll figure it out of the night rhombus wait hold down the tea hold on tea and talk for your sake I think tears work should talk right oh that's five actually coming honey all right it's fine Oh just a buff yeah Oh oh my gosh I'm having some my oh no oh no no no my sensitivity alright sigh my Sarah that's them okay good now they do my sense we'll all kinds of fucked up it was so high okay we're in the circle right now so not the worst remember these pods over here take these out what is that goal he's already open these pods are open these pods are open oh that's what that does alright Allen they were very well equipped to fight but we might have to do fuck early out of a bad situation here a bit yep we not lie oh shit those here hey what's that good fuckin Linder all right what do you got to move this way to stay in the circle so we want to lawn town you have this puzzle open so yeah or or you open these okay okay yeah free talkies cut them open as well we are fucked because they have all the equipment hey what up dude ah sure alright damn lawyer oh whoa I guess here but he's stay high I realize say hi I don't say hi are we strong sir yeah football sit in the circle thanks a minute I said same eyeshadow need this heavy Mac mother really let's explode this way yeah this has been looted or what's that football up the only oh that should drop things you should you should get it yeah chops it drops items when you shoot it or when you punch it can we get there all the way up okay did have anything good alright cool testicles oh we definitely are ooh pots for days on big pods Potter's oh hello gamers I mean storm you're moving out of it did you see anyone don't dive over everything the circles just you know that's hella close all eyes on anyone we want to engage oh okay I guess when engaging that's it buddy Oh triple take business Piper wait what's that sound I can hear myself that you'd know yeah oh it was a here oh I said only halfway yeah but I do a little fix will fix audio in a bit I think they're gonna be coming from North also therefore extra distance yeah now that's on me oh yeah where do you go then wash up to help door oh shut up good Oh they're putting a sandwiched we go


  1. Just got my keyboard, the final piece needed to start. About to start Apex, my first game switching to PC. See you in the arena old friend.

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