(Level 3.5) Intensive Fat Burning Routine (better than running)

(Level 3.5) Intensive Fat Burning Routine (better than running)

41 Replies to “(Level 3.5) Intensive Fat Burning Routine (better than running)”

  1. Nice work!
    Jordan how much calories i can burning with this 4 min of intensive fat burning?
    im about 1,77m x 96kg

    if i do 4-5 round per day… i can burn more than 400 calories?

  2. For people who jog everyday don't get discourage, you can just add this to your plan and keep going! So many negative people around here who doesn't even try to work their asses off!

  3. Guys this totally works if you do it 5 days a week, but my secret is doing it before you go to sleep. (Dont forget to shower afterwards lol)

  4. I did 4 rounds actually I felt lightheaded and ended up in the middle of 5th round. It was my first attempt

  5. hi JORDAN, U r superb. your free hand exercise are very effective for burn body fat. i follow your video.. carry on

  6. While watching – These are such easy exercises. They can't make me slim.
    While doing – I can't breathe…can't write more….

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