(Level 4) 4 min Abs Challenge!

(Level 4) 4 min Abs Challenge!

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  1. Jumping jack- plank knee to elbow
    High knee tap – plank knee to elbow
    Burpees – plank knee to elbow
    Russian twist – plank knee to elbow
    Push up – plank knee to elbow
    Diamond push up – plank knee to elbow

  2. Wow you’re so great! Im a FAN i also did some challenge! Please support my 7 DAY AB WORKOUT CHALLENGE! 🙏 Thank you!


  3. Man I destroyed after just having done another ab workout and I did it much better than the guy in the video, but thanks for the idea

  4. I work out a lot but sometimes i like to do core at home instead of the gym. This was a lot of fun and when you get used to it you can repeat a few times to really destroy your core for the day. Awesome vid!!

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