(Level 5) 5 Minute Intensive Bodyweight Workout

(Level 5) 5 Minute Intensive Bodyweight Workout

33 Replies to “(Level 5) 5 Minute Intensive Bodyweight Workout”

  1. Doesn't get any simpler that this… But it kicks your butt…. I get sick and tired of these workout with all these highly complex moves. You can never out do this workout because all you have to do is add more rounds as you get better at it. The challenge remains!

  2. 3 year in Gym nothing happen with my body…Just saw your channel and follow up  2 weeks in fill better with my body.Thanks Jack…Let me follow up you until I can transform my body like you….

  3. not only this you recomended so many workout ,all are looks like useful but we cant do all of those can you suggest the better one for above 35

  4. hey jordan, how many reps I must do to get to a normal shape?.I dont like to have a gigantic muscle I just want a body like you have.

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