what's up yo another day another peacock we're out here in the Philippines and this is Liam right here and I've got one he's about to do some stunts for us and hopefully they're pretty yes here we go we're at the TV okay Lewin how am i doing again sprit again you won't know you won't what they're true oh my god is a and except what are you puffle makes your heart Jeep or why I hope I got that on camera I don't know if I miss it or not we'll both the funds one more you wanna have it like that or you order it again you come splatoon again I'm pretty sure we got a bit of fog on the lens so don't judge you are in jail what are you going seenu's a kill against that one count make sure you check out the peacock Brothers YouTube channel that is us Ming is in the description below and he's gonna give us some more stunts so don't worry like a tow back nine are you gonna swim definitely no I don't even know if I can swim the grinds a better swimmer than you all right let's see how it goes these get into a tone back seven and seven I guess he's not really because I was pretty cool alright what are you doing now alright what do you think you're gonna do is ender all right going instead that's easier – double-barrel – fine I'll go for left foot here about nine you all I like that one if you land there she'll go the whole set without do you want that to be the end here do you wanna you want to go to swim I don't know let's keep going alright what are you doing I might try toe back turn I like what's the point in stopping Amazo just go to life swim and try and do some good all right let's see it Tomek 10-1 honey we're swimming but yeah that's gonna be it for that one we did that entire set with Liam only swimming right there and I'm getting splashed in the face but if you want to see more awesome videos like this when we put them up every second day forever so stay tuned subscribe give me a thumbs up coming and like and tell me all you want to see and I'll see y'all next time and peace


  1. You guyz both always careful while doing that although ur professional already..πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  2. Hi!.. I'm here in you beautiful place thank you for sharing my home town.. I hit your red button and ring your bell, hope to see you too in my simple place and ring my bell ..thank you

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