Liang Jingkun vs Hou Yingchao | 2019 China National Championships

Liang Jingkun vs Hou Yingchao | 2019 China National Championships

41 Replies to “Liang Jingkun vs Hou Yingchao | 2019 China National Championships”

  1. chop, chop, chop. lamb chop, beef chop, duck chop, chicken chop.
    the whole china loses to one chopper.
    Hou YingChop

  2. Liang Jingkun is No 6 racket in the World now. When you see how many mistakes this first class player makes against Hou Yingchao you realise what kind of crazy spin variaton he has to deal with. Amazing!

  3. New generations can't deal with heavy spin, they are all about that flashy speed, look at Lian Jingkun sending all those heavy chops to the net, pretty sad the youngsters forgot about spin.

  4. Let me explain why I don't have any respect to Hou even he has beaten Liang J., Wang C.?
    1. If Liang, Wang used pimple, they could beat Hou easily.
    2. If Huo used normal (inverted) rubbers, he was beaten badly by Liang, Wang.
    3. Huo could cause trouble to Liang, Wang because he used pimples. It means the pimples themselves, not Huo, cause troubles to other players.

  5. At the 04:56, Hou blocked a ball from Liang, the ball just dropped on the table of Hou's side, and he looked at his own racquet, and wondered what the heck happened to his rubber. And he has been using THAT rubber (dodgy) against other players for SO MANY year, and happy to see THAT DODGY rubber destroyed many players, who had much higher table tennis skills than he did. Such a wimp player, who uses dodgy (pimple) rubber to cheat to much better players.

  6. There are so many offensive players that they forget to practice against defensive player. Only the weak offend player will lose to defensive style. If you take the best offensive against the best defensive, offensive always wins in modern TT. Defensive style cannot control the rally but only follows.

  7. The way that LJK played like he just had his diarrhoea! So disappointed! Anyway, one of the best point from LJK 4:29

  8. All these comments discounting the win because hes a chopper? Hes a great player and considering any form of table tennis other than two winged loopers is ever promoted, its amazing they win at all. Can you imagine if there were as many YouTube videos on modern defense as there are for offensive style of play?

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