Limb twist on a recurve bow

Limb twist on a recurve bow

get a a hi and welcome thirty in the morning early quarter out great the morning I've got about fifteen minutes or so but somebody was asking me posted the video a long time ago I got a fairly remember what was in the video but I probably had mentioned the term limb twist and it seems to have put the fear of God in this particular viewers they got my ball it's my ball gonna explode let me explain what limb twist is and then what the effects is on your bow and sometime and forth for the long story short no you don't have to worry about it too much but yes it can be a problem when you draw your bow now this bowl here is a little bit worn out it's an older seventies 70s these dackel bow and the string is completely worn out on this one so anyway when you draw back okay you pull straight back but you might not realize it you tend to talk to one side usually beside your you know your you tend to do that and that'll put a little bit of strain on the limbs in itself not a problem where the real problem with Lindquist comes in and what limp twist is if you if you want you to strut your whole you look straight down up like this and you'll see that one limb will be kind of twisted or both limbs up might be kind of twisted to one biased side or another and this one isn't too bad but it clearly has loop twist but the older the bow get it's a natural occurrence it's going to happen to every recurve bow out there that's but what makes it really bad is when people when they're stringing it if you don't use a lot actual screen or a lot of people say well I use a stringer when I can just put you know my leg around it and you know when you're pulling it if you know how to wrap it around you know the inside of your leg so that when people are stringing like this this is where the usually the worst part of limb twist comes because they tend to as they're pulling it forward to put this hang on that's when they tend to twist the limb even more and once you started that's what if they keep doing that and then every time you pull back if they leave a string for like say e and they string it up and they just leave it they never run string it over time it might work its way more to the point when you're pulling it back that your your limb is starting to actually pull off off center and when you release that vibration might actually at some point shatter the limb doesn't happen that often but it can happen so how do you how do you avoid it well number one when you're done using your boat I'm just ringing best way to get a stringer don't use I mean you can use the you know the round the lake tech technique I've used it you know on this one for a long time but I don't care if this one goes but my fredbear for example of my that bow I really don't want to destroy that one so again the limb twist on this one isn't bad but you could ever so slightly see it again for the giving me the edge of the bowl and it's probably sat strung up for probably a couple of decades as I got this from our friend but when you pull back again and leaving it string your you're going to get some limb twist but if the limp twist gets bad enough and you'll really really notice that that that this will be curved to one side or you know kind of leaning to one side or the other that's when you have to watch out for so if you like to string it after you're done shooting it I mean it's okay believe it's strong for a couple of days at that or a week or so that's not gonna hurt it but we're talking like you know year after year type of thing it will do that the other thing too is like I say the one that starts to loop twist is when you grab it and you put it around your leg to string it as you're pulling the limbs toward you you tend to pull you're not pulling the limb straight so much like let's say this is the one and you grab it you pull it you tend to put a little bit of a twist on it when you pull it and then you start that twisting motion so that's why you should use a string or rather than it doesn't mean your bow is going to explode on you or something but bows have been destroyed because of limb twist not a massive massive problem if you just watch it for things a lot of times even though when you get a slight let loom twist just relaxing the pressure on the bow you'll miss you can't go to relaxing the pressure on the bow by taking the string off sometimes allows the bow to go back to its natural where it was in the beginning but if you let it get really bad a lot of times again it's from the video just so you can see exactly what I'm talking about fast angle there take your bow and I'll do it with this one just for demonstration purposes so when I go to even when I'm stringing it no strings so that hooked around me I like the way it's supposed to now when I'm pulling okay and taking the tension off I'm not doing very much here okay and I'm trying to pull it straight as possible but I'm not only pulling straight I'm kind of you notice I have it against my beam I'm actually slowly starting that that warp on the end of the limb and again you're not going to notice it the first few times you do it a few hundred times after you might start noticing it but it's and if you have one that's really difficult what tends to happen is the more you pull on it the more of a twist it because you can't you're doing it it's so subtle that you don't realize you're doing it that's why when you're using the stringer you're pulling straight up and down on the limbs there's no question about it that's the best so that's the thing about limb twist so you know your boys I'm gonna die on you right away unless you've got really and if you really really notice the limp twist maybe might want to take it to somebody who can actually fix them you know me you might have to you know me I don't know how they would fix them and probably some sort of a steam then they would have to do but you know some you know is it passed fixable but a lot of times just by leaving it on strong I know if my fredbear I leave it unstrung pretty much all winter and when I take it out the summer first few times that I you know fling arrows out of them you know for a couple of hundred arrows I fling out of it seems like it's like a brand new bow again just sitting in this position so it seems like I'm stringing your bow is kind of the solution when you're done using it I mean again if you leave it for a week a month even like during bear season or whatever whatever I have or deer season when I hunt with my bow I've yet to get one with a recurve but although we've come close I haven't got one yet though what I do I usually did it strung for the whole season and it no it doesn't hurt the bow at all dropping the bow can do limb twists that type of thing but the limb twist is basically the end of your limbs here starting to can to one side or the other and that's usually again brought on by people stringing it by hand because you're too cheap to buy a an actual trigger that pulls straight up and down you can even make a stringer it's there really nothing to know so that that's just my thing on a limb twist no don't panic don't worry about it and if you're really worried about it like I say I'm string your bow whenever you're done make sure you this string is done but when you're on the string that make sure you don't unravel the string and always make sure that you have you know the top and the bottom where the top and bottom are on this wall I'm not worried about it cuz this string needs to be placed with all my other bow you know you know well although I do is I usually just connect the one end and I just usually leave this string on like that and then just kind of you know around myself just all about losing this string you know that type of thing but I just make sure that it doesn't unravel keep your scream good and waxed that's always a good thing so a limb twist that's what I'm talking about it's not a massive massive problem but it has destroyed a few bows once you start once the limb twist starts twisting it will always twist in that direction by alleviating the tension on it it might correct itself a bit but I mean it's going to again when you're pulling back to you're going to tend to torque the bow in a certain direction anyway probably you know if you're you know if you're you're right-handed like me you're probably the limbs slightly to the to the left you know because you're pulling me into yourself even you might not realize because it again depends with you you know you're over here so if your limbs might actually everybody's arm lengths are different something again not a major major problem but when it becomes really noticeable lib twist then it might become a problem so if you grab your bow you said I can't tell if it's twisted you're not worried about it but limb twist can be a result of improper stringing and leaving it strong too long and just you know natural wear and tear so you know if you got a bow let's say you get ten years out of a bow and you use it almost religiously every week I mean you know you got your money's worth you know I'm saying so don't worry about it too much but these things I mean this thing is from the 1970s 1980s and it wasn't really that well kept I know just from I mean it's you know my friend that I got it from said yeah it's been probably strung sitting in the closet for about 20 years you know so it hasn't been well taken care of and no this thing is still got lots of life left in it even with that so again it's not something that you have to panic or worry about but just something to be aware of because it can be a problem so it doesn't mean it will be a problem it just it can be a problem and if there's a slight twist in it don't panic that's normal you're going to get even a brand new bow is going to have a slight twist at some some point my fredbear one is pretty Hardy I mean you're pretty much out together micrometer out there to to notice it but just so you know that they're meant twisted and natural occurs from wear and tear use of the boat but what we're looking at is when you can really notice it by eye very easily you know basically trying to line up one to the other this one has a slight twist to it the other one has a slight twist to it I'm not worried about it particularly if you want to string it it seems to correct itself a bit better I thought by much you know again it'll always have a bit of a twist to it no problem it's only a problem if you let it get out of control the best way to preserve the limbs your bow is always telling from you anyway I guess I'm just repeating myself to know so I thought I'd make that that video and just before I get going I know somebody was kind of panicking about it do not panic about it so I didn't scare anybody with the concept of limb twist but just so you're aware of it so anyway I gotta get ready to go to work so there we go if you like this kind of content please consider making a donation to the channel thank you very very much to everybody who has supporting the channel and rate subscribe share comment like take advantage of the comments if you've had problems with limb twists and you had some solutions maybe post them down below for others to read that type of thing I haven't had any major problems with it myself so and this bow had the worst limb twist on all the bows I've had so you know it's not been a problem but it's something that I'm aware of so just saying that so alright be true to yourself or to others nose always do the right thing have a great day

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  1. Good instructional video. Many archery channels(as far as i know), overlook issues like bow maintenance and the mistakes that a beginner might make at it and im happy to see someone is taking time to instruct prober bow maintenance.

  2. Bought an old Pearson and the tips when looking down the bow as you suggested are flat but point out to the right slightly? So even but crooked in direction I suppose? Video helped thanks for your time.

  3. Ok thanks man for the video! Well my bow is pretty old its a 70s bow and dont know much about it. But I'm pretty sure its just natural, I've heard of people trying to bend it back . It's barely noticeable shoots great.. So hopefully I can get 5 or 10 years out of it. I'll see.

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