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  1. Horseshoe crabs are so fascinating in my opinion. My mother used to tell me stories about how her, and her friends would go to the beach, and catch them to play around with them. I remember the first time she brought me, and we let them rest on out faces. It tickled. 🙂 Ah.. The memories.

  2. Keep it in water! He needs to be in a damp area to survive, the water will remain in his gills, then put him in water, or else he'll die!

  3. @teamofreally I'm a girl an I find both those things cute. Centipedes bother me though, they don't scare me but they make my skin crawl for some reason.

  4. man you people crazy… how do you find this cute lol… this thing scares the living shit outta me… yea i know its harmless blah blah blah… but still… its like millipedes… they're harmless too but they still scare the shit outta me lol… SO UGLY!!!

  5. @ekoglen no these guys are prehistoric but so are the Trilobita (by the way that's the name of a phyllum… Limulus is a genus name…. so you can't really compare it that way…. the phyllum name for these guys are Merostomata). The only thing is Trilobita got extinct but these guys are still around. The Merostomata (Limulus) have been around ~200-250 million years (since triassic)… so they are pretty darn prehistoric too… just that they are still around these days

  6. My aunt went to New England for a vacation once and she was scared shitless by these! I kind laughed when I explained to her they were completly inofensive creatures.

  7. @neoshawott Okay having done a little research…. Your thinking about a Trilovite but this is a Limulus Polyphemus… So now you can search for your self

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