Limited Procurement Ep 92 Hot Dog Horseshoe & Hand Grenade

Limited Procurement Ep 92 Hot Dog Horseshoe & Hand Grenade

hello and welcome back to our hot dogs Oh Susan hang grenades I'm sees father and today when I gave on-site back on-site procurement packed dese I go on limited EMA mode oh this car damn bad they can it fingers crossed for some good guns again any fun so I come and practice I'm hoping a lot for good weapons because we're gonna start off with pistols or bolt action or a bolt action pistol thank you forwarding on much I'll just ignore them we are on the blue box of ammo in guns and weapons and stuff you should be dead I really don't want to bring good and the pistols too expensive I worked our best initiative and I got a total feeling one of those is empty I just picked up oh well give me that Wow shit shoot oh this one over that I feel so what's stopping them well one down and almost like a denim house just over 20% this week I've got feeling you may have bullets so I'm gonna take you and hope for the best we're letting you forward and how much only I've lost my ability to shoot as well I'm sorry there but we'll get that one on the way actually no will happen nosy okay I know dupa and a break action shotgun interesting interesting what do we have over here then some help at least a box pistol you know up run them again ah what's the handle to get rid of there no oh well let's go get us as a shotgun shall we maybe Dupin ammo do Panero do I mm thanks what shot coming it also spawn lock you shotgun break action it's nice oh come on Sperling have a shotgun home confetti rounds one more I can get behind that one we get incendiary rounds ooh Reagan's breath there we go I saw having a saw enough over/under shotgun well it's dragon threat it's a hopper and I had the pistol and backup in case it fails oh it's just an odd sounding round as well I do love that and when you have to point your whole demo in your hands just being able to go conch all right I shall be using the triple hits on that but hey missed them Oh I'll go get them in a second whether they drop that mag drop the mag around here oh great fell off the Maggie I need those I'm gonna low on health as well well you see the Mac I can't see the mag which is not good I wanted that boat did it get they might have got despawned I hope it didn't again did get this pawned it means I'm I'm a failure it's the game's fault but then that means bad things I need to be extra careful and going max it means I don't want something I can quick drop I want a big nice one that I grab the arrow off SMG forward fold fold will let them catch up to us adi a case oh why not it's never still no although that if I remember correctly is a as classified as a deadly round so you know I can live for that or whatever bullet in there so weird noise I just said in real life okay how would we do if I never wanna do I thought that you're gonna give me triple-a okay I can look at that oh that's cuz my gun I see what happened there Thanks I do I've said this at home I highlight the invisible barrier around the edge of this for the bullets are shells shells I miss all the variety right this way I'll take help olfaction or laser sight neva okay kill them all I love how they have mac tens and Newsies in it I've got to go all remember got this friend of style no Rambo his big happy my finger Mach 10 again although they actually started all the styles you know hey still why not and well lugar race won't took penny mo I did like that Bree had shot someone was I won't lie fun to use in that moment when I could use the cover the first bit was like oh no this ain't good as soon as I got around that wall and kept leaning out and popping them it was wonderful also I found it really easy to looking down saying oh I just whacked my headset shoot you spend all these bullets trying to kill me leave flash okay okay okay this ain't going too bad I ain't going too bad I lost half my house I've got to pop these things in a second to harden ones oh and that's a lot of hardened ones thank you going I should really just be using the shotgun let's be honest Hanigan can go Old World War 2 GM and Yemen Oh Gerry cycle time jerry-san spending bullets on that I don't care yes Oh okay we'll get rid of the Luger but you like that show you inert filling you up oh we got red tips nice I do like some red tips you there I think I took the safety off I hope that safety off I hate this style of sight I just I thought I was gonna get a nice battle rifle he's a barrel rifle but of the worst variety oh it does shoot like a champ I mean hit like a champ got his shoes have a champ it's huge and if I huge rounds so of course it's like a champ I think just shot his friend timed on this site doesn't know a battle rifle the well well relax but thanks hate you Vica stand a random case and everything great i ricochet off his Hamlet's I do have an ammo refill here actually oh no that's not never I feel like I'm just gonna scrap it go all the way back for an MMO refiller after why are better shot with one hand with this yes I just beat a man to death of a shotgun uncle into suppression I suppress a man ibc him down again that would probably stop you from shooting bro oh let's be honest and whacked on the head don't look at my health I hope this thing going knows Oh golly we're almost there half an hour already okay well we'll do this taking hold and then oh well me too I need ammo though that's the thing I can't go any further without ammo I love to bet you can't do that I had our dupa so all the way back to the beginning also I love how that just you actually clunk that's why thanks Bonnie who see the fastest way will be through here like this way that mind was swinging back around I mean faster going fro but hey yeah we were fast to go straight down the corridor Wow I may have taken the long route from here well do ever now I do period only yes a Beluga what we'll take the Luger with us red tips I forgot what the red tips are no tracking you just have a moment you know also on the Lugar's well for them oh just in case and shotgun shotgun will spawn six incendiary rounds why did hey sounds fun hey let's go to our death as quickly as possibly probably most lakely like a bird met they met enough as it is beating people up with guns Jawa want a gun with a bayonet I wish it gave you the bayonet version of this yeah that was a interest me I think I broke the physics then it's fun breaking physics engines who doesn't like breaking them said every Skyrim player ever actually know that yeah it's getting worse it's like the energy in the movement is in bigger and bigger also you can hear how being send you around is just it likes a higher pitch sound because I believe how quickly it's a lower pressure round so it makes mob up rather than oh and yes and you just heard it so low pressure and I think the incendiary counts psychosomatic life also it has nowhere near the same range there we go also I didn't scrap the in lugar I wanted to scrap it you just survived the incendiary rounds wait I'm everything away Oh fortunately there's only basically two ways they can come at me as long as I don't stand right there so from that door oh you'll know dents and howl encryptions down there out I'm standing on cables I don't have many bullets left rifle time and this is going to be the spinny one so it's over I think I just hit him in the knee armor plate I surprised him long enough I think runs other bullets faster than you think I think they just killed each other sit down you couldn't survive that you couldn't have survived living concussion from the round hitting you in the head aha that's what a Luger excels it hasn't quite a high ammo capacity Oh anywho that can I shoot like that you can actually shoot with that stripper clip still in wow I didn't know that but anywho thanks for watching I hope you enjoy because that is nearly 30 minutes if you did so hit that like button can they come into questions or drew up and down in the comment section below I'll answer possible new channel hit let's grow under stair to date don't forget you can follow me on Twitter and support me on patreon links to those are down in the description stay well and survive around cheerio [Applause]

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  1. Love that limited ammo runs were added. It's not to difficult once you get a gun with 100+ rounds but the grind is fun

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