Lin Yun-Ju | Best Moments of 2019!

Lin Yun-Ju | Best Moments of 2019!

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  1. this guy has to be in the top 10 really soon! talented, calm and collected. already beat the greatest.
    also @ittf: since you didnt only show clips where he won, i was missing some of the other really nice matches e.g. where he beat FZD earlier. felt like there was some old videos, and then the ones from 2 weeks ago T2 😀 correct me, if im wrong.

  2. People are arguing over who's better among Harimoto, Lin Yun-Ju and Wang Chuqin, while I'm just happy to see this generation from different countries competing against each other.

    It's mostly been China dominating and competing against its own players. Can we include to some extent, Truls Moregard and Kanak Jha in the list of young stars of this generation? Hoping for more to show up!

  3. He is what a table tennis player should be. Proper style, strategic (not wasting Time and energy to play rally top on top), quiet, humble

  4. I can see a bright futur and a fierce competition coming between all of these super talented players.
    Harimoto, Chuqin and Yun-Ju are definitely amongst these youngsters that will fight for the crown, but they have their "older brothers" there too: the names like Gaoyuan, Zhendong and Jingkun, all on their way to achieve the impossible.
    It's really super exciting to see new blood shining like that, and I can't wait for the upcoming tournaments.
    The hype is real!

  5. I like his consentration and silent game 🙂 smart one. reminds me waldner and his mental power. unlike good harimoto.

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