Lin Yun-Ju Training 2019

Lin Yun-Ju Training 2019

16 Replies to “Lin Yun-Ju Training 2019”

  1. 台灣是個國家!讓世界看見台灣運動也有打敗中國的實力!!!Taiwan is a country and not China !

  2. English please! What's the point writing the title in English, but hearing them what they say in asian language whit out any subtitles!

    Lin's father has got to provide China coach wages of 4100 USD per month. Father is fond of his sonny so much.

  4. Why does he use Tenergy 05 Hard and not a Chinese rubber as for instance DHS Hurricane III Neo? his playing style looks chinese, not japanese or european style…

  5. He should join the Chinese Super League to keep up with the Chinese players, yes he may have beaten many top players now but it doesn't mean he's unstoppable. There are too many talented players in China that Lin should challenge and earn more experience.

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