12 Replies to “Live: Gold medal matches | Las Vegas 2018 Indoor Archery World Cup Finals”

  1. When the crowd announcer says any words besides, "Ten," "nine," or "nine-liner," I think it sounds unprofessional.

  2. The Russian Savenkova, grip on the bow looks more like a closed fist which seems to go against the grain a bit. It just goes to show how much coaches/instructors need to be more flexible in their approach to teaching Archery because there's more than one way to do accomplish the objective

  3. Great Result, No display of arrogance there. Also got $25000 from Martin on top of the $52000 winners prize. Nice payday and well deserved. Perkins looked pretty cocky before the final end, I think he felt the win was in the bag, when Eyler nailed the final shot Perkins looked like he'd been hit by a truck.

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