Live Rescue: Dog Saved from Wire Fence (Season 1) | A&E

Live Rescue: Dog Saved from Wire Fence (Season 1) | A&E

– All right, guys. Well, we have Mason PD out. Looks like one of the
officers has a dog that’s stuck on a barbed wire fence. They need assistance to
cut the barbed wire off to free the dog. It doesn’t sound like
this is a K9 officer. It might just be a roaming dog. So crush pants and turn out
coat to protect yourself, and let’s wear structure
gloves, as well. Aw, dang it. There’s the dog. He’s up high. You see him? – Oh, yeah. – Obviously he’s stressed,
so he’s snapping at us. – OK. – But he’s all tangled in there. – So between you guys, I’m
wanting you to capture the dog with the snare. Jared, I want you to try
and use the combi cutters. That’s going to give you the
most distance from the animal. Go ahead and cut this
section right here, and that should pull
out one part free. Go ahead. – I’m gonna keep this
over to the right, so maybe he doesn’t [inaudible]. [machinery whirring] – Go ahead, Rick. Just go ahead and
get it on there. Just be aggressive on it. There you go. Good.
Get it on his head. There. Now just leave him. There you go. Good. Keep going, Jared. Just clear it all away. And it’s jabbing him
on the underside there. Do you see that, Jared? – Yep. – Yeah. Stand by. – Can you push his head up? Push it up. – Go get me a pike pole, Jeff? Please? Hey, guys, he’s got his
skin right over here. That spot. It’s piercing the skin
over here on that side. – Let me get on the ladder. I want to get higher. – OK. Just keep ’em pulled down. Just like that. Good. – Coming down. – Hold him. You’re good? Some concerned citizens
initially found the dog. Not sure exactly
how he got up there, but when the dog made it down
to the ground, you could tell he was pretty happy. – Come on. – Come on, bud. – Mesa PD, they’re going to
go ahead and take him over, and get him evaluated. And hopefully reunite
him with his owners. – Up. There you go. – That’s fine. – It’s all you. – Yeah. – He’s chill, and he
did get some water.

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  1. He is being so good and perfect.. I have one and I know she be way worse. Awww bless thank you PD and Firefighters of Arizona

  2. I hate how u americans waste the meat when u put down dogs u will eat cows which feel pain compassion and love if u hang out with cows they really like big dogs but u throw all dog meat away while u have people going hungry

  3. Another example of how good the rescue people and Police are. He was a brave dog just stayed still to help his rescuers do their job. God bless all the people involved.

  4. I feel like that might’ve been a guard dog looks like they were at a car dump place and well yeah it’s not usual to see big ole dogs in those types of places

  5. Poor Puppy. It happens sometimes, they get into the weirdest places. Glad they were able to help him and get him out.

  6. Great job to all the rescue personnel! That poor piti was just scared and in pain. Hope they found him/her a good home…and wondering what the back story might be. I do remember there were several times when I worked at my local Humane Society, that we came into work only to find a dog precariously perched up on top of the kennel partitions…usually with a very "worried" look. So climbing chain link, or other types of fencing is not that much of a problem for some dogs..the problem is getting back down, or getting entangled in something, like he/she did.

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