12 Replies to “Live Session: Recurve Finals | Antalya 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup S2”

  1. Hold. Up. Women's Gold, Ksenia Perova VS Chang Hye Jin. Set Number 2. Who put Perova on the Russian squad?

  2. Crispin is awesome as a commentator, very calm and nice to listen to. The other commentator just (well as usual) annoyed me…

  3. Is Perova shooting with her right eye closed and aiming with her left eye even though she is a right handed shooter ?

  4. 양궁에서 일본에게 지다니…. 뭔일이야? 생소한 장면이네… 대만한테도 지고 , 러시아한테도 지고, 기분 더럽네

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