Liverpool vs Sporting 2-2 All Goals & Highlights 25/07/2019 HD

Liverpool vs Sporting 2-2 All Goals & Highlights 25/07/2019 HD

hello everybody an absolute pleasure pleasure and a privilege to be out here in New York City as little people bring their successful tour of the USA to a close the Reds get the chance to play again at the Yankee Stadium home Ryan Colin Sporting Lisbon that's what they're always affectionately known as but sporting of course to Liverpool supporters we will never forget that scissor kick will we it is after a 2-2 draw so delighted to have alongside as has been everywhere in the USA's been working that strikeout for tonight's game Liverpool John and Henderson proudly sporting a debut for Liverpool's brand-new awake it brought to you of course by New Balance as I said you know 8090 percent fit is what they'll be right now because of the conditions that they've been put through through this preseason it's a very very difficult Yankee Stadium in New York City from one iconic anthems so about to get underway Liverpool giving a Debu to their brand-new a wetland Sardinia salute sir Brazilian verbena the goodness being a Brazilian goalkeeper ran out Ribeiro just about doing enough and he's took her right out clattering the Brazilian there at the feet of the Belgian more like severe Steve it's been a great start from Liverpool [Applause] well as reaction said oh we don't need to say anything else for that one sporting tape-delayed bit of a freak goal you have to say in the end these things happen don't they it's just played out wide again and Bruno Fernandez is their hits it sporting will take police here say Chamberlain goodness me wit that one in and really good defending by the experience against pariah hopefully play my oxlade-chamberlain too much weight from the final ball that that's it never gives up anything up with one turn [Applause] Durex got a ball in the box but it wasn't the capsular think at the end the referee has given a free kick Joel Matic was in the senior he wasn't appealed also Isaac well like I mentioned in the build-up I mean the the dimension to the pitch of as small as you can get we produce a decent delivery can you know but very close the fans would have loved to see him school there they were singing his name in the heart of Manhattan last night that Xiang Han from ribeiro good at a down to the teeth [Applause] the reggae David Currie he goes and you just started ones coming Steve Rose before from the kornev edge of Monday called a great save out from the verón the could play again great one from Cheney when aliens attack first foot by Jamie was beating the offside trap [Applause] who's to say that the keeper in the review doing what every good strike you should do fall off the bed straight for my tracks over the top legitimate he shows force Asia other numbers the filter dog walk the dogs a good little bit a scaled on a tour and then he raised one court on mentality you know for to miss Felipe Matheny immaculate abruptly patients on site policy by the Brazilian good job spilner why not 90 Robertson setup this is some challenger named Jamie vitality buddy – miser whose meta Mexico his troubles so a couple of minutes ago Saturday night pencils nuts it so much first tips to the shot off guiltless million and saw the video just about keeping it out when go to the who know Fernandez in tapasya let's touch them [Applause] Tiago and loading salty stored there but as his former club but that little poet our turn defense into it and then you go to the swimmer now fancy Japanese to Provo another one in there Jase mister old big a is coming back than what it's made of but it's very light that's causing oxlade-chamberlain now yes the Cameroon international in by our tender Arnold agai [Applause] Taron New York City he's been threatening to do that all day yeah more fortunate gives a mistake by mentos and the Spencer bull and it was aimed for GB without them into the banks to see the defendant genie trumpets from that a good calm finish well the chili van album sonic game is reverberating all around the Big Apple last night they will be at the Rope James comer [Applause] with the delivery to say that is clicking save Steve will go to the culture so um anyway showing it what solutely placement really for but I have that left fullback for sporting so look at Paul leading 2-1 here at Yankee Stadium the final game of the so much competing for the a trophy tonight a West Thank You Teresa that's why something there are those children call hi operator right place Steffensen we're now foot on this again in football thriller shots at the end why to the target by the Brazilian Affairs luis felipe the brazilian excellent minutes so fish go put the trepanation picture two – got some fantastic one-twos in that middle of the park it costly local again I through butter and then I fell to Fernandez it you suggest that he makes things up and makes the right decision again it looked like one minute and I take your own but he talks bye and just slides it's a Wendel accusing the easiest of opportunities dependent from about seven yards out they whacked it well with such simple taking up position really good well that's Hilda sweet get into to whip this woman with deliberate surprise the joke oxygen that there's a carbon copy of the is provided sokka brown and grass dusty they don't forward is a really good play about under the Thorpe bass tossed who touch forward the Lions have been a koala said about the likes of cancer mostly later than in the deposit caliber James Oh with real hair the tents will send just over cut my food Charlotte Lucas Ilya still [Applause] electrode to the two-on-two this is what the owner will be frustrated with the fact it up is so easy and a great save from salmon menu like sailing every covered up or mistake he made in the first two minutes or three minutes the answer was right and that thought will sit down who keeps it at play my feeling that only poet or fat fast is Thiago a lorry supposed to here to brow 3 in first and 19 euro comes off Jordan Henderson the captain off stuff get well there's his Jones what we call my Jones over the enemy Wilson and is beautiful out there's bass tossed is there we've got place until they get here this the far side is change builder boosters in the sector critical groups of Mecca Ivanova understanding from Fubini I was Suzie go to the Sabbath Miller was on his way as a beautiful flag football I am Oprah could get on the end of a hat elusive trust sale

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  1. I know it's a friendly. But a testament to how good he is, literally having any other keeper in goal other than Alison just looks painful

  2. Esses portugueses são todos iludidos pensam que só porque empataram com o atual campeão são capazes de fazer força com os maiores times.

  3. Mignolet not good enough for first GK even in other club, second GK is your best position in liverpool.

  4. Yes Mignolet made a mistake that led to a goal. But he produced an outstanding double save which was awesome and people don't talk about that.

  5. How do Liverpool give up no win 😡but mo salah will play Man City 🌃 final because he save 🤟💪

  6. Poor Mignolet..i mean, he never improve his game, that s embarrassing🤷🏻‍♂️i adores Origi, he is the Man👍🏻👏🏻

  7. 70 milions don't make sporting sell Bruno Fernandes if any club want Fernades need to pay minimun 90 milion euros and he free to go #Sporting não está em saldos#

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