29 Replies to “Living Room Gun Range…”

  1. if you put a few layers of cardboard in front that would stop and fragments coming back out. but i cant believe you actually fired that 300 inside. thumbs up for sure

  2. test it outside with the 50 bmg and put like a piece of paper in front of it to see how much gets thrown back out…

  3. Lol funny vid. Matt, and Awwww there’s DOZER, R.I.P. Dozer 😔 it’s 5/19/19 Sunday and just saw this video and you all had to let Dozer go to Doggie 🐕 Heaven last week you said. He’s at peace now and sure your Family will love ❤️ a new pet someday soon. Dozer was cool too thou and will always be a spot for him in Our hearts 💕 your fans, whenever we see him in your vids. Part of the Vlogging life, right?!. 😉👍✌🏼annnnd…. “bigger?? Cal.?!., …. don’t tell Mer. Lol 😝

  4. They actully make one all you need is a building if you're in Texas there is a place just outside of Kauffman.

  5. …and .. I have to ask… if I shot a gun in the house, I wouldn't be able to get rid of the smell fast enough and I would Sooooooooooo be up shit creek without a paddle!!!

  6. If I had a wife like that I tell her kick rocks, I bet what you make off YouTube trumps what ever fluffer job she can get.. find a new one heres your life lessons advice…

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