Local Cortez has a chain link fence photo shoot at a concentration camp in Texas.

Local Cortez has a chain link fence photo shoot at a concentration camp in Texas.

30 Replies to “Local Cortez has a chain link fence photo shoot at a concentration camp in Texas.”

  1. How did we go from "the president is lying, there's no border crisis."

    To "the border is lined with concentration camps."

    Dipshit dems.

  2. Somebody should throw Her Ignorant Bigoted A$$ in a Dumpsty Dumpster behind Planned Parenthood 🍺🇺🇸

  3. So not giving deodorant to kids who were force to come here by their parents is wrong. But killing babies is ok. The left are the real Nazi.

  4. Aoc wore a very expensive outfit her shoe cost maybe could feed those kids for a month. She look like she need to take a dump not crying on a empty field, someone need to photoshop her in front of a real death camp. Also these illegals want get caught and place in camp they get more benefit.

  5. This was ONE YEAR ago!?! WTF??? That is when they were saying there was no crisis. She knew and voted against sending aid to the border facilities over 17 TIMES! What a piece of shit.

  6. Look at you melting over some 29 year old freshman who (according to you) is apparently a gift to Republicans, you people have become a parody of yourselves since AOC was elected, and you don’t even know it. Derangement Syndrome much?

  7. The gullibility of the leftovers, the Klingons the total ignorance is unbelievable. You’re so right, shut the f*uck up!!!!!

  8. Why do they let reported & journalist in those center's?! You know they'll back stab you & twist things around!

  9. I bet so many of you with AOC Derangement Syndrome immediately went to your Webster to look up the definition of Concentration Camp hoping to prove her wrong. Sad day for you, get used to her in power for a LONG LONG TIME! 😅

  10. I HATE THE CUBAN WHORE! She compares the comfort given to these criminals and teh kids being smuggled across to the torture and death experienced by teh Jewish People in NAZI Germany and the fucking Democrats agree with her. I WOULD NOT PISS IN HER ASS IF HER GUTS WRE ON FIRE! She will pay for all of this bull shit. SHE WILL!

  11. What difference does it make if it's a fence or a building? They still have to be incarcerated! Like American kids in detention centers.

  12. We all have a pet name for her , personally I like Dumbalina . How can people support her absurdity and exaduration of the facts ?

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