Locked Out of the House? What to Do

Locked Out of the House? What to Do

prepping for a lock out situation locked out of the house emergency prepping for lock out what to do if you get locked out of the house hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you ever been locked out of the house and you don’t know how to get in that can be a real emergency you can go around and try other doors try other windows and even look and see if you have a pet door that you could fit getting locked out of your house can be a real emergency situation it usually causes stress we’re already in a hurry and there is a reason that you accidentally got locked out and don’t have your key with you what you can do is prepare ahead of time so that should you get locked out you have ways that you can get back in one of the first preps you can do to help yourself in a lockout situation do to help yourself in a lockout situation is have lock boxes around your house there are different kinds of lock boxes that you can find at hardware stores and lock shops you can get lock boxes that bold on to the side of your house you can get lock boxes that hang on to a gate put them around different places and then if you ever need the emergency key you’ll know where it is and how to open the lock box another strategy is to have a garage keypad if you have a garage with an electric door opener you can get a keypad installed then you can get in to your house using the touchpad of the garage door that can be a problem if there’s ever a power outage because then that is not going to be useful for you then you better hope that you had that idea of a lockbox another thing you can do is trade keys with a trusted neighbor you want someone that you can trust that will keep track of your key be around when you might need it and would never go in your home without permission then there’s always find the ladder see if you can get into an upstairs window or you better have packed some money in your emergency kit and you can call a locksmith a locksmith will be able to get into the house unlock the door for you but they’re going to want a nice big hefty fee for their service so try to make a plan before you get locked out of your home plan a strategy and make some preparations so that there are ways you can get in your home while keeping it secure so that those who should be in your house can’t get in Don’t try to break things to get into your house. Any damage you do to your house/door/lock will be something you have to fix later, and may be expensive. Call a locksmith and wait it out. learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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  1. This always seems to happen to me in my pajamas. I was kind of disappointed in my neighborhood because I was climbing in the window in winter once and no one even called the police. I now have hideaway keys.

  2. Great tips, also start watching bosnianbill on you tube, buy some picks and he will help you to use them and not worry about a lock out…….

  3. Hi dear lady! your tìps are ALWAYS so helpful
    We appreciate your common sense
    We are sharing your channel "down south"
    love the video pics of Seward Hwy !

  4. it's raining , my mom is at work she can't come till 5:00pm (its current 9:03am) it's fucking cold outside did I mention that I'm locked out?! HELP

  5. I got home from school without my keys and it cold outside. No one is home….everyone is at work and I'm 12….this does not help 😂

  6. I'm ONLY 12 and I'm gonna be in Biiiiig trouble cause I left my dads key inside my parents apartment and I was home alone ti'll my dad came to pick me up and I realized"oh shoot!im busted!!;-;I left my dads key inside,wth do I do?"I'm stuck!im locked outside the apartment,I'm with my dad right now,we're at a Restaurant and he on his phone and I'm trying my best way to not get home yet,ti'll my mom leaves work and I can use her keys to get in…In the Meantime plz help me!!my dad will hurt and be mad if he finds out…wish me luck😳😨bye!

    EDIT:leave me a like to my comment for good luck!cya…

  7. Omg omg omg!this is the first time that a YouTuber/Vlogger ever replied back to my comments!😱also Thank you for helping!probably when I have to walk home and my parents are at work but I don't have a key would be great examples for planning'How should I get inside my apartment?'but anyways I'm glad you said that and I liked your video Alaska granny,bye.

  8. It sucks when you’re locked outside of your house and All you want you to do is go home and play Fortnite

  9. This happened today I went to take out the trash not knowing I accidentally locked the house door, so I had to walk a couple of minutes to my mom's Job to get a spare key

  10. Am locked out of my house and am thinking about punching a hole in my door window to open it from the inside

  11. My brother locked me out i cant get in he left im wearing shorts and no shoes -_- he better hope to god i dont get in or i will slap him back into the womb I got in I'm gonna slowly ruin EVERYTHING in his room I'm make him go back to Louisiana he's gonna wish he was never born 😈

  12. I’m 12 my key is inside and I just got home from school early cause I was sick. It’s freezing outside and no one comes home till 5, my phones on 25% right now. I’m gonna cry

  13. Bruh I forgot to take my keys and came home from school to realize I can’t get inside AND SHE TELLING ME TO PREPARE FOR THIS SITUATION NEXT TIME??!!!

  14. Came home after office and brother is sleeping inside after selling the horses and m waiting for him to get up, video couldn't help me though

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