6 Replies to “Long bow & recurve bow only–Spring Gobblers- "Stick Bows & Thunder Chickens"”

  1. HE deserves our praise. And indeed what a privilege it is to experience HIS creations. We have used mostly Double Bull Dark Horse blinds. These are made taller for stickbows, plus their roomy nature lends itself for two people and camera gear for filming. Thank you for watching. Bent Bow Staff

  2. Love the video as well as your heart for giving God praise for the privilege we enjoy of harvesting His bounty! What kind of blind are you using? I have a 62” recurve and a 68” longbow and am wanting a pop up I can shoot from comfortably.

  3. Thank you for your video, Very nice. I am curious about your bow. And I also want to say you can't do so much moving around these eastern turkey's. But in all thank you for your time in making such a great video and letting everyone know God is always with them.

  4. I really appreciate your work and the glory you give to God our Creator. God bless your work, your families, and your time afield.

  5. Great video with a powerful message…Do you know of Christian bow hunters of America great organization.

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